A Korean-Japanese Fusion Cuisine, Chef’s Noodle prides itself with its simple and conventional noodle concoctions created for the younger adults, and hardworking executives. <br> With noodles, or ‘Guksoo’ in Korean, form as the core of the menu items, Chef’s Noodle also dishes out delectable ‘Deopbap’ or Rice Tubs, and the Bulchobap, or FIRE SUSHI. continue reading
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Chef's Guksoo Chef's Bibim Guksoo Daehan Deopbap
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After the not too satisfying visit at their Jurong Point outlet previously, I didn't plan to pay them a visit again till I chanced upon their Harbourfront outlet.Here I am giving them a second chance.Food was served rather fast since its the quiet hours. Staff were also quick in service even though we visited at a time when they are having their meal break. The service provided at this outlet is much better than what I experienced at Jurong Point.On a rainy evening, we ordered hot beverages to start off our meal.Hot Green Tea (S$2.50)Nothing special, just the usual that can be found in other Korean restaurants.Hot Plum Tea (S$3.90)This is definitely an appetite awakener. Between its sweetness is a tinge of sour taste making this refreshing to the stomach. Aid in digestion too if taken after meal.Refillable appetisers was also served before the meal.Bossam (S$6.90)Pork belly wrap. The pork belly here was served hot, better than the one I had in Jurong Point which was cold when served to the table. Wrap the pork belly, cut chilli, garlic and all into the leafy vegetable - enjoy it the Korean way.Chef's Bibim Guksoo (S$13.90)Signature pork bulgogi dried noodles. With two chilli level of spiciness, you can't really taste the spice at all. The tender sauteed pork bulgogi is delicious with the soft onion and cabbage. Mixed it up with the shredded crunchy seaweed and the luscious chilli Jang, makes this chilled dish superbly tasty.Chef's Bibim Guksoo is served with a cup of soup. The aluminium cup keeps the soup warm even if its consume after the meal.Bulgogi Guksoo (S$12.90)Pork bulgogi noodles. They used to offer only beef stock but now pork stock is available too. Rich soup with tender pork, a delicious dish. continue reading
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Thanks to Chef's Noodle Singapore Facebook, some of us have a chance to be up and personal with award winning Korean Celebrity Chef Choi from "The Starking Series" at the newly opened Chef's Noodle outlet in Jurong Point.Appetiser 1 : Buchu Saeu Twigim, Mandu Twigim Gamja GorokeThese are popular side dish and Korean street food. Buchu Saeu Twigim are chives and shrimps fritter. I found the serving too generous and I have to break it into small chucks. Mandu twigim is deep fried seafood dumplings. It tastes like fried wanton but the difference is the special wasabi dipping sauce which is hot hot hot! Gamja Goroke is deep fried croquettes. I like this savoury sweet appetiser the most as it is made of potato and yam paste. Appetiser 2 : BossamThis is pork belly wrap. The vegetable is extremely fresh. The pork is juicy. I was told to prepare the wrap by placing pork belly, special Jang condiment, sliced raw garlic, sliced raw chilli and kimchi pickle in the large lettuce. In Korea, it is common to eat bossam in one gob!Main Course 1 : Chef's GuksooThis is their signature noodle dish! If this is your first visit, it is recommended to try this main course. I enjoy the soft textured noodles cooked with a concentrated broth! The logo on the egg pancake is personally hand-stamped by the Chef to retain the original Chef's Noodle logo. It requires dedicated skills to do it. Other ingredients include fresh vegetable garnishes, pork, beancurb, chives, silver sprout and seafood. This is really yummy and delicious!Main Course 2 : Chef's Bibim GuksooThis is their signature dried noodle which is loaded with delicious sauteed prok bulgogi. The shredded seaweed (imported from Korea) is simply awesome and fantastic! For those who love dried chilled noodle, you will enjoy this dish. I was told that in order to accommodate to our local Singaporean's taste, they have actually reduced the amount of chilli! In Korea, it will be much hotter for the same dish!Drink : Iced Rubus TeaOur meal will not be completed without this special iced rubus tea. I was told it was made with a special type of berries. It is light and sweet and it is a good compliment to the food.ConclusionMy experience with Chef's Noodle is positive! If you are looking for traditional Korean food  mixed with a modern fushion twist, this is the place to go!Highly recommended! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)