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Established in 1990, Cha Cha Cha Mexican Restaurant has been faithfully serving thousands of new and repeated diners every year. They create a welcoming atmosphere in the restaurant with their warm-hearted approach towards guests. continue reading
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Enchiladas de Rez Tortillas Fish Taco
Review (5)
Level2 2013-12-30
I was looking for something to eat to warm me up because I was feeling cold. It is December now and the weather is chilly. Mexican food came to my mind all of a sudden. It is known for its spiciness that can make people feel hot. I chose to head to this Mexican restaurant for a meal because I enjoy dining in Holland V's environment which is quiet at day but lively at night.There are two dishes I had for my meal. The first dish is the sopa de mariscos. It is clear red seafood soup garnished with parsley. It looks like tomato soup because it is red and there are tomatoes in it but it tastes very hot and spicy. I believe a lot of chilies is used in making the soup. Luckily, the sweetness of the tomatoes and carrots in the soup can help to balance the soup's spiciness. The soup is not thick but as watery as Chinese soups. The vegetables are cooked till very soft. The prawns and fish in the soup are tender. The parsley not only makes the bowl of soup look delicious but also adds a refreshing taste to the soup. The second and last dish I had is the enchiladas de rez. The enchiladas are topped with chili con carne, cheese as well as raw carrots and onions. The tortillas are made from ground maize, judging from its colour which is yellow. I have never seen a traditional Mexican dish made using corn tortillas. The tortilla is sheer and chewy. The shredded beef is tender. The chili con carne is gritty and adds a spicy flavour to the dish. The cheese is stretchy and makes the dish taste a bit salty. The crunchy raw vegetables gave the dish a refreshing flavour. The strips of carrots are a bit sweet while the pieces of onions are a bit pungent. There can be more enchiladas on the plate because in my opinion, the serving is not sufficient.Overall, the dishes look and taste awfully great. I would want to have a dish of sopaipillas for dessert and a glass of tequila sunrise, both offered by the restaurant as well, to end the meal but I could not afford for either of the two anymore. I hope I can come to this restaurant at Holland Village another time for more Mexican delights. continue reading
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Level4 2011-12-11
the only mexican restaurant that i have been to but i think the food at cha cha cha is really nice. went down to try the food for our project on unique cuisine with my friends. we ordered several dishes, could not remeber the names for the dishes but is taco and some side dishes. i really like the sour and spicy taste in the food, really appetising. the salsa dip is great too, very different from those that i had tried elsewhere. this place is also great for chill out with friends at night continue reading
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(Non-member) 2011-03-07
I always frequent cha cha cha as my girls and i always find the food here unique and delicious. Although sometimes the food is inconsistent BUT most of the time they do not disappoint Their Chicken TAPA and FLAUTA are to die for!!!!! dunno what it is??? THEN IT IS THE PERFECT REASON FOR YOU TO CHECK IT OUT! Anway, Cha cha cha also has a decent drinks menu so it is the perfect place for you to go to and just relax, eat, and chill afterwards with some of your friends continue reading
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Level2 2010-12-21
I stumbled upon this place because i miss Mexican food so badly .I looked at their menu it has a range of typical Mexican restaurant from tacos, burrito to quesadillas.So I ordered burrito right away. Their service is quite fast maybe less than 10 mins my hot burrito was served. The taste is really good surprisingly and i enjoyed while it last. PS: That bald uncle is quite annoying always checking if we're finish eating. Seems like he wanted us to go. continue reading
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Cha Cha Cha. Catchy right? Well, at least that’s what we thought! So we decided to be spontaneous and just go for it Actually, we couldn’t really figure out anything even though descriptions were given in the menu. Almost wanted to walk out. Haha. Everything looked pretty much the same and umm…foreign.. But we were quite gung ho at the same time. Eenie meenie miney moe!The spontaneous friend surprised me with an order of Cerdo con Salsa Verde ($18). What’s that you ask? I’d like to know too! It’s actually Mexican pork stew served with Mexican rice and flour tortillas. Now how do you eat it? The pork stew is a bit too salty to be eaten on its own. Rice is slightly spicy. So the way to go is to eat it popiah style!One of the cheaper mains in the menu but it’s so so.. not so so, but so so awesome. I’m kidding you not. The Flauta ($13.50) is basically two pieces of flour tortillas filled with shredded chicken rolled into a shape of a flute, deep fried and topped with mexicana salsa, sour cream and guacamole. What’s guacamole? It’s an avocado-based dip. The shredded chicken was moist and buttery. Even though it’s deep fried, I didn’t find it oily at all. And I loved everything about it. If you ever have lunch or dinner at Cha Cha Cha, please send the Flauta my love.Really wanted to try the churros but we already had plans for dessert elsewhere. Sometimes, you need to stick to your plans too ;)Read it here: http://foodoshoot.wordpress.com/2010/05/10/cha-cha-cha-mexican-restaurant-speedy-gonzales-why-dont-cha-come-home/ continue reading
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