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Da Luca opened it’s doors to the public in October 2010, they offer only authentic Italian Cuisine. continue reading
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Creamy Mushroom Risotto
Review (3)
Level3 2016-01-26
Full review found in http://www.nahmj.com/2015/12/29/da-luca-italian-restaurant-goldhill-plaza-ingapore/We were at the restaurant at about 6.30pm on a Monday evening, most tables weren’t occupied yet. But by 7pm, it was almost full house. In other word, either go early or make sure a reservation is made to avoid disappointment.Food was more than good. Fresh Mixed Salad with Mushroom, Corn and Cherry Tomato in Extra Virgin Oil ($11.90) was with a good mix of vegetable.Chef’s Ravioli Stuffing With Sausages and Mushroom Sauce ($22.90). It was with a very rich and creamy sauce. I like it. The Lamb Rib in the Grilled Lamb Choped with Spinach and Roasted Potato ($27.90) has a good portion of fats to meat. It was grilled to perfection. The spinach and roasted potato complemented the lamb well. Another enjoyable dish.Tiramisu ($10.90) was easily one of the best. A good balance between the cream, coffee, alcohol and sponge. continue reading
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Level4 2015-07-31
See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2015/07/31/fabulous-5-course-wine-dinner-da-luca-on-30jul2015/went with wife for a wine dinner hosted by a bank on 30.7.2015^^ the menu looked fabulous..restaurant was filled up. there were 45 diners including quite many bank staff. food was excellent. & we had great company, seated with the wine distributor & the CS banker. a most enjoyable evening dining & chatting! ^^ we were served a toasted bread. it was good. i finished all of it. & we had a prosecco.#1 first course was chef luca’s signature chilled capellini in wild truffle emulsion. chef luca hailed from garibaldi & gunther. this was really good! it was so very flavourful, wonderful truffle aroma, with a japanese laver (seaweed) & ceviche of hokkaido scallops. you can get decent even good chilled capellini at saveur & also just as good ones at concetto for S$7 but this here is the “real thing”. we had the maculan bididi 2011, not that i know what it was. a pretty good, sweet white wine. wife liked it. ok for me too. #2 the slow cooked spanish octopus was done very nicely too, very tender. ^^ the grilled flavours (server said it was braised then grilled) kind of masked by the tomato sauce.the best octopus i had was at alle darsene at bellaggio lake como. the roasted octopus tentacles at miky monterosso cinque terre was good too. the preparation at da cula was perhaps more fine i guess, but taste & overall experience wise, alle darsene was just heavenly, and i think i prefer miky monterosso too. in singapore the best i had was the sous vide octopus tempura we had almost everytime at mikuni. #3 & the porcini funghi risotto with black truffles was good, great texture, al dente, good taste. i did not find it as intense & flavourful as the funghi risotto (sans the black truffles) which i had recently at tess bar & kitchen though. not sure why. maybe the more expensive black truffles overwhelmed the mushrooms? anyway it was a good risotto. the red wine braised wagyu cheeks was very good too. very tender, a very good braise. it was beefy but not very beefy so easier on the palate. portion was fairly generous, not totally satiated but almost there. for a good braise, i think my own spanish slow-braised beef ribs with a vegetable ratatouille gives a more balanced flavour. and i also prefer beef ribs to the beef cheek. there was good wine pairing for each course, & i do enjoy just a little of the wine, though they were basically lost on me.chef luca came to say a few words. we all enjoyed his food very much, so chef luca was very popular man for the evening. #5 & yes, the crispy apple tart was excellent!^^ maybe i will give this a try if i can find a good online recipe. it was really a fabulous dinner & company. P.S. i went with wife to an amarone wine dinner at american club last november. looking at the food picture again, that dinner would be a bit better by comparison. still, this one was very good, and we enjoyed every bit of it. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-19
First started with wild mushroom soup. It was a very comforting bowl of wild mushroom soup. Smooth, tasty and super yummy, topped with truffle oil. For mains, I had the crab pasta. Love this tomato based pasta very much. It's fresh and tasty. For dessert it was a little of a surprise. We were not allowed to choose and was just served with the chef's creation for the day. It's named torroncino. I do not know exactly what was it. But it was so so good. I think there was nougat and ice cream with custard cream. It was really heavenly. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)