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<br>Buttercake N Cream serves a range of western and modern Italian fare with dishes such as Char Grilled Tenderloin & Roasted Teriyaki Chicken Leg counted as the crowd's favourites. continue reading
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Char Grilled Tenderloin Prawn Alio Olio Roasted Teriyaki Chicken Leg
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Level4 2014-01-02
The restaurant is located at Sunset Way, which near Clementi MRT but a bit out off the way. I have quite a bit of problem finding a carkpark lot. From the behind the block, it looks like another HDB block. But from the front there is quite a number of eateries. The restaurant is small, but has quite a relaxing and airy dining area. The restaurant offers 3 versions of Christmas Log Cake this Christmas season.One of the cakes is Rainbow Log Cake which cost $55 for a one kg size version. The cake is topped with fresh assorted berries and is available in strawberry short or vanilla cream cheese flavours. It is packed into a rather huge and unique box for takeaway. The cake is unique as it is made up of round shaped colored sponge cake stacked together by cream cheese. Simple and colorful. Even little JJ like it very much. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-16
If you have been thinking about dining in a bistro with an tranquil ambience without paying a bomb, Buttercake Cream at Sunset way may fits the bill. Hidden in the neighbourhood estate, Buttercake Cream Business's tagline - let the magic begin had really brought up another level of dining experience amongst the neighborhood eateries.One can actually choose from their Alfresco Dining or to have a table in the shop. While I had chosen the latter, the ambience did not fail to disappoint. It was cosy under the warm lighting with decorations well prepared for christmas somehow, triggered the festive season mood in me especially when I saw those hanging christmas ornament balls. Alfresco dining was not bad either, one can enjoy the serene view of the trees settings which I find it rather unique considering dining in a neighbourhood.Furnishing in the shop was simple with painted brick walls and cement screed flooring. Environment was relaxing given a different feel with the reflective mirrors and bright hanging ceiling lamps included. Cocktail of frizzy soda, lime and bitters.Cost: $5.50 / CupTheir Sauteed Mushrooms had prepared the seasonal button mushrooms with wine, herbs and onions.Filled with buttery fragrance, this dish is served with 2 crispy garlic toasts, a definite appetizer to kick start the upcoming tantalizing dishes! Our meal start off with the delectable breaded chicken leg topped off with the in house marinana sauce that was still dripping off from the salad during the time of serving. The meal was accompanied by melted cheddar cheese and served with the steakhouse fries.Cost: $13While Pan Seared Cod Fillet was not available, I took the salmon Steak as an alternative. The Char Grilled Norwegian King Salmon was served with baked potato in creamy seafood ginger sauce topped off with some bacon bites. A portion of sauteed vegetables were also available under the slab of delicious salmon Grilled to golden brown, crispy at the exterior and moist internally. How can I ever resist?Potato was wrapped with aluminum foil with with top exposed. The skin of the potato literally tore off easily without much effort and the potato was soft. Tiramisu is a definite must try over here. The cake was rich, soften with every bite that melts into your mouth. Every layer of the cake was well defined. Simply exquisite! The decorations on the plate was also meticulously prepared with some colorful icing. Look at the heart shape on the Tiramisu, the love of the dessert had been well expressed!Cost: $5.50After taxes (Service Charge), our total bill was $60.94. Patrons are able to save up 7% off the total bill as GST was omitted. However 10% of Service Charge are still required, such amount paid for their attentive and friendly service was worth while. All in all, with such pricing and its environment, I dont mind having more return trips to Buttercake Cream. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-26
Classic fish & chips $12 the breaded fillet of the white fish was tender and batter was not thick so I could actually bite into the flesh of the fish. The sides were a great addition to the fish too. The portion was quite filling and was actually larger than it looked.Classic juice (apple)The apple taste was very distinct and tasted very fresh instead of the artificial flavourings that we get from bottled drinks. Service was okay. Ambience was nice and chillaxing. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-15
A while ago my friend and I had already decided to visit Buttercake N Cream as I had long craved for their food, but however when we visited their Bedok Point outlet it was unfortunately closed down. Their main outlet at Sunset Way is still in operation, and on one impromptu meet up we decided to visit them for some coffee and desserts.We were informed that the kitchen for mains was not in operation when we arrived at around 4pm; not sure is it that they do not serve mains during non-lunch/dinner hours or is it just specifically for that day, but that did not really matter since it was the desserts that we were there for anyway. We were presented a second menu that listed all the smaller cakes available, and decided to go for the Volcano Lava with another order for both of ourselves.The Volcano Lava is a chocolate lava cake. While the melted chocolate wasn’t as flowy as expected as it was not really filled up very high in the cake, the cake soaked up quite a bit of the melted chocolate and the flavour of chocolate cake with the melted chocolate is just heavenly. Furthermore the cake was rather sturdy as it held up pretty well with all the cutting and didn’t crumble too much.The Affogato here has more ice-cream than Espresso. The Vanilla ice-cream here is not really worth commenting much about because it is not something special, but the espresso here is considered quite strong as well. It is not really to my taste though; I prefer bitter-tasting espressos than sour-tasting ones, and the one in the Affogato here is the sour sort. Probably it would appeal to the people who prefer the more sour type of coffee.For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2013/05/10/buttercake-n-cream-sunset-way/ continue reading
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Level1 2013-02-20
We ate at buttercake and cream for dinner on 4th Feb 2013 (Monday). Wanting to make an order, we waved to the waitress and she unwillingly came over. You can tell how unwilling a person is by her body language, no eye contact, no smiles. As she reaches your table, she’ll lean on one foot and just look at you. She didn’t even bother to ask the basic, “How can I help you?”.My dad is 59. He is unfamiliar with western/italian food. At the same time, he is a chinese educated man with poor eyesight. When he asked the waitress, “What can i order from this menu?” All she said was, “That’s not available right now.” And he probed, “Then what’s available?” She carelessly waved her pen at a menu and said “Only here.” He asked,”Where?” And she said “Here”. Once again, waving her pen carelessly at another menu that looked identical to the one in my dad’s hands. It took several rounds of my dad’s questioning and her cannot-be-bothered answers before I stepped in to explain things to my dad. The waitress, who couldn’t wait, then rolled her eyes and walked away. After we were done explaining things to my dad, we had to call her back again.When my parents asked her if they had cod fish only, without brown rice, she said yes, but didn’t bother to show where the item was in the menu. I had to ask her where it is, only then, did she flip the pages in a frustrated manner for my parents.My dad got annoyed and asked her why she is behaving like that, and she replied in a nonchalant manner, saying “I’m just trying to reconfirm ur order.” I was appalled. It’s the first time I’ve seen a service staff oblivious to her behaviour even after she’s being told off by the customer.And then, comes more rolling of eyes from the waitress.My dad wasn’t quite sure how to order his food thanks to the waitress’ unhelpfulness. He ended up ordering the wrong food. And when he asked for a change of order, I overheard her complaining to the cook, saying that ‘there’s something wrong with that customer.” (referring to my dad)This is not our first encounter with her. The last time we visited them to buy cakes, the same waitress attended to us and gave wrong information about her cakes. She insisted her cake was strawberry shortcake when it’s actually strawberry cheesecake. It so happened the chef came by and overheard. So he corrected her. Despite the chef’s correction, she daringly asked the chef “Are you sure?”. Seriously, if the chef who baked the cake wasn’t sure, who would be, she definitely wasn’t.I wrote to them on FB but there wasn't any update from them.Lastly, I did not receive any form of voucher or compensation as promised by the management. continue reading
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