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Chinta Manis is a Peranakan Patisserie which specialises in handmade Nyonya Kueh as well as a range of cakes, pastries and local savoury delights. Chinta Manis blend modern variations to traditional recipes. Inspired by the rich tradition of Peranakan food and culture, Chinta Manis is Singapore's first truly authentic Peranakan Café and Patisserie. continue reading
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Chendol Agar Agar Chocolate Ondeh Ondeh Kueh Dadar Kueh Koswee
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Level4 2013-08-01
The ondeh ondeh here is quite unique. Its not your normal ondeh ondeh that is green and has a liquid molten gula meleka filling in it. This one has a sticky outer layer just like the normal one, but it is actually filled with shredded coconut sweetened with gula meleka inside. It a really big piece too, so its a full sized kueh unlike normal ondeh ondeh. Overall a unique offering though i prefer the traditional snack. continue reading
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Level4 2012-06-12
At myVillage mall, besides retails there are a number of food and beverage establishment too. One of them is Chinta Manis which is located the basement of the mall. Chinta Manis is well known for its authentic, handmade peranakan dishes. Chinta Manis at myVillage has expanded from a humble kiosk to having a sit down dining area.The Pandan Chiffon Cake ($5.80) was fluffy, firm and moist. Freshly made from pandan juice, the chiffon cake has the natural aromatic taste and bright colour.Newly on the menu is Roti Jala ($3) which comes in 3 rolls are freshly made upon order. It is a tea time snack which is not commonly available in Singapore. It is available at Chinta Manis only after 2pm.The fish net looked crepes, Roti Jala is served with curry, ½ a boiled egg, sambal and Bibik Nyo's hash brown. Chinta Manis makes their own rempah (mixed spices), which is used in the curry.Freshly brewed drinks, Chrysanthemum Wolfberry ($2), Barley ($1.80) and Tamarind Lemongrass ($2) woth no additional preservatives are available at Chinta Manis too. The drinks are brewed every morning using fresh ingredients from Chinta Manis's central kitchen. continue reading
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Level4 2012-04-25
The Chinta Manis outlet at The Village in Serangoon Gardens offers a variety of Peranakan style dishes, in addition to kuih.On this occasion, we decided to try the Chicken Rendang and Fried Mee Siam.The Chicken Rendang is served with yellow rice, achar (pickles) and coconut serunding, a type of grated coconut accompaniment. There are two pieces of chicken cooked in a special coconut gravy. It smells delicious, but is a little too sweet. Peranakan dishes usually have a sweetish-sourish taste, but this was more sweet than sour. The Chicken was ok; it could have been better marinated. However, the two pieces were a generous serving, indeed. The achar went well with the dish, but we didn't quite like the grated coconut. It didn't go well with the rice.The Fried Mee Siam, had the option of the gravy. I asked for the gravy to be served separately, and the staff obliged. It tasted good, both with and without the gravy. The gravy had a lot of tamarind juice in it and had that signature sweetish-sourish. It was more sourish and the gravy went really well with the Fried Mee Siam. The Mee Siam had lots of sliced chives in it. It also contained boiled egg, prawns and diced tofu.While the Chicken Rendang did not please, the Fried Mee Siam would definitely make me go back for more. continue reading
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