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Chicken Hot Pot is a franchise from Hong Kong that uses special imported sauce and cooking recipe. With many accolades under its belt, it is also highly recommended by Hong Kong Food Connoisseur Choi Lan. It presents an unique concept of "one hotpot, two delicious taste". continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-29
The FoodI ordered the small signature chicken hotpot and 2 drinks with my colleague during lunch time Topped with thick savory sauce, the chicken hotpot is served with small chunks of chicken, capsicum, onion, celery and chilli. Initially the sauce very concentrated and saltish but as the waitress starts adding stock to dilute it, it gradually becomes a flavorful and fragrant soup that is tasty and acceptable to my taste buds. There are also extra items eg instant noodle, mushrooms, vegetables, meatballs inside the fridge which range from $1 to $3 per plate. As for the chicken, the meat is very tender and not over-cooked at all and best eaten with white and fluffy rice !The PriceAfter service charge and GST, we paid around $15 inclusive of 2 plain rice OverallI will definitely come back again and highly recommended to try this! continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-24
After the pleasant experience I had from my last visit, i chose this place out of all the restaurants in Novena to celebrate my friend's birthday only to leave with extreme regret. We went there at the time they just open for dinner. We were the ONLY ONES in the entire restaurants. As we both had pretty large bags, we asked the waitress if we could sit at a larger table. She said "No!" cos it will be very crowded later. She already said LATER, NOW there was no one around. ONLY US. It was not as if this was a buffet and we will be sitting for a couples of hours. I wanted to walk out due to the waitress's INFLEXIBILITY but my friend felt embarrassed to walk out so i gave in and sat down at the TINY TABLE FOR TWO with my bag placed behind me on the chair. Since it was my friend's birthday, we decided to order more food. We ordered a Large Chicken Hotpot (they have three sizes) and a small Beef Hotpot. On top of that we ordered a glass of cold green tea each. When they placed the hotpot holder on the table, it was already very cramp. I again asked the same waitress if it would be too CRAMP since we ordered the food enough for at least 3 to 4 people but she STUBBORNLY insisted that it was fine and continued to want us to remain at this tiny table.When both the Large Pot and Small Pots came, true enough it was SO CRAMP. We barely had place to put our drinks in fear we might knock it over. the movement to take the food from the pots was also limited as it was just too cramp. We were three quarter finishing our food and there was nobody coming. the restaurant was empty with all the larger tables EMPTY and here we were like cramp in the tiny space. only when we were finishing up our last bit of food, an elderly couple came in and they too were cramp into the same tiny table as us. the lady asked the same INFLEXIBLE waitress if they could get a larger table and she continued her stubborn ways of rejecting them. CANT THIS WAITRESS SEE IT, US CUSTOMERS JUST WANT TO EAT MORE COMFORTABLY. not to mention this restaurant serves hot pot which means the pot in front of you is lighted and hot and if it is too cramp, it would be dangerous and we could burn ourselves accidentally.The food is undeniably good, the gravy was thick for both the chicken and the beef and the broth they add to the hotpot when the gravy dries up is also nice. the beef was tender and you hardly need to chew. the beef ball was very springy too. I appreciate such good food, but for such uncomfortable environment and poor service from the stubborn waitress, it is kind of turn off. Price wise, it was not very cheap either, our bill came up to around $50 to $60 plus. this price can get you a much more comfortable environment. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-04
My girlfriend introduced this place to me, they sell hot pot but not the normal hot pot. We ordered their beef hot pot, it came in the form of beef stew. You can also buy steamboat ingredients and add to the hot pot. Their steamboat ingredients do not come cheap. I got a plate of chinese cabbage and it cost $1.80 for that portion. The stew is pretty thick and tasty. when you finish it with rice, they will add soup the hot pot. You can cook the steamboat ingredient in the tasty stew. The beef is so soft and tender. Goes well with the rice. continue reading
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Level1 2012-03-07
One of a kind, at first i thought it's like a normal steamboat, but end up it's so addictive! the black gong bao soup base is delicious though at times abit oily. They dont serve ice water, somehow drinking the delicious soup makes me more thirsty. And the sides to add on price on a higher range.. like $2.50 for a few thinly sliced luncheon meat? continue reading
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Level4 2011-03-04
What first caught my attention about this restaurant was the queue of people during dinner time. And when I simply couldn't resist the smell of the yummy hotpots, I joined the long queue and tried to wait patiently for my turn.I was there with my bf so we decided to go for this couple set which consists of the chicken pot plus a spicy prawn hotpot with rice. There was a wide selection of food which we could add into the hotpots and they were 'graded' according to the color plates and prices. We decided to wait for the hotpots to come and then decide on the add-ons.We were rather dismayed with the rather small quantity of food. There were only four prawns in the midst of fries all soaked wet in the gravy. And after a few mouthfuls, the chicken in the hotpot seemed to be half gone so we decided to be healthy and added a plate of mushrooms. The add-ons are rather expensive but I guess people still go for them due to the lack of varieties of food served.I also noticed that everyone at each table would order a drink. Be prepared for the saltiness of food served. Well, I do believe it would be long before I step into the restaurant again so good luck to those who have yet to try. continue reading
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