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Review on http://herpenandfork.blogspot.sg/2016/04/chokchai-mookata-review-thai-mookata-in.html Unlike the many Thai Mookata eateries that have sprung up as standalone eateries in the recent years, Chokchai Mookata has chosen its location within a heartland coffeeshop. Thai Mookata is traditional Thai Steamboat BBQ. Opened by local owner Len and his friend, the stall is located within a coffeeshop that is a 10-15 minutes walk from Ang Mo Kio train station. The distinctive point of the mookata here lies in their homemade clear soup base made from radish. It has a light sweetness and is good on its own, yet also makes a good canvas for the seafood/meat to enrich.Chokchai offers sets of $28++ (2-3 pax)/$45 (for 5-6 pax). Each set comes with an assortment of meat such as black pepper chicken and soy garlic lean meat, scallop, prawns and vegetables. We had the set for 6, but still found that we had some leftover meat left. If you like, you can add on additional preferred ingredients too.They make their own seafood sauce and chili dips. Try both, and decide which one you like better. My preferred was the seafood (green) one. Warning: the chili packs a punch, but it is worth the heat (with the squid especially).Apart from the Mookata, they also have Som Tam (Thai green papaya salad). For the uninitiated, this is among Thailand's national dishes.The salad is made by Thai hands - one of the staff here. It packs fieriness, so be warned those who can't take spiciness. Yet, it is refreshingly appetising (if you can get past the heat). For those doing mookata for the first time like I was, you start off your mookata by heating up the iron dome. Then take the chunks of lard (ooo) and grease it before laying your meat on it.Afterwards, it is pretty much whatever floats your boat in the cooking. Don't neglect the side soup 'river' too. Apart from having it the usual steamboat-ish style, try putting the maggi noodles to cook inside and then have it dry-style by tossing your noodles in the green seafood sauce dip. For the meat, I preferred the black pepper chicken to the other soy garlic lean meat which was sweeter. This may not be the most 'authentic' experience of Mookata, if you insist upon charcoal for your experience. There's also the non air-conditioned setting that may be harder to bear with, though we did not have much problems with that as the fans within did a pretty good job. Otherwise, Chokchai is a very affordable option to consider for a Mookata experience ($8-$10 per pax really?) and the quality. continue reading
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Level3 2016-04-14
I am pretty sure many enjoy Mookata since it has both the barbeque and the steamboat. ChokChai Mookata at Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 is one of which that serves this category of food. I went down with a four foodie friends to check them out. By the way, in case you are curious of the name, ChokChai means victory.ChokChai Mookata is located at a coffeeshop at Block 334 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1. Since it is a coffeeshop, so there isn’t air-conditioned, neither are there great ambience. All you get are the usual normal tables that are seen in most coffeeshop.The staill occupied a relatively large corner stall as compared to the other stalls operating at the same coffeeshop. It is standalone from the rest, since there isn’t any stall on either right or left.ChokChai offers primarily Mookata. It has 2 sets for either set for 2-3 ($28) and set for 4-5 ($45). In each set, it consists of Thai Black Pepper Chicken, Thai Garlic Lean (Pork) Meat, Honey Pork Belly, Prawn, Sotong, Scallop, Pork Ball, Crab Stick, Fish Ball and Hot Dog.And with quite some variety of greens too; Xiao Bai Chai, Cabbage, Golden Mushroom, Sweet Corn and Carrot. 2 others are Tang Hoon and Egg.Should diners need more ingredients, there is an ala carte menu. A few others that are not found in the set are Luncheon Meat, Dory Fish, White Clams, Cheese Tofu, Cheese Ball, Quail Egg, Beancurd Skin, Oyster Mushroom, Rice and Thai Instant Noodle.The most sinful but best part of Mookata is the Pork Lard. Use it as oil on the skillet to bbq the meat.The highlights at ChokChai Mookata are the marinated meat using their secret recipes from Thailand. They are Thai Black Pepper Chicken, Thai Garlic Lean (Pork) Meat and Honey Pork Belly.Generally, the meat are heavily marinated, strong in flavours. Some may also find it a little salty too. The Black Pepper Chicken is richly black pepper flavoured best for black pepper fan. Thai Garlic Lean meat was mainly salty with garlicky scent. And lastly the Honey Pork Belly which has a good ratio of fats and meat. It tasted a little like the Chinese BBQ Pork, Bak Kwa.Lastly, of course the 2 special chilli sauce concocted for the dip. The red is a hot spicy chilli dip while green is the at mild spice and more sourish. This is more suited for the seafood.Oh ya, and the soup is worth a mentioned too. Each soup is so flavourful filled with pork fragrance and radish sweetness.We thought the set for food served at ChokChai Mookata was pretty delish. The marinated are stronger in flavour and a little salty. It is certainly a great way to enjoy Mookata with a group of friends and family. continue reading
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Located in a coffee shop in the matured estate of Ang Mo Kio is Chok Chai Mookata. Just opened 3 months ago by Len and Jon, these young and energetic duo have tasted the goodness of authentic Thai Mookata in Thailand. They then decided to bring back this delicious family sharing style of food to Singapore. They spent time learning the authentic marinating methods and tweaked their recipe to suit Singaporean taste buds.Their menu seemed very reasonable for a HDB coffeeshop. $28 for 2-3 pax and $45 for 4-5pax for a mookata set. Ala carte add-ons start at $3 for thai black pepper chicken, farlic lean meat and pork belly!For the set menu, here's what you get1. Thai Black Pepper Chicken2. Thai Garlic Lean Meat3. Prawns4. Sotong5. Scallops6. Pork Ball7. Crab Stick8. Fish Ball10. Hot dog11. Xiao Bai Cai12. Cabbage13. Golden Mushroom14. Sweet Corn15. Carrot16. Tang Hoon17. EggLooking at the amount of ingredients for the price, I must say, this is probably the most bang for the buck mookata I've seen. There's a huge variation of ingredients at about $10 per pax. There is no beef in the set but you can order beef slices from the ala carte menu.Owner Len explained that here at Chok Chai, they strongly believe in providing you with the authentic Thai experience, so much so that they import chilli from Thailand. They have invested in their own grinding techniques to make their own in-house chilli. He shared that the chilli had coriander, garlic and a mix of "secret" ingredients to give it the wow factor.There's both red and green chilli options.The bacon strips had a good ratio of fats to meat and it was extremely juicy and oily after grilling for some time.A mookata experience is all about sharing food with your friends and family and cooking food together and for one another. It's a great opportunity for bonding.The lean meat was very well marinated with a somewhat sweeter marinate in comparison to the other meats. It was very tasty and slightly chewy with every bite. It was definitely one of my favourite choice of meats during the meal.The liver cooked very quickly in the hot boiling soup surrounding the grill iron. It was very tasty and definitely pretty fresh.The black pepper chicken wasn't too spicy but you could definitely taste the sharp peppery taste. But it didn't have me reaching for my non-existent Thai Milk Tea repeatedly, so I was okay with the pepper levels. It was tasty and flavourful. The chicken didn't have much fats on it either. It was rather lean.The mookata broth was made with pork bone, white radish, pandan leaves and more "secret" ingredients. This according to owner Len was the "authentic" soup broth he had learnt from his trips to Thailand. So there's basically only one soup broth available here and there's no tom yum options either. The maggie noodles were seriously awesome as they could really absorb all the soup essence in one go. After we cooked the noodles, we had to repeatedly top up the soup. The Thai speaking staff were also very attentive and noticed the soup levels going down each time we cooked the noodles and volunteered to top up the soup for us, despite having a kettle of soup placed next to the mookata.There's also a separate dish of vegetables. I'm no rabbit so vegetables aren't for me, but I did love their generous serving of enoki mushrooms.Som Tam (Papaya Salad) with Fresh PrawnA famous Thai appetizer for any Thai meal be it mookata or not is Som Tam. But as I don't eat spicy foods, I've never actually been able to gobble down a Som Tam myself. According to my friends who tried it, they all said it was spicy! But looking at the generousity of the prawns, I can tell Chok Chai is pretty game to deliver an appetizer to whet your appetite.Overall : Hidden gem in Ang Mo Kio, very reasonable prices for mookata with quality ingredients accompanied with great service.Now, if only they served thai iced milk tea! I would have a complete thai dinner! continue reading
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