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Review (31)
Level4 2014-12-11
Grilled ribeye (200g) $32: The steak was served with potato wedges and broccoli. Medium rare was requested but I felt that it was slightly overcooked, especially the sides. The broccoli had some kind of sauce drizzled over it which tasted good with the bland-tasting broccoli. The potato wedges were soft on the inside and were well seasoned too. The steak would be better if it was thicker (smaller & thicker). There were quite a bit of fats around the edges too. There's alfresco dining too if you love to be surrounded by greenery.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Canopy is a good, relaxed place offering both indoor and alfresco dining concepts. Non-pretentious and relaxing, this place offers all the hypes of the perfect garden dining concept, complete with good music and laid-back ambience.For the price of my pasta, I expected the flavor to be succulent with tomato and spices sauce while the lobster meat would probably be paltry. But I was wrong. My Lobster Pomodoro - spaghetti tossed with lobster meat and red wine tomato basil sauce - tasted rather bland and the pasta was softer than what I would have preferred. But nonetheless, the meal was still enjoyable as the lobster flesh was aplenty, in huge chunks around the pasta right till the bottom of the pile! I was amazed.My dining partner had the Sakura Chicken - chicken marinated with mixed herbs served with potato wedges, seasonal vegetables and mushroom sauce. The meat was not very tender, but the taste was rich enough; in fact, rather pleasing to the tongue.We also had drinks. I am impresed with the Chile Cabernet Sauvignon they served - that boosted of flavors of wine cherry and vanilla - very apt description of how it tastes exactly. It was very lovely and sweet.For more detailed information and photos,do visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2013/12/dinner-at-canopy-garden-dining-bar.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2014-01-22
Nestled at bishan-ang mo kio park at the north area, this cafe also served daily brunches which attracted me to visit some time back!Settled for their homemade american breakfast ($20) which consists of bacon, sausage, scrambed eggs, sauteed mushroom, tomatoes, salad and toast. A wide variety of choices if you can't decide on what to have!My boyfriend settled for their deluxe eggs benedict which comes along with sauteed mushrooms ($18). All in all, there's nothing much to shout out about their brunches but service was great and it's quite out of the norm place to chill at (: continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-12-08
for photos and more reviews, visit http://thelittlemomentsofmylife.blogspot.sg/ (:for this place, i wouldn't say that food is the whole point. the ambience is amazing as well (: located in the lush green surroundings of bishan park, it has gained popularity not just among people in the neighbourhood, but i believe people have traveled some distance to dine here too. despite it's popularity though, it remains a very peaceful place, close to nature with a rustic vibe ^^ largely alfresco dining places you in the middle of greenery all around, and it's like an oasis, taking you out of the rush of our singapore lifestyle. dog owners are aplenty here, with a dog run nearby, bringing their pooches for some breakfast as well! ;)i was pleasantly surprised by the quality of food here! while some places neglect their food in the pursuit of creating a suitable atmosphere, Canopy somehow manages to balance both just nicely. the food is decent, with affordable prices, making this a really great place to chill and unwind (: i ordered the eggs benedict ($12), which came with a pile of salad as well in terms of looks, it's definitely not the most attractive. i was mildly disappointed at how flat it looked but the yolk was runny and the hollandaise was scrumptious, and that's all that matters!my friend ordered the eggs royale ($12) and added on streaky bacon and sauteed spinach at $3 each! (: i liked the way the spinach was cooked - simple, in garlic and oil. and the bacon was fried to a crisp, which was much appreciated! (: definitely a place which i'll like to come again. especially since it's so convenient ;) their laksa looked damn awesome!!! i'm craving it right now.... continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-17
When someone recommended me to try out Canopy Garden Dining & Bar, my first question was "Okay where?" I was surprised to not know about this place because Bishan Park 2 is pretty near where I stay, might have been because I prefer to travel further places to eat. Anyway! I found a day to go there for brunch! They do have different menus for dinner and also a rock bar experience at night! My buddy got the Chicken Parmigiana for which I'm unsure about the price but definitely around $20. Would be better if restaurants like this showcase their prices on their website. The nicely breaded chicken thigh was fried to the right timing for optimized juiciness, which was then topped with tomato basil sauce, cheddar and parmesan cheese. There's need to match with the tomato ketchup that came with it, but overall it tasted like pizza and fried chicken all at once which is kind of interesting! The fries and salad that came with it were okay. I was craving for omega that day and went ahead and ordered the Pan Seared Snapper which costs around $20 as well. Served hot with tomato olive salsa and mashed potato, the fish tasted really fresh and awesome. The skin was perfectly seared to the loveliest crisp yet the meat did not get overcooked. The portion is a little small for its price but I believe I'm buying quality and techniques over quantity alone. Highly recommended! Overall, the ambience at Canopy is really relaxing for people to chill and just lounge around with the cleaner air in the park. Service was alright as the young part timer who served us that day were pleasantly friendly. I would want to return at night for both food and drinks! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)