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Tried the char siew + soy sauce chicken rice on monday night, 3rd march 2014. I can tell you that is one of the most disappointing meal that I ever had. All the char siew on the plate are tiny small pieces and in irregular shapes. Soy sauce chicken is given me a wing which there is no much meat and dry. The skin is barely cover the bones. When I complained the staffs, they are agreed with me too and offer to change another plate. But I turned it down because I always believe the first serving is the true side of restaurant. It is really salty and not tasty at all. I give 2/10 to this this meal. 1 point for the service and another point for the tea with milk. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-09
What could have turn a public holiday into such an enjoyable one? My answer will be just a meal down Casuarina road but of course not the Casurina Curry as it was overly crowded. A marvelous breakfast choice made even though it was quite a heavy meal and sacrificing the sleep hours in such a cooling weather especially during a rainy day but they are all well paid off.Looking at its fruits drink on the menu, there were a handful of interesting drinks we can choose from and we had shortlisted the Bitter gourd with honey (Left) as well as the HK Style Yam Ice (Right). Bitter gourd drink tasted bitter in nature however taste was still bearable with the honey sweetening the entire drink while the Yam Ice was filled with yam's fragrance and coconut's milk, tasted close to a bowl of Bo Bo Cha Cha. Nice!Kway Teow was clustered , sticking back to back and seemed hard to separate but it's just the small matter as they used lesser oil, making the plate non greasy. I had it well mixed with the sauce and taste wasn't that bad afterall. Most importantly, the chicken meat sweetness tastes special and uncommon from the usual shredded chicken I had. It was smooth, tender and juicy, well done! Vegetables via the sides were not the usual Xiao Bai Cai and what was given tasted crunchy.Salute to this plate of Hong Kong Style Wan Tan Mee, even its soup tastes very rich with prawns flavours. Yellow Mee is absolute different from our usual thin yellow noodle and it gives hints of prawns flavour too in every strand of them. Mee was Q and springy doused in the light soy sauce and with big dumplings placed on top of them. Dumplings looks appetizing especially in its plump and crumpled looking translucent skin.If you have tried Victor's Kitchen Carrot Cake, this is pretty similar. The "cha wan mushi" look-alike dish was actually its carrot cake. When seen from far, I thought they are selling some pudding. The softness cum its springy texture had blown me away. Dont worry, you definitely get to taste the bits of carrot in your cake. It was simply more than heaven! I will highly recommend this!Char Siew Chee Cheong Fun is one of best sellers of Chef Chair Lao Ban. Not only that it is freshly made on the spot but also of its soft and thin skin that encase the ingredients properly. They were divided into smaller pieces with each of them doused with sweet soy sauce, sprinkled with cut spring onions and sesame seeds. Chicken Shredded Porridge was a bonus to our breakfast (we are almost full) as we did not want to waste a trip down not trying its "Must-Try" dishes. Famous for its bowl size, we had ordered one bowl to try out. Fell in love with the softness and the mini cut fried fritters that comes with it. Those who don't enjoy roasted peanuts in the porridge will find it disturbing to consume when you have to bite the hard crust of them with the spoonful of congee. Shredded Chicken meat was exactly the same as the Kway Teow we had, and perfect! The drink and noodle stall will sum up the business nature of Chef Chair Lao Ban's. The place is brightly lited with table and chairs well organized inside and out of the shop.They had only a row of tables available for dining due to limitations of the pathway outside its shop.Usually the shops' van will be parked in front of their stall and it's less likely we can get a good parking lot like this.I find it funny to see the typical Hong Kong Man in his 30s wearing tee shirt and jeans, making his rounds to check if his customers' was served. Bald and carrying a big belly walking about and once in a while you will get to see him pulling his jeans all the way up way above the waist line, looking "different". And while he was walking again, his belly pushed his jeans and adjustment of jeans repeats. . Anyway Chef Chair's service was prompt and better than average standards.There was no receipt given and total cost of our breakfast (2 pax) is S$25 which we find it pretty reasonable for an Authentic Hong Kong Meal in Singapore.Notes1) For those who are dining in, just take a seat and servers will come to you while for those who are taking away, they are required to queue in front of the stall. (2) They are selling Zi Char too but not in the morning. continue reading
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Level4 2011-11-21
This shop has been there for quite some years and business seem to be pretty good. So far this is one of the few shops that I find the taste matches the roast meat that I had eaten in Hong Kong. I recall that I used to see the boss around handling the meat years ago but now he seem to have employ staffs to do the work. Standard seem to have dropped slightly but taste is still great compared to others. Items that worth the try : wanton noodle, dumpling soup and Yong Tau Foo. continue reading
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