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I have always heard good things about their seafood buffet dinner. Finally, 5 of us came to try their Crab-a-licious Seafood Buffet Dinner. At SGD$55++ per head, this is considerably one of the best value-for-money seafood buffet.Despite its price, the spread does not lose out to what other seafood buffet restaurants offer. Besides 4 to 5 types of crab, there were also other crustacean items for the taking. Hence, it is not hard to see why this place is crowded with eager diners even on weekday evenings.There were at least 4 types of crab, a serious array of seafood and desserts, as well as an assortment of other cooked items, such as pasta, pork knuckle, chicken dishes etc. It was an enjoyable meal with a robust selection and quality taste. Service was rather personable as well.For full review, please refer:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2016/06/crab-licious-seafood-buffet-dinner-at.html continue reading
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For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/06/cafe-2000-seafood-barbecue-buffet.html Cafe 2000 is located at the far end of the lobby. Aside it's claim for being a treasure trove of Asian and Western cuisine, the main focus should still fall on it's Seafood and Barbecue buffet which is only available during the weekends. They have sushi, sashimi, and soba in one corner for the Japanese cuisine, roasted beef and lamb, as well as sausages which are all re-grilled in seconds for hot serving. Besides these, Café 2000 do have as well, Chinese "siew mai", "char siew" bao, curry fish, salads, deep fried buns, steamed vegetables, and cheese pizza, etc. I do love Nonya kuehs, and when I saw this tray of kuehs, I can hardly resist not trying it out. As mini as they seems, but these are enough to satisfy my craving for it towards the end of my meal. I headed straight for the Sushi but realised it was not quite a good start. Vinegar-ed rice is on the hard side, and ingredients does not seem fresh either. Perhaps for non-fussy eaters, it might be a passing grade. Café 2000 also has Soba, and I had a serving for myself. Same as the Sushi, it's just a mere ok. Chilli Crab is indeed fresh and meaty. Usually for seafood buffet, I wouldn't expect such kind of food standard. But Café 2000 has convinced me otherwise. This plate consists of Smoked Salmon, Minced Beef, Potato Salad, Quail Egg, Thai Squid, and perhaps Tuna. Thai Squid is chewy, but I would rather give more compliments to the Smoked Salmon, which has also won the heart of my companion. A bit of each again, and generally it was good. The Deep Fried Bun can complement the Curry Fish, and the Salted Chicken although not tender, it still not considered on the tough range. The addition of Braised Pork is not exactly the appropriate combination, but it doesn't really matter to me. For the Sausage and Roasted Beef, the chef will grilled it before scooping it onto your plate. Sauces are available too to go with your meat. The beef is not exactly how I wanted, and I doubt I can request for rare or even medium-rare for it. It tasted more like well-done though. On the other hand, Roasted Lamb is much more tastier than the Roasted Beef. At the very least, it goes a lot more easier on the chewing part. Here my favourite Kueh and I took one of each. Other than the Red Bean Pancake which is too dry and barely swallowable, the Kueh(s) are nicely done and springy too. Café 2000 has cakes, ice creams and even self-made Ice Kacang to mark the end of the buffet meal. I didn't have the ice cream or ice kacang as I am extremely full, but still managed to stuff a few of the cakes as dessert. Although I don't remember the desserts I took, the Honeydew Pudding is the only one still etched in my mind, because of its unique pudding flavour yet one that I will not want to try again. The taste does not match up to my liking. For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/06/cafe-2000-seafood-barbecue-buffet.html continue reading
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Fan of seafood like crabs? Or grilled steaks? Enjoy the scrumptious Seafood and Barbeque Buffet which are served on Fridays and Saturdays. Prawns were very fresh and the snow crabs were sweet and tasty, sadly it wasn't on my second visit there. Barbeque are outdoors, so don't worry about being smoky. A wide variety of barbeque food such as lamb chop, salmon, crayfish, scallop and more.To read more on my experience there, you can go to http://nkikichua.blogspot.sg/2013/09/food-for-thought-cafe-2000-m-hotel.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
For full review - http://midas400.blogspot.sg/2014/03/dinner-invite-by-m-hotel-cafe-2000.htmlMy friend Wendy received an invitation from M Hotel to review their Buffet Dinner at Cafe 2000. We fixed an appointment to try their International Buffet Dinner on a weekday (they serve BBQ buffet on weekends).Cafe 2000 is located at ground level just beside the hotel lobby. There is a direct entrance from the street on the other end with some Al Fresco dinning tables providing an option to dine outdoors.The cafe is not very big but they managed to pack in quite a bit of varieties in their buffet spread. Lets check out the different food stations available here.Fresh Seafood stationLoads of fresh cooked prawns, jumbo raw oysters, mussels, scallops, crayfish and two kinds of crabs. Choice of sauces are available for pairing with the fresh seafood.Sushi & SashimiFresh sashimi and assorted sushi for Jap food lovers.Salad & Cheese stationGood spread of salads and 4 kinds of cheeses.Local Delights Live stationThey are serving Lor Mee today, and some awesome looking braised pork knuckles. The ingredients selection for the Lor Mee Live station is pretty good. There's ngoh hiang, prawn wanton, youtiao, fishcake, quail eggs, meat balls and taupok with two choices of carbo (yellow noodle & thick beehoon).Assorted Cooked FoodA variety of local and western cuisine. I didn't take photo of all the dishes as there are quite a number served here.Roast Meat stationTwo kinds of sausages, BBQ pork ribs and roast beef.Breads & Soup stationAssorted breads and buns, and two types of soups (western & asian).DessertsCheng Teng station, chocolate fountain, fruits, cakes, nonya kuehs, durian puree and ice cream.My food choicesFirst round, I had the fresh seafood. My fave are the oysters that are plump and succulent, prawns are sweet and crunchy, and the fleshy crayfish was good as well.Second serving, I'm having fresh sashimi, sushi, pumpkin salad, prawn salad and smoke duck breast. All are nicely done and fresh...delish.Next, I tried the Lor Mee from the Live station. I picked quite a few ingredients and chose to eat them with thick beehoon. The fried items were deep fried again till crispy...a delight to eat. The gravy was well flavored and had the right consistency, and I added the provided garlic, chili and vinegar sauce which complimented the dish perfectly...thumbs up.Last round of food before I move on to desserts. Assortment of cooked food I sampled are chicken satay, spicy bull frog, seafood paella (looks like fried rice), and sweet & sour fried fish.Chicken satay was the best, the tender and well marinated chicken meat was delicious. I would've love the peanut sauce to be spicier though. The rest of the dishes were kinda disappointing. Bull frog was overcooked and very chewy, Paella was very bland, Sweet & sour fish was over-fried and tough.Dessert round, 2 shots of Durian puree, some Cakes and Nonya kueh, Matcha mousse and Cheng Teng. The Durian puree is a must try! Bitter sweet and creamy with lotsa real durian pulp...utterly satisfying to eat. The rest are not worth mentioning.We had an enjoyable dinner here at Cafe 2000. The buffet spread was rather decent, food quality has more hits than misses, service level was within my expectation of a hotel grade restaurant. I wouldn't mind coming back again to try their BBQ buffet.** this is an invited tasting session. continue reading
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Café 2000 is popular for its Seafood and Barbeque Buffet Dinner served on Fridays and Saturdays, with a variety of grilled items and seafood, selections of barbeque items like scallop, tiger prawns, fish, steaks, chicken wings etc. There were a huge variety of seafood but the food tasted average nothing worth remembering. There have a huge selection on their Seafood portion. The prawns and all were really fresh and there's even lobsters! It's quite rare to find lobsters in international buffet though. They have quite a spread of salads such as asparagus salad, salmon salad, tomato salad etc. There is also a selection of sushi and sashimi for the Japanese lover. Unfortunately, the sashimi wasn't fresh on that day, we stopped having it after that. The desserts portion were quite limited and tasted alright, nothing special except the durian puree, it's satisfying for a durian lover like myself. All in all, the food tasted average and variety can be quite limited if you're comparing to other hotels. (:you can read more, http://jacqsowhat.blogspot.sg/2013/07/cafe-2000-m-hotel.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)