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Level4 2015-06-29
Out in the industrial Estate of Neythal Road, somewhere around in Pioneer Road you will get to come across a Canteen with the name of MEP. If not for the news feeds on my social media page, I will never know such place exist.Facade of the Canteen may look ordinary, just like other Canteen from the industrial estate. For the typical canteen situated in such estate, most of the stall would have been closed during the evening but Chuan Le Xiang Lok Lok business hours was their reversal - evening to midnight.Having seen and tasted Satay Celup only in Malacca, I'm pretty excited about Chuan le Xiang as I find that its quite unique to have Satay Celup in Singapore. The Yuan Yang Pot Comes with 3 segments but 2 of them have similar broth in it which is the home made chicken soup while the other was filled with Satay Sauce. Soup was fragrant added with coriander, onions and chopped chicken meat can be found. I dont remember having chicken soup or Yuan Yang in Malacca however one thing that left me a deep impression is their satay sauce. In Malacca, they will offer two type of satay sauce, new from the sealed packet or reused sauce left over by the other diners BUT I dont think "reused satay sauce offer" is going to happen here in Singapore. Upon serving the pot, one of the assistants explained to us on the procedures in ordering as this was the first visit. He was friendly and polite.There were a range of selections to choose from for Lok Lok. Head towards the row of chillers located in front of the stall and pick what you want to eat.Every stick costs $1, including seafood & meat.He mentioned that there are 2 ways to enjoy the meal is by dipped those stick into the preferred sauce or if we would like to have additional flavours. We can dip the sticks into the chicken soup.When its ready, dip them into the satay sauce to give it a satay coating on the items. The satay sauce is mild and not spicy at all. I enjoyed dipping them into the sauce as I like the grated peanuts bite in between bites of the Lok Lok.For those who want to fill up their stomach can order bowls of white rice or even Bee Hoon. Bee Hoon was plain with only shredded vegetables as its main ingredient but was quite tasty with hints of peppery taste.Do you want to add some fiery kick to your Lok Lok, if so do dab your food on their special home made chilli sauce! It's super hot on my tongue! Do note that drinks (soft drinks and beer) are available from them too.In summary, its quite a good experience in Chuan Le Xiang as it recalled those fun days in Malacca. For those who have not been to Malaysia for Lok Lok or Satay Celup, Chuan Le Xiang may give you that kind of experience. What's more the place was spacious and good place for family /group gathering.For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.com continue reading
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