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Chili's Cheesesteak Bite Grilled Baby Back Ribs
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Level4 2016-04-29
See pictures at http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.sg/2016/04/chilis-clarke-quay-central.htmlChili's is one of my favourite places for Tex-Mex cuisine. And ribs! Because we regularly hit up the original branch at Tanglin Mall, comparisons between that and its sister outlet at The Central were inevitably drawn when we dined there last weekend.Service differs, the Tanglin Mall one being better staffed, with more efficient service, whereas the staff at Clarke Quay were a little more frazzled and bumbling. Food, too, was a little lackluster at Clarke Quay compared to the commendable grub at Tanglin Mall. Clearly, the standards between the branches are inconsistent; I'll probably stick to the Tanglin Mall branch.We had:1) Beef Chili ($12.50): This was a little charred compared to the ones at Tanglin Mall, like someone left it on the burner a tad too long. Still a decent starter nonetheless.2) Chicken Enchilada Soup ($9.90): subtly spiced, and really lovely, if a bit stingy on the chicken chunks.3) Bacon Ranch Quesadillas ($24.90): these were a little anaemic, and significantly less generous with the fillings than at Tanglin Mall.4) Mango Chile Chicken ($19.90): wholesome, healthy, and delicious. The chicken was very nicely done, moist, flavourful and tender.5) Grilled Chicken Fajitas ($27.90): one of the highlights. Succulent chicken, thoroughly marinated, and imbued with an aromatic smoky accent.6) Classic BBQ Baby Back Ribs ($40.90 for full rack): outstanding as usual, hearty, flavoursome to the bone, fantastically burnished, with meat that was so tender it was practically fall-off-the-bone. This was served with excellent homestyle fries and a disappointingly dry skillet macaroni & cheese continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-05
Came here for dinner last night with a friend! It's been so long since my last visit to Chili's so i was quite happy to be back. But too bad my friend don't have much appetite so we only ordered a salad and mashed potato to share. But based on what i have seen and smelled last night, i will definitely be back again to try out the food! Hee! Now let's see what i had for dinner last night =)Chicken Caeser Salad $17 - This was a good healthy choice! Vegetables were very fresh and crunchy, chicken is simple and a bit bland but thankfully for the dressing with croutons and Parmesan cheese, it all goes rather well.Loaded Mashed Potatoes $4 - I loved mashed potatoes and this is nice with the bacon bits and cheese. Pretty good portion and can consider if you just want a simple side dish! continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-15
After all the Asian and European cuisines, I was enticed to try out Mexican food next, hence dragged my one of my good friends Edwin* to Chilis at Central Mall for a Mexican dinner.The restaurant in question was non-pretentious at all, exquisite in its own way with beer-mugs chandelier lamps and chairs carved with the Chilis sign, but other than that, offers a very relaxed and comforting ambience for diners to enjoy good, fulfilling meals without feeling out of place.We started with the signature Beef Chili with Nachos – tender bits of beef slow-cooked in a thick, delicious gravy with onions, peppers and chilis (but note that this does not taste spicy at all) topped with sour cream and cheese. It was delicious simply eaten on its own, or eaten as a topping on one of their thick, crispy slices of Nacho Chips.I eagerly dug into my Chili Shrimp Quesadilla – a very delicious heap of melted jack cheese, shrimp, roasted jalapenos and corn salsa wrapped within thin flatbread sheet made of flour / corn. The burst of savoury flavours toned down by the slightly-grainy texture and light sweetness of the quesadilla skin – it was very pleasing to the mouth.For more detailed information and photos, please visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2013/12/dinner-at-chilis-mexican-restaurant.html continue reading
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Today I have my lunch at Chili's Grill & Bar at Central @ Clarke Quay, it was only a few minutes walk from the Clarke Quay MRT. We ordered mexican food as the restaurant was famous for serving mexican food. Moreover, the color and the outlook of the food looks very appetizing.Firstly, we ordered the Bottomless Tostada Chips served with salsa sauce for $9. As you can see the Chips portion was alot and the best thing was that you could refill the chips as many times as you want which was very worth while.Then, we also ordered the Chicken Club Quesadillas for $24 and Cripsy Chicken Tacos for $26. The Chicken Club Quesadillas was made up of chicken, corn guacamole, onions, peppers, it was served with sour cream, house made pico de gallo rice and black beans. On the other hand, the Cripsy Chicken Tacos consists of crispy chicken, bacon, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, honey chipotie drizzle and ranch dressing, it is served with rice and black beans. I like the dishes alot as the food looks healthy and appetizing to eat. Each servings has 3 to 4 pieces enough for 4 people to share the food. I personally think that one piece of each of the dishes was enough for me.The Salsa sauce and the black bean sauce tasted heavenly. There was also avocado sauce served in the Bottomless Tostada Chips dish.In addition, we also ordered a few glass of plain water and as you can see that the size of the glass of plain water was huge which was quite worth while.The surrounding environment was good just that the dining table and chairs were small and we felt abit squeezy.Lastly, there was a promotion for buying Chili's gift certificate as you can get $10 free for every $50 purchase. I highly recommend this restaurant for people going to dine at the Central @ Clarke Quay as I think that the price was quite reasonable and the food was nice as well. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-17
After a disappointing visit a couple of months back at their Jcube outlet (which we had feedback through their survey portal), we were pleasantly surprised that their marketing team actually took our comments seriously and even offered some vouchers as a token of appreciation.We decided to try out their other outlet at The Central this time round. Although the overall experience was way better than our previous visit, we concluded that Chili's is not the place for good steak anymore. We order the identical item for a apple-to-apple comparison. The beef was definitely fresher and more tender. However, we realised that their steak was no longer flame grilled but rather pan-seared instead. This probably explained the lack of the smoky fragrant and bittersweet aftertaste that used to captivate us.We'll probably give their Fajitas a try the next time we visit again (to utilise the balance voucher). continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)