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The Cedele brand has always advocated healthy and quality food. The same philosophy has been extended to its chain of bakeries, then bakery-cafes and now even all-day dining restaurants around the island. continue reading
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Cedele is one of my most frequented eatery place. I like their health-conscious concept in food preparation. The place prides itself of the philosophy to eat good and live well. True enough, I think it offers healthy food that tastes great For burgers, I recommend their Beef Onion Portobello Burger. The grilled Beef patty tasted very fresh and juicy, not artificial-like. Sandwiches within along the juicy patty were Onion Balsamic Marmalata, sautéed Portobello Mushroom, Mayonnaise, Wholegrain Mustard, lettuce and tomato. And one get to choose the bread instead of the usual boring white burger bread.For pasta, one can never go wrong with their Red Seafood Risotto. It is an wholesome load of seafood (white fish, prawn and mussels) accompanied with risotto drench in rich tomato base. I like that it is wet and richly tomato-flavored. But, it could be otherwise for some. Lastly I have cakes to seal my satisfaction for a complete fulfilling meal. I like the Black Sesame Tahini cake very much. It has a rich black sesame taste in the sponge cake accompanied with a light layer of cream cheese. And ahh I have always the dilemma of choosing either the Tahini cake or their equally awesome Carrot Walnut cake. The cake is not too sweet (unlike most carrot cakes I have had) and moist. Carrot shreds can be visibly seen in the sponge cake. The cream cheese and walnuts on top complement perfectly. Ambience-wise, the concept is just simple and no-fuss. The food speaks for itself – healthy and delicious with a wholesome interesting variety overall. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-14
Smoked salmon sandwich Just when I thought a combination of smoked salmon and bread will never go wrong, this proved me otherwise. The bread was quite hard and did not really went well with the smoked salmon. The smoked salmon was quite salty which ruined the whole flavour of the sandwich. I like how they had cut the bun into half for us and poked a toothpick in each to hold the fillings and bread together. This was a miss. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2013-10-23
Brunch! Plenty of Brunching places in Singapore, and this time me and my girlfriend decided to give Cedele a try! Cedele is known for tasty bread and awesome cakes, but we decided to have a go at their breakfast offerings! Cedele provides all day breakfast, and you can top off your meal with some desserts.The apple cinnamon pancakes comes with maple syrup and a choice of either bacon or sausages. The pancakes aren't too big and of a nice round shaped size and they're a treat on the eyes. There was a generous amount of apples and a rich taste of cinnamon in the pancakes that complimented the overall taste. Maple syrup wasn't required as the pancakes were pretty much delicious by their own. The texture of the pancake was fluffy and warm and just right for a decent meal.The big breakfast set is a combination of various items: Sausage, bacon, eggs, toast and salad. It was decent but average and the pancakes stood out more compared to the big breakfast set. If you're at cedele for brunch, grab the pancakes! continue reading
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Level4 2013-03-29
Visited Cedele for breakfast upon friend’s recommendation of their Easter special sandwich set. One could choose between Ham & Cheese or Bacon & Cheese on a savory Cheese Onion Mustard Hot Cross Bun and comes with a cup of hot beverage as well – all these for only $5.50! The hot cross bun was soft and flavourful. The unique blend of cheese onion mustard was a refreshing change from the usual sweet offerings. The generous filling of ham and cheese was a delight to savour.We ordered an Apple Caramello Cake (S$6.50) as well and it was simply delicious! The cake was moist, tender and soft. The oat and walnut granola toppings added an extra crunch to the overall soft texture of the cake. The salted caramel cream cheese was light and blended well with the cake. And best of all, one could enjoy free flow of rustic wholesome bread (Bread of the day was Focaccia) with every main course ordered!Overall, we had a hearty breakfast at Cedele and would definitely patronise them again to try out their other offerings! continue reading
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Level4 2011-09-05
My friend and I walked around after 11.30 a.m. at my workplace, so it made us tired and thirsty! After that we interested for a lunch at Cedele for taking a break of work.Coffee.. (for the caffeine addict hehe), so my friend needs a coffee in the afternoon!I had something on Cedele Own Teas, so I tried Red Rooibos Tea together with Free flow bread because we got place an order for soup.Sea Bass Tomato Coulis is Grilled Sea Bass with Red Pepper Tomato Coulis, on a bed of grilled Eggplants. Carbo-free Dish.Didn't take much pictures because we are all too hungry and filling our tummies was the primary objective!As my conclusion, Cedele, is my favourite dining place! I'm so in love with the food at Cedele! Fell crazily in love with Cedele from the very first mouth I bit into my Sea Bass Tomato Coulis. The other good reason is that there's a branch that's only a 10 minutes' walk from my work place.I want to try the other vegetarian alternative sandwich, which is the grilled vegetables chutney sandwich and buy a small roll of my favourite organic wholewheat raisin walnut bread during the next visit at Takashimaya. continue reading
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