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Canton Paradise serves Cantonese and Hong Kong cuisines. It has chirpy interiors, which reflects the activity commonly seen in Cantonese eateries. Diners can see the chefs preparing roasted meats and other dim sum. Canton Paradise also offers traditional favourites such as wanton noodles, congee and rice dishes. continue reading
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‘Ting Zai’ Traditional Congee Crispy Pork Bun Roast Specialties XO Carrot Cake
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For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2014/10/31/dinner-canton-paradise/One of the many concepts under the Paradise Group, Canton Paradise aspires to bring the heart-warming essence of Hong Kong to the table. With 7 outlets conveniently situated in shopping centers, quality Cantonese cuisine is readily available to the masses. Here, its happy, easy food with minimal pretences.In this post, I’ll share our dinner experience and will do up another post on their Dim Sum. Service at the Arc branch was unobtrusive and generally fine.Iced Yuan Yang ($3.40) was excellent; will order this again if we revisit.Staying true to Cantonese fondness for soups, Canton Paradise offers an extensive list of nourishing broths, from double boiled chicken to fresh goby soups. We had clean-tasting Fresh Seafood and Tofu Broth ($7.80 per bowl) to warm our bellies.Our choices for the Combination Platter ($22.80) consisted of Roasted Duck, Roasted Pork Belly and BBQ Pork Belly. The duck had crispy skin and juicy meat but flavor was somewhat lacking, a dollop of plum sauce was required to get it off the ground. Slow-roasted for 4 hours, the Roasted Pork Belly boasts tender meat with thin, crisps (not crackling as I’d prefer it to be) skin. Absolutely gorgeous is the sweet Roasted Pork Belly, beautifully caramelized, moist and tasty, with just the right amount of fat. Skip this and you’re gonna regret it!One of the specialties here is the Firm Tofu, made from scratch in the kitchen from quality farmed soy beans. Spring water is used to prepare the tofu, as tap water would not give the ideal taste and texture. Pan-seared Hakka Stuffed Firm Tofu ($12.80) was so fresh, that we could taste the soy beans.Drench in tomato sauce, the satiny Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes ($8.80) is simple, yet appealing. The chef certainly did not sting on the crunchy, plump tomatoes, which provided textural balance.We unanimously agreed that the best dish that night was Wok-fried Pork Shoulder Meat and Chinese Lettuce in Prawn Paste ($14.80). Served in a sizzling hot pot, the well-marinated slices of tender meat was bursting with flavor while the crunchy greens were done just right, coated evenly with enticing sauce.Desserts sadly failed to shine. Not that they were awful, but I’d preferred options with more creativity. Chilled Red Bean Yam Pastry ($4.20) was smooth enough, with bits of broken beans embedded within. Subtle sweetness from the yam lingered after the former fades.Stewed egg custard ($5) is light and easy to eat. However, I find it too bland and monotonous.Generally, all the dishes we tried were decent; I especially like the fact that the dishes were not loaded with overwhelming flavors. However, price is on the high side for such tiny portions. continue reading
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