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<br> With more than 100 buffet items for selection, the diners will be spoilt by the choices. Moreover, Buffet City's buffet is also at a resonable price, making it value-for-money. continue reading
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Level1 2018-11-27
This buffet has in fact plentiful of yummy food items. I have visited to many buffets for the past years and most of them have some signature or highlighted items as a drawing point but the rest of the food are not up to standard or simply some cheapo stuff. But for this restaurant is somehow different from others. All the food are delicious!!!  The seafood are fresh also. Have already make another reservation for the upcoming christmas eve.   continue reading
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Level1 2018-10-08
The buffet is surprising good. It consists of two buffets where diners pay for only one price. They have Steamboat Buffet & International Buffet. Unlike other restaurant that you need to pay extra for the steamboat soup, here not required. As they have wide varieties of food, at first we doesn't expect that the soup base for steamboat will be impressive. But they proved us wrong! The seafood broth is superb!! Thai Tom Yam has the most authentic taste of Original Tom Yam. Spicy & yet mouthful of lemongrass fragrance. The steamboat ingredients are plenty.Too much of yummy food to mention. Chilli Crab, Saba Fish, Satay, Oyster Omelette, Salted Egg Juicy Prawns, Roasted Peking Duck, Sambal Bamboo Clam, Otah Otah are among those that must try. Hong Kong Dim Sum not bad, Siew Mai & Har Gao are my favourite. I personally like the chilled seafood Mini Lobster, Crunchy Prawn, where eating alone already worth the whole buffet price!!With so many different kind of pastries available, I love the macaroon most. The pastries shop cost at least $3 each. Here you can get them free flow. Overall, it is a wonderful dining experience. Will definitely come back for more..  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2014-03-17
Came here for a family gathering cum lunch as well.  The restaurant is neat, clean and quite well decorated.  Seervice was fast and less than 5 minutes we are all seated at our table.  Foods look good but taste.horrifying.   seafood fried rice is too dry and only imitation crab meat can be found in it and is tasteless.  Seafood balls are crispy but too oily as well.  The sushi are hard and difficult to chew. Chicken meat is tough and dry, and too salty.  Very unpleasant experuence with their food.  Paid less than $30 per adult which is cheap but with no quality.   continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-27
I discovered the best places for my girlfriend and my dinner after browsing through the Internet on all buffet listings in the management office during lunch time on Saturday. This is the ultimate international buffet in town area (10 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT station). Before reaching the destination, my girlfriend had a bad feelings that I organise our dinner at a local community centre.After making payment via credit card by my girlfriend, we found that the food is not that bad and moreover, the restaurant is offering 100 grams of chili or black pepper crab for each diner in the restaurant during Chinese New Year season.Conclusion: It is not bad for a buffet due to it's fair price. place is clean and the food are nice to eat. Although I recommended their assorted sushi, I hope they can improve it because they use a lot of rice for the sushi. For small eaters, once they finish 10 pieces of sushi, their stomach will definitely become full and cannot try other food. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2013-10-22
We were at Buffet City last week to celebrate our early Annual Dinner & Dance. The place is situated at Tanjong Pagar Community Centre, about 10 minutes walk from the Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. Our group consists of 25 persons including my big boss. I personally like the restaurant setting, but that day was quite crowded. Fortunately, we were cleared very fast and the staff are quite efficient. We are quite pleased with the variety of food offered comparable to the price charged. Although the buffet line up in a L-shaped display, can see that there isn't lack of variety for us to pick our choices.We started off with the seafood corner, consist of fresh juicy prawn, new zealand green mussels, flower crabs, scallops with roe. The prawn are fresh & juicy!! The deep fried items quite new to me as they got some very rare food hardly got chance to try outside, eg the shrimp bomb, deep fried prawn twister, breaded crab claw etc etc. The thai chicken recommended by my colleague the chilli was good, sweet meanwhile spicy go very well with the chicken. The fried rice however I find it a bit salty but after highlighted to the staff there was changed immediately to Kampong Mee Goreng. Steamed HK style fish my boss went for several rounds. The special sauce flower crab I think they used XO dry shrimp sauce to cook it can taste the dry scallop floss in it very appetizing. The sushi station they have quite a number of selections, beside the traditional type that I can find elsewhere, I love their asian type as well, otah sushi, hei bee hiam sushi, abalone slice sushi, nasi lemak ikan bilis & peanuts sushi... yummy. Their steamed chicken is worth a try.. Better than many chicken rice stall!The tim sum corner have steamed har gao, siew mai, char siew bun, even mini soon kueh, char siew pastry, egg tarts, chocolate donuts and some don't know the name but taste not bad. The desserts have many choices like chocolate elcair, chocolate cream puff, premium fruits cakes, dark chocolate cakes, swiss roll a bit hard, and the most unforgetful dessert are their mochi mochi, very soft and yet chewy. they got 4 flavours and I tried all of them, red beans, durian, green tea & yam, Super Nice!!We ended our trip with some ice cream and topping. My boss suggested that we will go for another round during Chinese New Year. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)