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It is the ultimate international buffet in town! Bringing more than 300 buffet items over 29 item categories, Buffet Town is the newest buffet destination in town for everyone to experience the joy of eating without boundaries. Having a seating capacity of 500, diners do not have to wait too long to relish in the finest food. Once in, you can expect unlimited portions of succulent seafood, chilled prawns and mussels, big and juicy freshly shucked oysters, fresh sashimi, local delights and a lot more. continue reading
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Level3 2014-11-28
Like the japanese section of Buffet town best. Lots of variety of sushi. The sushi filling are all very fresh. Rice is not too soggy.  I like the sweet and savory combination of the egg sushi. The prawn sushi is well made whih which brings out the taste of the prawn. Presentation was also good and appealing.The peranakan section of the buffet. is also good. It has curry, chap chai etc. the curry chicken is delicious, though the curry sauce is not thick or rich enough. They could have added more potatoes to the curry too. Though the dishes are not very authentic peranakan, it is good enough as a sampler.The staff clears the table very fast. Staff also takes initiative to help us clarify with the chef when we notice the satay we took from the chicken corner appears to be like beef. Good place for family gatherings, esp for those with children. continue reading
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Level3 2014-11-21
It's been a year since I last went to buffet town. To my surprise, the dishes are still exactly the same. For desserts (cakes), I thought the quality has went down a bit, or maybe the desserts which I like are not there. Ice-cream flavours are also not as nice that day.The satay is a great hit as usual, though I was the first 5 pax to enter, the satay had already ran out! I like the fried stuff best -- keropo, fried sweet potato (very sweet and crunchy), fried prawns. fried bananas (sweet and crunchy) - this dish also runs out fast, so do grab soon. The fried prawn is a bit plain and close to tasteless though. Would recommend the fresh prawns to go with the yummy laksa. Children would love the playground, so those with children, do remember to reserve a seat near the playground, can eat while watching your children play and run. continue reading
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Level2 2013-12-27
When I went to dine at this restaurant, there was a crab promotion. There was a whole row of crab derived dishes. These included crab fried rice, vermicille, soup, and chilli crab! (among other dishes)The sauce for the chilli crab was awesome. It complimented the sweet crispy on the outside, soft on the inside mantous. Though I am a Singaporean, I have to admit that that was the first time I tried chilli crab! Buffet Town has given Chilli crab a good name ;)Besides this, the sashimi salmon, tuna and octopus were so fresh. I just kept queueing up for more! The sushi with crabstick stood out as well, as the meat was sweet and different from those bought from any other economical sushi shops. The fresh oyster and steamed cold prawns were fantastic. It was a pity I tried them only after I had tried other food. I was too full to eat more of them! Will be back to try the nonya dishes like ayam buakeluak, which I had missed out this time due to a too full tummy! continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-19
My colleagues' suggestion is to go to Buffet Town located at Raffles City Shopping Centre to try out the buffet. The restaurant serve wide variety of choices for buffet such as oysters, scallops, sushi, crabs, mantou, cooked items, prawns and as well as desserts such as cakes etc. We liked the seafood e.g prawns was big , fresh and juicy and oysters are fresh and big. The cooked section with crabs cooked with chilli gravy taste fresh and spicy with fried mantou to dip in the sauce. They serve different kinds of soups etc mushroom soup where you taste creamy and bits of mushroom in soup. continue reading
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It was 8 o’clock in the evening and the husband and I were roaming everywhere in Raffles City, undecided on where to have our dinner till we chanced upon Buffet Town that was bustling with life (and noise) inside. A peep into the restaurant through the glass window, I saw piles of chilled crayfish, oysters and scallops on display that were beckoning to me.Most of the time, chilled seafood at buffets are either briny or are simply tasteless so I wasn’t harbouring much expectations that I’d get good quality seafood or sashimi at this restaurant. We were just tired of trying to find a place (without a long queue) to sit down and eat so decided to settle for this.The dinner buffet was supposed to end at 10pm but the buffet line at the hot food section already seemed pretty vacant and miserable at 8.15pm. Oh man, I wasn’t even tempted to go around to capture pictures because most of the chafing dishes and trays were quite vacant.At $35.80++ per person for the weekday dinner buffet, the available selections of cold seafood, appetisers, sushi and sashimi seemed pretty impressive. While I did try a bit of everything, nothing was really worth a second helping except for the sashimi that were fresh and generously sliced.I could almost compare Buffet Town with Todai @ MBS in terms of food variety that ranged from Asian/Local delights, Japanese to an International spread.I enjoyed the laksa with a rich, flavoursome broth and crunchy, fresh prawns. I also appreciated the availability of grated pineapple that could be added to the satay sauce to enhance its flavour the traditional way. The sauce for the Chilli Crayfish wasn’t too bad too. It was a pity the crayfish tasted like leftovers (from the chilled seafood section) as the chef had run out of crabs.We didn’t get to try the Yakitori section as well as many other hot dishes as they weren’t replenished at all throughout our time there.For full review and pictures, please visit http://springtomorrow.com/2013/10/28/buffet-town-raffles-city/ continue reading
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