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Level4 2014-03-09
Pass by this restaurant and wanted to snack abit before head to my Uncle house. Dining environment is quite spacious.not quiet. The waitress here is prormpt in serving food and friendly. Only tried their signature otah rolls as recommended by the staffs here. Popiah skin is very crispy and not too oily. Inside is fill with generous amount of fresh soft otah meat that is not too spicy. At $4.50 per plate, is quite affordable. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-04
Another new found in the west for Vegetarian food. Cafe De Paradiso serves a good variety of fusion food, Oriental and Western. Not only that with the availability of Cakes, Coffee (Expresso) & Tea, this make the word "cafe" more sound like it! With an interesting chinese name, "伯乐聚", it simply refer to a place where someone who have the ability to discover talent/skilled get together.Environment was different. Considering that this cafe was actually located in the industrial premises, Ceilings are higher and entire place was furnished with good paint in green and white followed by flowery wallpapers on the wall where the humongous menu was displayed. Customers can enjoy ordering food through the handbook menu or the wall.We were served by a thin guy who has some tattoo over his hand. His outlook had portrayed a fiery impression to us initially but the service we received was given a twist. We were not very familar with vegetarian food and he came over to our table a few rounds to check if we were ready to take order. Good suggestions were given and jokes were cracked making us chuckled as we replied in agreement to his suggestions.Ice Blended-Orange Sunset & Iced English Rose TeaBeverages were served shortly after order was taken. Orange sunset was special to us, it was a mixture of orange juice with vanilla ice cream blended together topped with a small sum of orange pulps.My first impression of Iced English Rose Tea was overly sweet but after some stirring with Dried Rose buds and tea, the honey was well dissolved and everything seems good.Cost: S$5.50 & S$3.00 Claypot Noodle is a simple dish with noodle in claypot filled with assorted kind of vegetables and fungi. Soup base was sweet but did not have such intensive MSG taste as other vegetarian stalls I had before.Cost: S$5.00Out of the 2 mains, I will prefer the Hong Kong Style Clay pot rice. It had raised my attention with its mocked salted fish as well as its sausage. They tasted like the legitimate that I can hardly tell the difference. A handful of fried shredded ginger was added to in the clay pot enhancing the dish's fragrance. Rice was well cooked, not grainy. Do be careful not to get scalded by the claypot while dining.Cost: S$6.00From a non-vegetarian point of view, the plate of Homemade Vegetarian Satay is really an art. The outlook and appearance of it resembles the legitimate one entirely. However once you get a touch of it, you get to know the difference. Sticks of meat were served with a bowl of satay peanut sauce accompanied by chunks of cooling cucumbers. The softness of the meat had given the ideal "satay" away, it was too soft that the some of the meat dropped off while dipping them into the sauce and the taste I would say was close to the original's but one is still able to tell the difference.Cost: S$6.00Overall, I find that such dining environment serves a good gathering location for groups especially those who are vegetarians and don't mind having meatless meal as the place have catered big tables and space is spacious, even the toilet. One can even enjoy its Cafe serving of good blended coffee and cakes over chats. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)