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Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken & BBQ serves a variety of authentic Korean cuisine, including royal imperial dishes and popular barbeque favourites, making it a popular choice amongst Korean food fans. continue reading
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Budae Jjigae (Army Stew) Ginseng Chicken Soup Ddeokbokki (Spicy Rice Cake)
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Level4 2014-12-26
The location of the restaurant used to be upstairs of Ngee Ann City and it was being shifted to the first floor.. It was difficult to locate initially but luckily it was still in the building. Once we reached, the waitress saw us and served us in and the new seating plan of the restaurant is better as compared to the past as it is more spacious.Ordered for the seafood pancake, glass noodles,kimchi soup and a bowl of brown rice to share. I like Korean small free flow side dishes that they will serve along with the main dish make it even more yummy! However the portion we ordered is a bit too much for 2 girls. continue reading
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Level4 2014-08-11
Korean cuisine would usually not be my top choices but more of a go-when-someone-recommends/craves-for-it kind of thing. I visited Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken & BBQ for a colleague's farewell - with an established name like Crystal Jade made me more confident of the quality of food there. There were even service staff streaming around in their hanboks!We began with six banchan side dishes that seemed more of a fusion between Chinese and Korean styles. The first mandatory side dish was the kimchi made from cabbage which wasn't very spicy. There was also kongnamul, cold bean sprouts drizzled with sesame oil. The rest were variants of vegetables - I only liked the bottom right side dish because it was lightly stir-fried and had this hazy onion taste.Another dish that we tried was the Seafood Pancake. It was a fragrant good deal of omelette and flour, crispy without being burnt. However it would be better if they were more generous with the ingredients given how much it was priced at.The budae jjigae, or Army Beef Stew was our choice for hotpot! The soup base was quite spicy for me, pushing my limits on how much I can take. With rice, it was more or less bearable. There are also a lot of ingredients though not a lot of variety - what you see is pretty much it. There were glass noodles to go along. There was so little or almost no beef to speak of, I felt like it was indeed a real army stew with scarce resources. All I remembered was eating a lot of processed meat.Fruits that weren't sweet to end off the meal! Another restaurant that failed to change my opinion on Korean cuisine. I am convinced that it's just because restaurants in Singapore cannot replicate authentic Korean food or perhaps I haven't found the right one. Recommendations, anyone? Togi Charcoal BBQ & Salad Bar at TripleOne Somerset is pretty good though.For more food reviews: www.amiehu.com continue reading
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Level4 2014-07-18
Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken & BBQ restaurant celebrates it’s 10th anniversary at a new location with larger seating capacity at Basement 2, Takashimaya. It is walking distance from Orchard MRT station.With the new expansion of restaurant, they have come up with new dishes to provide more varieties to customers. Whenever we think of Korean cuisine, we will be expecting whole spread of banchan varieties that comes complimentary. However, with the new location and revamping, banchan /side dish set here is available in 6 varieties of Korean appetizer per serving (S$10.00). Neverthless, it is refillable. The 6 different types of appertizers are changes daily. For today, we have spicy kimchi, spicy radish and spicy cucumber which are available separately at S$4.00 per serving.Spicy kimchi is freshly made every 5 days. I personally love the spicy water chestnut which is a good start before the main courseAuthentic Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup @S$28.00 per serving. The portion can serves 2-4 persons. This is my favourite dish and absolutely in love with the taste of the essence soup. It reminds me of the one I tasted during my Seoul trip. Fresh whole young chicken stuffed with glutinous rice, red dates and gingko nuts and immersed in ginseng water and ginseng. Flavorful soup base that I couldn’t stop sipping it.Stewed Top Grade Beef Short Rib @S$29.00 per serving that serves 2-4 persons. The chef did a good job on this dish. The prime Australian beef ribs are tenderly braised for several hours with rock sugar, pepper, sesame, red dates, ginger, garlic, apples, pears, carrots and radish. Absolutely amazed with the tenderness of meat that retains the flavorful and juiciness.Korean Imperial Hotpot with assorted vegetable @S$39.00 which can serve 2-4persons. It comes with the choice of beef, pork and chicken.Hotpot is presented beautifully with ingredients served on table with ingredients like vegetables, silken tofu, golden enoki mushrooms and straw mushrooms. It is quite value of money with the generous portion of ingredients.Fresh Korean Handmade Noodles @S$3.00 per serving. These are freshly handmade using eggs and high grade Korean flour. Thus, this explains the fresh, springy texture.We also tried the BBQ session. Marinated Beef Short Rib @S$28.00 per serving. The ribs are marinated for over 3 hours in a secret recipe that made the taste after BBQ remains flavorful and juicy. Ox Tongue S$25.00 per serving can be one of the BBQ option. The ox’s tongue is juicy and succulent after it has been lightly barbequed. Lastly, we tried Pork Collar @S$22.00 per serving. Fresh and beautifully marbled pork which is juicy and flavorful after barbequed.We ended with Double-boiled snow pear with ‘Chuan Bei’ and Dried Longan @S$5.00 per serving. The traditional chinese version using whole Snow Pears double boiled with ‘chuan bei’, dried longans and rock sugar. It can be served either hot or cold. We had the cold version which is totally refreshing and soothing particularly after a spicy meal or barbeque.For more food reviews, check our my blog : http://hazeldiary.com continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-23
Firstly, It was quite stuffy, quite small... Service was okay.. but we need to ask the staff to refill our ice water... food wise was soso.. but I must say the ginseng soup was very yummy!1.Seafood Pancake... hmm... I feel that there was too much flour le..and not much ingredient... I think it would be better, with more seafood inside la... It was crispy! 2.Chicken Bibimbap! It is always my favorite item in korean cuisine... But I don't really like the taste of the sauce.. Btw,though in the menu,it is BEEF Bibimbap la.. But we changed to chicken la.3.Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup...This was fantastic! The chicken was very tender and soft! The soup was rich with the essence of the chicken and the big ginseng la! Drink it while it is still HOT la... a MUST ORDER! .. It goes well with the free bowl of rice...4.Side Dishes! The kimchi was quite nice! quite spicy! I like the green veg..haha... 5. BBQ chicken... we decided to cook it ourselves! It taste sweet... not bad... typical BBQ Chicken... no "wow" factor for this BBQ Chicken... continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-06
Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken & BBQ is one of the many restaurants under the Crystal Jade group. Mom still remarks how great the food was back then when it first opened. How beautifully decorated was the VIP room.The place still looks the same as before except more rundown. The seats seems abit worn out. The service is good as they make sure the table is ready before we step into it. Kid friendly utensils with the cup filled plain water ready on the table for us.With the staff's recommendation, we order the promotion set menu B for 2 persons ($59++), which comes with the following :Korean Side Dishes (Usual : $10++)There are 6 varieties : kimchi, kimchi white carrot, kimchi fish cake, seasoned bean sprouts, seasoned spinach, sweet potato cake.The kimchi is not crunchy and crispy, while the kimchi white carrot is too sweet in taste, As for the sweet potato cake, it abit too oily.Sauteed Seasonal VegetableSeems abit out of place here, as it looks more like a dish found in chinese eateries. Quite oily too.Grilled Mackerel (Usual : $16++)Although the fish looks quite thin, it is actually quite meaty. The fish tastes quite sweet and juicy on it own, without the soya sauce dip.Assorted Rice in Stone Cattle (Pork) (Usual : $18++)It is actually beef, I have it change to pork. The staff mixes it up and served in small bowls. Looks quite colurful with various vegetables in it. The rice is quite hard and dry.Authentic Ginseng Chicken Soup (Usual : $25++)The soup tastes not bad, but not much rice is inside the chicken.Complimentary FruitWe are served individual serving of sliced watermelon and honey melon (not sweet) for dessert. As for drinks, we are served refillable Korean Tea ($1.00++) which tastes similar to the usual chinese restaurants. Overall service is not bad here, but the food and the place will need to do with a overhaul. Also feel that there in much MSG in the dishes served, as throats feel quite dry after the meal. continue reading
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