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Choupinette serves breakfast fare as well as freshly baked French-style pastries and desserts. Promising to impress the dessert enthusiasts, Choupinette's cosy chill-out atmosphere also seeks to draw in the tea-time as well as brunch crowd. continue reading
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Level4 2014-07-06
If you ain't the "mains" type like burger, brunch, etc., Choupinette do have pastries and cakes too.Choupinette's food are priced a little steep when compared with other cafes, but as a saying goes "you get what you paid for".We ordered brunch sets, because we are here for brunch! Brunch set comes with 2 drinks, which you can choose any type of fruit juice, and either a hot coffee/tea/chocolate.Eggs Benedict's ($25.00). It has poached eggs on toast with ham and hollandaise sauce. I love their hollandaise sauce for being thick and creamy, and poached eggs are boiled to have the yolk oozing out like volcano lava!The Tristan's ($24.00). Choose between scrambled/poached/fried eggs, and comes with pork/chicken sausage, mushrooms, and a wholemeal bread roll. Ordered the pork sausage, which is definitely handmade from the look and taste of it."100 000" ChouChou ($4.50) for a stick of donuts sprinkled with tiny sweet pops. Basically sugar coated plain donuts, which I managed to stomach them all in. Fluffy and well sugar-coated donut just makes up the complete brunch of mine!For more details, please visit http://foodesteem.blogspot.com/2014/07/choupinette.html continue reading
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Level3 2014-01-25
Tucked away in a corner of the intersection between Bukit Timah Road and Princess of Wales Road sits a quaint café, Choupinette (that's 'sweetiepie' in French).While it's a bit expensive, a large majority of the dishes they serve are fantastic. The all day breakfast or eggs Benedict or eggs florentine are divine. Get the set... It's more worth it as it comes along with fruit juice and coffee! To be honest, I personally feel this is the best eggs benedict in singapore! The hollandaise sauce complements perfectly with the large portion of well cooked bacon and perfect flowy poached eggs! This is the place I'll recommend to you visit, MUST. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-23
Around mid afternoon, my friend & I were both feeling a bit peckish and decided to head to this french cafe nearby for some tea break! This cosy little cafe offers breakfast, lunch, tea time, all day dining, and also a bakery and pastry section at the side! We ordered a Chocolate Danish and a Almond Danish, and both were superb! It is so fluffy & soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, the chocolate and almond filling makes it even more awesome!We also ordered a Spinach Quiche ($6), which was the only quiche left. Anyway, I didn't like it as I prefer meaty and savoury quiches. If I'm in the vicinity, I would love to pop by and takeaway their freshly baked pastries! They are famous for their Eggs Benedict and I might come back here for brunch! continue reading
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Level3 2013-09-22
Choupinette is this little French Bakery/Cafe/Restaurant located along Bukit Timah Road, right next to Coronation Plaza. This place has been here for like almost a decade now and we were all reminiscing about how our bus used to drive past the iconic multi-coloured striped banner on the way to school but we had all somehow never stepped in before.Known for their Eggs Ben and authentic French pastries, Choupinette has been in the spotlight lately as the it-place for brunch. And this place has been on our list for like 2 months now but with all our different schedules, the five of us only managed to finally pick a common date recently to try this place out!Each set comes with a juice and hot drink. The juice choices were grapefruit, apple, orange, cranberry, lime and pineapple. Three of us chose grapefruit the first round but the lady soon came back to tell us that they were out. She then took my second choice order of pineapple before returning another time to say that it was also out. I would have gotten a little annoyed but our server was really nice and apologetic, it seemed almost impossible to get upset with her. So apple juice it was because that was all that was left.The reputable Eggs Benedict soon arrived at our tables. $20++ is a steep price to pay for an Eggs Ben and we were about to find out if the price tag was justified. Unfortunately, the eggs were a little overcooked and did not flow quite as easily as beautifully poached eggs would have, but the Hollandaise sauce was excellent. Perfectly rich and buttery, it was so smooth and creamy, I almost forgot I was not having beautifully poached eggs. The ham slices too were shaved right and not too salty. And the baguette that the eggs were sitting on? Oh so good. Well buttered, crisp and deliciousThe Eggs Royal was slightly more expensive at $21++ but with the generous serve of smoked salmon slices, one could hardly complain!The English Coq was your usual Big Breakfast with the sausage, eggs, tomato, mushrooms, bread and butter. We felt that this was a little plain for $19++ but nonetheless, the individual components were well executed and cooked so it was all good.Lastly, we had the Ken's Set $10++ which came with a Viennoiserie of choice! Under our server's advice, we picked the Pineapple Danish because pain au chocolat and chocolate danish sounded 'too plain and ordinary'. The Danish pastry was sweet, flaky, buttery and crisp along the edges. We all thought that the pastry was delicious on its own without the pineapple slice.Overall, brunch at Choupinette was a nice experience. Though our reservations did not get through and I had to keep changing my juice choice because so many were unavailable, the Eggs Ben/Florentine/Royal and pastry did make up for it. Not forgetting the excellent service we experienced even though the place was so crowded and they were clearly understaffed. Kudos to the servers and their unwavering cheerful smiles. While Im not sure if this is the best Eggs Ben I have had in Singapore and it is a little pricey, it is definitely worthwhile to make a trip down here, at least once. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-24
I was here at Choupinette for brunch with a couple of friends. It is a nice and cosy place beside coronation plaza. I ordered a set of Eggs Benedict's which comes with a cold and a hot drink. I chose cranberry juice and hot latte. The main dish tasted awesome and the serving was suffice for a small eater like me. My friend ordered a slice of cake (i can't remember the name) and it was fluffy with a hint of sweetness. (awfully good!) continue reading
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