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Comnam Broken Rice is launched by the folks from NamNam Noodle Bar. Dishes in Comnam Broken Rice are MSG-free. continue reading
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Level1 2016-04-23
Was there for lunch on a weekend but there wasnt a Q at 12.30pm. We were quickly ushered into a booth and the waiter explained that we need to make payment upon ordering at the counter. Self service for the utensils & drinks while food was delivered to us ard 15mins. Ordered the 'Lemongrass chicken rice w/ soft boiled egg' and my friend had the 'Pork Cutlet broken rice'. Meat portions were generous and the rice was very tasty...seems to be soak/cook in a flavorful broth. Side order of 'White cabbage salad w/ chix & fishcake was yummy but nothing to boast about. Overall the food is good + reasonably price & i'm happy with the service. continue reading
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Level4 2016-02-25
Pictures are at http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.sg/2015/09/com-nam-vietnamese-street-eats.htmlIt's surprising that the sister restaurant to Nam Nam, incidentally located next to Nam Nam at Raffles City, hasn't quite taken off. The self-serviced eatery was only half-filled, unlike Nam Nam's perpetual full-house. Perhaps the "broken rice" concept isn't quite as distinguishing, or as internationally-beloved, as Vietnam's national dish - the comforting pho.We had:1) Spicy Beef Rice Noodle Soup ($9.90): a robust mix of tangy and spicy flavours, but let down by the tough chewy thick slices of beef and undercooked, almost raw beansprouts.2) Vietnamese Sizzling Crepe ($10.90): excellent, with thick slices of tender pork belly, succulent prawns, fresh lettuce, pickled radish and julienned cucumbers. Skip the beansprouts, these had an undercooked alkalinity.3) Napa Cabbage Soup ($5): sweet and delicate, and choc-a-bloc with bouncy juicy squid balls.4) Squash Soup with Pork Ribs ($5): middling; the pork ribs were dry-ish and soup base lacking in depth.5) Crispy Shrimp & Sweet Potato Fritters ($6.50): authentic, but I hated the shells-on shrimp. Would have much preferred the deshelled version continue reading
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Level4 2015-10-07
For more reviews, visit http://www.umakemehungry.com/2015/06/comnan-broken-rice-bowl.htmlIt's been a while I had heard about Comnam and its broken Rice bowl. They are launched by the folks of NamNam Noodle Bar and there is no need for another question about its location as they are just located next to the Noodle Bar. Likewise, when you talk about MSG in their food, it does follow suit.Even the ordering concept is the same, just fill up the order on the piece of paper with pencil and proceed to the counter for payment and collection. Comnam, when broken down and translated in Vietnamese refers to cooked rice (Com) and Nam Refers to Southern (Vietnam). Thus if you are thinking the origin of the broken rice dish, its actually from Saigon in South Vietnam.Having their desserts before the meal as drink, I find that this Che dried Longan, Lotus Seeds, Water Chestnut and seaweed was rather similar to our chinese dessert, Ching Tng. Served in a cup where ingredients were stacked up occupying half of it with shaved ice toppings over them. Sweetness was moderate and tasted refreshing.No dripping of Viet Black Coffee as we had ordered them in Cold Condensed milk Version.Crispy Potao String Shrimps were served in with a faux newspaper on its base, absorbing the grease from the fried stuff. This String Shrimps looked extremely delicate and indeed very crispy. A closer look at the curls, they were actually made up of yellow onion rings. Another side plate that is worth the order will be its calamari or rather cripsy squid on the menu. It was deep fried and also presented with a faux newspaper. Dipping them into the dill and green chillies sauce is indeed very appetizing.Besides having the traditional metal cup with ordering slip and pencil on the table. Seasonings and condiments were readily prepared on every table.Presentation of the Dry Rice Noodles with Sauteed chicken, prawn, seafood money bag was a common sight of a bowl of Vietnamese food where you find raw shredded vegetables like carrot, cabbages and beansprouts on the bowl. Also, a lime wedge as a add on enhancing the taste of the food.The Spicy Beef Rice Noodle soup gave out a strong heady scent of prawn paste and spiciness which kind of summarized its spicy level. The bowl of spicy beef rice noodle include Pork Balls and bean sprouts. To minimize the spice level, adding lime juice will help.The Dry Pork Noodles came in a differently as compared to the two others Noodle ordered. Perhaps its more for someone who are more adventurous and love Pig Offal. The bowl consist of fish cake, beansprouts and pig offals like intestines, heart and belly meats. Instead of Rice Noodles, these yellow curly noodles were served instead.Though it was supposed to be a "Rice" Place, we ended up ordering their noodles instead. Therefore, it gave me another reason to visit them again. Besides there are no GST or any service charge required. continue reading
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The highlight at COMNAM Broken Rice is of course the Southern Vietnamese broken rice dish (Cơm tấm), which is accompanied by a variety of meats and vegetables of your choice.Our group of four had two sets each of the Sauteed Lemongrass Pork Slices and Four Treasures. The former consists of pork ribs, chicken ham, fried egg and pickles accompanying the signature broken rice, while the latter features shrimp spring roll, shrimp moneybags, sugercane coconut-shrimp stick and grilled pork ball stick along with steamed egg and fungus.The dishes we had were simple, yet hearty and satisfying. We felt like we were tucking into good old peasant food - simple and honest but delicious and filling. In particular, the BBQ pork ribs were tender and coated lightly with a sweet and savoury marinade. The slices of chicken ham were not too salty. The shrimp moneybags and pork balls were both plump and juicy, and filled out well with savoury ingredients.For a simple yet delectable broken rice experience, there is no better place in Singapore to visit than COMNAM. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-18
The outlet is under the well known Les Amis Group. It offers Vietnamese dishes which is a far cry from what Les Amis Group is known for its classical french cuisine.The causal outlet is decorated in brightly coloured and opened concept to attract the young crowd with its fresh and fun look. Its signature dish is the aromatic broken rice dish (Cơm tấm) which is unique to Southern Vietnam. It serves a range of dishes with NO MSG such as rice bowls, rice soups, small plates, soups and desserts. There is no service charge. Similar to Vietnamese chain NamNam Noodle Bar (another company under Les Amis Group), one has to pay at the cashier with the order list, and collect the drinks at the counter, with food served to you at your table. Remember to help yourself to the cutlery at the counter.Crispy Soft-Shell Crab & Crispy Squid with Dill Rice Bowl ($13.90)Vietnamese Steamed Egg with Pork & Fungus, Pickles, Spicy Grilled Seaweed Roll.It comes with a choice of flavourful broken rice or kimchi fried brown rice. I have selected kimchi fried brown rice which does not taste like brown rice but also lacking of the kimchi taste, as well as, too oily. The crispy soft shell crab and squid taste a bit oily too and lacking of crispy texture.Abalone, Pork Ribs, Soft-Boiled Egg, Bean Sprouts Rice Soup ($13.90)It is similar to Teochew fish porridge style where rice is added to the soup. The soup is a bit lacking of flavour. There is also a bit porky taste in the pork. Caramelized 5-Spice Pork Belly, Grilled Corn, Salty Coconut Cream ($4.50)I feel that the pork belly is not tender enough and a bit off with the lime juice on top. The grill corn has an unique juicy and milky taste.Vietnamese Coffee with Condensed Milk ($2.60)The hot version is interestingly served in an old version tin cup. The cold version which I am having tastes milky and not too sweet. But I feel it is lacking of the strong coffee which is assoicated with Vietnamese coffee.Overall the food is average but does not taste like the real vietnamese food. Although the place is packed, the turnover is quite fast. Food is served quite food too. continue reading
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