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Casa Italia offers Singaporeans a true taste of Italian gelato using recipes dating back to 1962, made fresh here in Singapore our products are honest, with no colorants or preservatives. continue reading
Opening Hours
Mon - Sun
10:00 - 22:00
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Signature Dishes
Dark Truflle Chocolate Gelato Durian Gelato
Review (4)
Level4 2014-12-23
 Craving for dessert after meal? Gelateria Italia was one of the good choice, pampered with sweet premium quality sweetness. Extensive Ice cream displayed will not go wrong normally, taste was definitely good without deceiving. Free testing was available if you are not sure which flavour you really want, just try out. Friendly staffs were readily served, price may varied with different combination and flavour ordered.Drilling with milky Vanilla and classic Mango flavour, ice cream was complimented with each other. I was quite surprised that the waffle tasted so good, tender crisp outlay as well as soften mushy inner layer. The sweetness was just nice, neither too sweet nor too plain. Creamy delightful while melting in the mouth, serving was pleasing which nobody would able to resist it.  continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-27
As an avid ice-cream fanatic, I can't help but purchase a cup of ice-cream when I pass by this stall. I ordered the hazelnut flavour, ferrero rocher flavour and toblerone flavour. Hazelnut flavour tasted somewhat chocolate with hints of hazelnut. It was not too sweet and this was my favourite flavour among the 3.Ferrero rocher: tasted like chocolate but sweeter than the other 2 flavours. toblerone: as I shared it with my friend, she ate most of it as I preferred the other 2 flavours to this.Overall, worth a try continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2013-06-05
Done with dinner and to finish my day by pleasing my sweet tooth. My boyfriend, his family and I was deciding what to have for our sweet tooth. Walking down the busy path at Jurong point, we stopped at Gelateria Italia. Pretty happening, it's a brand new dessert store at jurong point! It used to be a yogurt store, pretty quiet however, now it's a totally different concept hence it's a different crowd. They do have dine-in seats, but pretty limited. We went there, looking for seats while some of us went to pick our flavors! My boyfriend was discussing about the difference with gelato and ice cream.Gelato is an Italian version of Ice cream and it really differs from American Ice cream in a few ways.Gelato is much denser than Amercian Ice cream. Gelato contains letter butter fats than ordinary ice cream. However, Ice cream can be 20% of butterfats or even more! Gelato only contains about 4-8% of butter fats though! In another aspect, gelato differ from ice cream which have to do with how much sugar it is added in. Gelato probably have 10% higher sugar content. This is my order. I really love mint and Gelateria Italia probably have the best mint gelato!Their Matcha is pretty dense as well, rich in flavour and delizioso (Delicious in Italian*)I would say my mix was the best!For the mint, I would say: when I place it in my mouth, and feel automatic minty flavor. It starts to melt, melt, melt. And eventually dissolves. My boyfriend and his mom order. Hmm, they said it was pretty rich in durian flavor though. However, I did not give a shot because I dont eat durian.Dark Rocherr & Mint!My boyfriend's sister order. The chocolate is pretty rich in flavour. You eat the chocolate part. Start crunching at it, then press the top of your tongue to the roof of your mouth to squeeze it, therefore melting it in your mouth. Do over and over again, until bowl is done.Alcohol and alcohol.YES! & this is what my boyfr's brother order. All about alochol, Bailey's & whisky. I love rum and raisin gelato however, I would say the bailey's is rich however, not chill enough. Whisky is over rich in flavour and I can feel the dryness aftermaths. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-17
FoodGelato, another one more reason for cold dessert! Lesser fat content are found in gelato than most ice cream. On the other hand Gelato is also softer and fluffier than most ice cream Thanks to my colleague who had bought a coupon from one of those deals website and I got to know that there is actually one Gelateria Italinia is located at far end corner of JP2. As the coupon only allow a 500cc tub of ice cream with 2 flavours, I had chosen the pistachio flavour and Swiss Moutain chocolate. Pistachio is my flavourite out of the choices I had made. It was rich and abit creamy but not oily. In between the bites, I can still have the crunchy feel fromt he pistachio nuts.As for the chocolate, it's get very cloying after sometimes. ServiceService was friendly and great. As I'm quite new with gelato, the staff had actually given me ice cream testing before I chose the flavours. I tested 5 to 6 types before making my choice. Patient service! Gelato was all contained in the stylofoam box as shown.Although I have only order a tube, they have placed it into a big paper bag. Looks so professional.These are the range of choices for customer's selection.AmbienceNew in the mall, it gains quite some attention especially from those who had just done with their dinner/meals from the nearby food places like FEAST and Malaysia Boleh. Customers who prefer to dine in can actually enjoy the Gelato at inside their shop.PriceIt is a steal to get a tub at S$7.50 only through such deals. Recommendations / TipsGo for the pistachio! continue reading
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