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Canton Paradise serves Cantonese and Hong Kong cuisines. It has chirpy interiors, which reflects the activity commonly seen in Cantonese eateries. Diners can see the chefs preparing roasted meats and other dim sum. Canton Paradise also offers traditional favourites such as wanton noodles, congee and rice dishes. continue reading
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‘Ting Zai’ Traditional Congee Crispy Pork Bun Roast Specialties XO Carrot Cake
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Level1 2018-01-19
Pros :+ Pork Sweet & Sour is nice+ Better than the Tim Ho Wan (one floor above, within i21)Cons :+ Minced Pork on Water Tofu is good the soy sauce is not absorbed within the tofu.+ Horfun Mushroom is way too salty.+ Not good enough to grant 4 stars+ Slightly overpriced continue reading
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Level4 2015-09-21
For more details, please read http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/09/canton-paradise.htmlI have been other outlets managed under Paradise Group, but to Canton Paradise, this was still my first. Canton Paradise focus on the Cantonese popular delights, such as the roast meat and dim sum, as though bringing you to Hong Kong.One of Canton Paradise must-order is the BBQ Pork Belly with Honey Sauce. But not wanting to miss out on the all-time favorite, Kampong Chicken, we ordered the BBQ Combination ($18.80 for 2 varieties) that comes in either 2 or 3 varieties.We had actually wanted the normal BBQ Pork with Honey Sauce and the Steamed Kampong Chicken in Canton Style, but was strongly recommended by the crew to try their BBQ Pork Belly with Honey Sauce. It can be sinful to the health-conscious people, but it is really good. Every bite I took made me lick my lips clear of the sweet honey sauce and enjoying the tenderness of the pork belly. Their Steamed Kampong Chicken in Canton Style is nowhere inferior to the BBQ Pork Belly too.Steamed "Ling Zhi" Spring Water Tofu with Minced Pork and Salted Fish ($13.80). Three big pieces of wobbly tofu, with salted fish mashed and mixed with the minced meat to steam. I am glad that the taste of salted fish is quite mild, and thus able to enjoy the tofu and minced meat without a stain of detestation.Crisp Fried Crystal Prawns tossed with Salted Egg Yolk ($18.80). I had several occurrences with dishes cooked with salted egg yolk, and I would say this dish does meet my expectation. Taste of salted egg has subtly merged with the prawns, and thus making this entire dish enjoyable instead of feeling like eating salted egg yolk and fried prawns separately.For more details, please read http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/09/canton-paradise.html continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-02
We are fans of Canton Paradise & had tried out their food on many occasions. This restaurant offers Cantonese & Shunde specialties (Shunde is a culinary city in Guangdong, reputed to be the birthplace of Cantonese cuisine). It is best to call the restaurant to make reservations especialy during weekends. We love their beautifully caramelized char siew, very moist & flavourful. Their roast pork on the other hand is very cripsy.  BBQ Pork Belly with Honey Sauce is awesome with the rich honey glaze & caramelized finish. I personally love their steamed kampung chicken as it is extremely smooth & tender Baked BBQ Honey Pork Bun is a must when we came to Canton Paradise. We think their buns are pretty good & comparable to Tim Ho Wan. Their petite char siew soh is very addictive, buttery flaky skin with sweet tender char siew fillings. Love their silky smooth porridge. Their deep fried stuffs were yummy though they were a tad oily.Overall, food are awesome. On a side note, do take a look at your plates, drinking glass & utensils before you use them. I find them not cleansed properly with food stains on them continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-19
I heard that the Gula Melaka Milk Tea here is good but sadly, they were not selling the drink that day. I settled on having their Ginger milk tea, which is nice! As there were only the two of us, we decided to share a bowl of noodles and other dim sum items. The wanton noodle soup was quite bland but the jumbo prawn wantons make up for it. It is so juicy and tasty! I was craving for xiao long baos as I didn't had them for awhile already and the ones here are not bad! My mom loves these kind of fried carrot cakes but as for me, I prefer the fried sticks! The first few bites were okay but subsequent bites left me feeling kind of gelat. My mom also found it to be so-so only. There wasn't much char siew filling in the cheong fun :/ These baked pork buns are my favourite out of all! It is so crispy on the outside and the inside is filled with sweet bbq honey pork! So yummy!! continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-09
A while back, I was around East Coast and was feeling a little peckish in the afternoon. Although the popular Old Hong Kong tea house is just a stone's throw away, I felt that their food standard has been declining so I decided to drop by Canton Paradise for some high tea instead.After browsing through their menu filled with many different varieties of dishes, I have to order my favourite Steamed Pork "Siew Mai" Dumpling (4pcs - $5.60). Served in a wooden basket, the dumplings were huge and were filled generously with juicy minced pork and topped with some prawn roe. What a burst of flavours on the palate! While browsing through the menu earlier on, the friendly waitress recommended me a few dishes and this Crispy BBQ Honey Pork Bun (3pcs - $4.80) caught my attention. Instead of having 'char siew' in a soft white buns, this is baked in a fluffy buttery pastry instead. Although it crumbles easily, it adds a nice soft yet crunchy bite to the succulent BBQ honey pork slices in it. After "yum cha" high tea won't be complete without the smooth and delicious Chicken and Mushroom Congee ($6.80). Although it looks plain, the porridge was flavoursome with a light douse of sesame oil, spring onions and pepper. The chicken slices were generously huge and I love how the mushrooms added a tinge of sweetness that complements the overall dish.It was a relaxing afternoon dining here as the ambiance was nice, cozy and relaxing without much of a crowd. Service staffs were very attentive to refill our tea from time to time too. Great high-tea experience which is definitely much better compared to Old HK tea house. continue reading
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