Canton Paradise serves Cantonese and Hong Kong cuisines. It has chirpy interiors, which reflects the activity commonly seen in Cantonese eateries. Diners can see the chefs preparing roasted meats and other dim sum. Canton Paradise also offers traditional favourites such as wanton noodles, congee and rice dishes. continue reading
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Mon - Fri
11:00 - 22:00
Sat - Sun
10:30 - 22:00
Public Holiday
10:30 - 22:00
Signature Dishes
‘Ting Zai’ Traditional Congee Crispy Pork Bun Roast Specialties XO Carrot Cake
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Level2 2015-06-06
This restaurant serves Hong Kong cuisine such as dim sum, rice rolls, noodles, congee and etc. I like their BBQ Pork Belly with Honey Sauce ($16.80). Those who like fatty pork will definitely like this. I've ordered a few dim sum (crispy BBQ honey pork bun, steamed prawn dumplings "har Kao, steamed Shang Hai pork dumplings, steamed cheong-fun with honey BBQ pork filling, century egg and shredded pork congee). These are all OK, nothing very fantastic.I love the milk tea, which is in a bottle placed in a container filled with ice cube. the milk tea tastes superb as it will not be diluted by the ice. continue reading
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see my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2014/11/27/great-dinner-canton-paradise-at-j-cube-on-26nov2014/we had an early dinner at canton paradise @ J-cube on 26.11.2014.wife bought a groupon voucher S$28.80 for S$50. we went at 4.3opm to skip the dinner crowd, traffic & parking.the restaurant was quite empty at that time.we ordered the har gao(虾饺). good as always.and of course our favourite 1/2 roast duck. the roast duck at canton paradise is really good, and this one was no exception, so flavourful and the breast meat so tender. this, like the roast duck at star vista outlet, is truly hong kong standard.the only other place i had roast duck of this standard was at the noodles restaurant.the spicy dumplings (抄手) was very good too.and we always like the porridge (congee), very smooth & sweet. we had the selection of 3 (minced pork balls, kidney, beef). mmmm…really nice.they had this weekday promotion, just S$8.80 for 1 porridge, 1 dim sum & drink, from 2.30pm to 5pm. it’s a really good deal but we could not take that as we had our groupon deal. i probably come back here with some friends. the dinner for 2pax came to S$58nett including drink & water, towels etc, so we had to top up S$8, which added to a total of S$37 with the voucher, a very good price for the food we had. continue reading
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Canton Paradise offers Hong Kong cuisine, ranging from DimSum, Wanton noodles, Congee to meat and vegetable dishes. Among all the usual common dishes in the menu, it is the Crispy BBQ Pork Buns which is actually the main reason why I like to frequent this place Headed to the branch at Jcube, the restaurant dining setting is very pleasant with comfortable cushion seats and spacious doing space.Ordered the Crispy BBQ Pork Buns ($4.80 for 3pcs), Seafood Hor Fun ($12.80), Fish Belly Congee and Taro with Chicken and Prawn Puff ($4.80 for 3pcs). The crispy buns were, in my opinion, comparable as those in Tim Ho Wan with its flaky crust and generous portion of Char Siew filling. The Taro puffs, on the other hand, were a total flop. When it was served, it was not hot but rather cold. It just failed to deliver the usual satisfaction which comes when one bites into a steaming hot puff. The filling was not flavourful with barely discernible amount of chicken and prawn meat inside. The Congee had a silky smooth texture but I think Crystal Jade has a better rendition of congee. The congee here tasted a tad too bland. The HorFun looked really appealing with its yellowish egg in the gravy. The noodles was slurpy smooth but gravy was not enough that some parts of the dish were dry. Some hits and misses but on the whole, food quality is average. Other dishes, except most of the DimSum items, are worth a try. But don't expect too much despite its slightly steep pricing. continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-26
Roast Duck NoodlesMango Prawn FrittersCarrot CakeCanton Paradise offers HK dishes as compared to the other restaurants in the Paradise group. We had a main dish and ordered a few fried dim sum as side dish. I didn't really like the mango prawn fritters as there was mayonnaise inside and I found it too overpowering. I like the roast duck noodles where the sauce and the duck meat was tender and complemented each other. It is a nice place to meet up and have a nice dinner. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-26
I brought my family to Canton Paradise (CP) for dinner after my recent visit to this restaurant. CP is actually under the Paradise Group of restaurants and includes names like LÈ Restaurant & Bar, Paradise Dynasty and Kungfu Paradise. So it's like they have different restaurants serving different markets and groups of customers. For CP, they are trying to recreate the Hong Kong feel. Which i think. Hmm.. Back to the food. I recently visited Crystal Jade and comparing CP to Crystal Jade, I had to say I REALLY like the variety of side dishes that CP offers. They are more towards my taste buds, with har gao, custard buns, and some other fried stuffs. I like the wanton in chilli oil from my previous visit and ordered it again. The chilli oil helps to season the wanton and makes it very yummy. I also pair the chilli oil with other dishes for its flavour. I had say the custard buns were so-so, quite reasonably-tasting. The custard wasn't the oozing out kind but it was still nice with the fluffy bun. The har gao is steamed perfectly with its translucent skin and generous shrimp filling. I think the tofu with seafood paste is quite interesting. Since tofu by itself can be quite dull, though it is fried, it is soaked in the sauce and topped with seafood paste and this helps to add flavour and texture to the tofu. The xiao long baos is average-tasting. Not bad but also not the best i have tried.The horfun is quite nice since it came with egg. The texture is like really smooth and it is easy to chew. This time i steered clear of the fried rice and ordered the fried noodles. They were really generous with the meat, as you can see from the picture above.To end off the meal, I also ordered mango dessert, which would have been difficult to finish considering the amount of sides we ordered but it tastes so good that i finished every last drop. Its sweet and feels much like mango drink but with sago etc.Overall i had say if i am craving for more dim sum, i had go to CP cause of their variety of sides offered. continue reading
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