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Coco Ichibanya believes in efficient and friendly service, serving up tasty Japanese curries to customers in an informal service. continue reading
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Beef Curry Pork Cutlet Omelette Rice
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Level4 2013-12-22
Coco Ichibanya at Bugis Plus features a modern ambience with fitted lights in dangling metal circles and a high ceiling. It is a casual Japanese restaurant and their food items features everything curry!At Coco Ichibanya, the concept is such that you can customize your order following the main item that you have chosen. First, select the dish that you want from the menu. Next, select the quantity of rice that you want. Lastly, choose the level of spiciness for your curry. The spice adjustment ranges from Mild to Level 5. You can additionally select toppings to go with your curry rice too.I like the idea of a customizable menu because it caters to people with varying appetites, besides their individual tastes and preferences. If you are feeling less hungry, opt for less rice and pay a dollar less!Strawberry Smoothie $6I was recommended to have this and decided to go ahead with it even though I am not a fan of strawberry drinks. I did not regret getting this because it was good! The smoothie was really smooth and well blended. It was sweet yet not overly sweet and it was very refreshing too. Besides strawberry smoothie, they have a few other smoothies to offer on their menu as well. Chicken Cutlet with OmeletteSpice adjustment: Level 0.Level 0 is not the lowest level of spiciness available. Mild (level) is for kids so I suppose level 0 has the slightest bit of spiciness in it although I could feel nothing at all. If you love curry but cannot tolerate spiciness at all, level 0 will definitely be manageable for you. The omelette was a really thin layer but it did not break easily and held the rice well within. The skin of the chicken cutlet was rather crispy but there was a noticeable layer of fats under the skin which I did not like. If you are fretting over choosing the chicken or pork cutlet, perhaps you can try the pork cutlet first. Thin-sliced Boiled Pork Curry $11add Spinach +$2Spice adjustment: Level 1The presentation of the dish may not be visually appealing but the combination was good. I love the idea of adding greens in my curry (seems like a healthier option too right?) Even though the taste of the spinach was quite subtle, it was nevertheless a healthy and tasty addition with the boiled pork. Pork Cutlet Curry with Cheese $14Spice adjustment: Level 2The cheese complemented the pork and curry well. Half melted cheese covered half of the pork cutlet, giving it a well-balanced spread. Add cheese if you love cheese! I would not say the pork cutlet was superb but what drew me to this dish was the delightful combination of cheese and curry.Salmon Cream Croquette Curry with Mushroom $15The croquette had a crusty exterior and a soft interior. While the taste of the cream was not distinct, the salmon's taste was noticeable after the second mouthful. We had this at Level 3 and it was really shiok! Level 3 was spicy for me but still tolerable. My face got red after eating this but it probably is because my face gets red easily. Level 4 is probably the maximum I can go. Of course, I am all game to step out of my comfort zone and try level 5 though it will be a challenge to me to finish the entire dish.Their meats may not exceptionally good but it is the delicious curry that keeps customers coming back. If you are a curry lover, you should check out Coco Ichibanya. continue reading
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Trailed my friend’s suggestion, we had same sentiment to take our favourite Japanese Curry at Coco Ichibanya. Placing orders was easy, it was stated down clearly on the first page of Menu. They are currently having Citibank Card promotion, 50% discount for every second main course ordered during only weekdays. To act as a nasty customer, I purposely request to separate my rice and my curry. Told by a polite staff, we were allowed to do so. Such flexible service was impressive, they tried their best to fulfill whatever customer’s need. Too bad Omelet selection only can pick up to spiciness level 3, otherwise I intended to have the peak hot level. The colour differentiated the spiciness level, I noticed that more darken the gravy implied spicier in flavour. Savoury broth with slightly watery scrambled egg, the mixture was great. Fried chicken was juicy crispy without greasiness. $15.00 for mine, the portion was satisfying. It was a quick yet enjoyable visit for us. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-16
When Coco Ichibanya first opened, the queues were very long. Now, it has died down quite a bit probably because it does not have much novelty anymore. The food standard still remains though. I had the chicken omelette rice, something different from what I usually order (without the omelette). The thin layer of egg wrapped around the rice was delicious! The thin layer of egg did not break easily. The curry was also still as good. If you are daring enough, try ordering your dish with the highest level of spiciness.This costs around $13. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-22
No wonder so many people are queuing outside this restaurant during lunch and dinner hours. Service was really fast and friendly. Most importantly is the food here which the portion is huge and delicious. I decided to order their all time famous pork katus curry rice which the meat is very tender and juicy. The outer crust is very crispy and not too oily as well. The curry gravy is super fragrant and thick in texture. You will certainly be very filling after completing this whole plate of it. continue reading
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Level3 2013-08-10
At Coco Ichibanya, you do not have to worry that you can't take high level of spiciness, because you get to choose the curry level from 1 to 5. I ordered one of their bestseller, which is the Pork Katsu Curry Rice. When the dish arrived, it was filled with generous amount of curry and pork cutlet. Although, the pork cutlet was not crispy due to the curry sauce, but that did not affect the dish. The curry sauce of level 3 was very tasty and fragrant and it goes well with the pork cutlet. I will return to give their level 5 curry a try soon. continue reading
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