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Serving up freshly baked delicacies and gourmet meals, Délifrance has been the nation’s favourite French café chain since 1983. Lovingly created by Grands Moulins de Paris (GMP) in 1919, Délifrance embodies the best of French bakery expertise. With roots deeply infused in French heritage, Délifrance is best known for its French butter croissants and baguette. continue reading
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Delifrance is a long established name known for selling delectable French breads and pastries. While I usually takeaway the pastries here, we decided to dine in this time to enjoy their hot meals like the potato gratin which I count among my Delifrance favourites.​​The cafe has a small open-dining area which is decorated with simple, classic wooden furniture to add to the cozy ambience. The place is small, but there were not many people when we went during dinner time on a Wednesday so we were particularly looking forward to relax and have a nice chat over our meal. However, this was the start of a rather bad experience at Delifrance. First, we were dismayed to learn that many of their hot meals like the potato gratin, curry chicken bread bowl and baked chicken rice among several others were all not available. Upon asking for baked rice, two of the staff couldn't agreed on whether it was available when all they need to do was to just check. Then the staff charged us the Wednesday promotional "Egg D'vine" set at its regular price, even though we specifically mentioned the offer to her when we ordered. She also refused to let us double check our orders unless we paid for it first (which of course defeated the purpose of checking it in the first place). We didn't want to kick up a fuss, so we just left it at that but suffice to say, the remainder of our dining experience at this branch was marred by the bad service.French Chicken Feuillete ($3.60)One of my favourite offerings from Delifrance other than the Potato Gratin. The pastry is buttery and flakey while the chicken filling is plentiful and succulent. For some reason, the price is a little higher here compared to the prices at other Delifrance branches I've been to, but this tasty feuillete is worth its price.Deli Potato Egg Mayo ($6.00)The potato is decently sized and evenly baked throughout and the egg mayonnaise is light and just the right amount of consistency. This is lightly topped with crunchy bacon bits. However, we didn't find this to be anything special taste-wise and to be honest, I thought this is something you can easily make yourself. It might be more worthwhile getting the baked potato with other toppings instead.French Butter Croissant Egg Mayo ($6.80)This was supposed to be on a promotional pricing of $9.00 for their Wednesday deal with a soup of the day and a drink, but the staff charged us the full price for both croissant and soup separately. Questionable antics aside, this is worth getting as the croissant is soft, buttery and flakey. The egg mayo also goes quite well with the croissant rather than with the baked potato. Get this with the soup of the day and this has the potential to be a rather filling meal!Soup of the Day: Mushroom Duxelle Soup + Ice Lemon Tea Set ($4.50)The ice lemon tea is run-of-the-mill but the mushroom soup complements the croissant well. The soup is very creamy with a generous serving of mushroom bits in it. There is also a small slice of bread to go with the soup. The soup is pretty tasty and I'd recommend getting this soup set to go with the croissant!Chocolate Drizzle Cupcake (Top) & Chocolate Chip Cupcake (Bottom) (2 for $5.60)The cupcakes cost $3.50 each but it is more value for money to get 2 for $5.60. We went for the chocolate drizzle cupcake and chocolate chip cupcake (mine!). The size is quite big for its price and we love the dense, rich and moist cupcake texture. The chocolate chip cupcake has gooey melted chocolate inside as well, making this a very chocolatey treat, but I find the melted chocolate a tiny bit sour, although it might help to lessen the overall sweetness a little. Overall, we agree that the croissant with the soup set and the cupcakes are quite worth a try. The taste of their pastries like the French Butter croissant ($2.70) and French Chicken Feuillete has remained consistently good and these are definitely worth getting as well, especially the croissants. Items I'd definitely buy again are the French Butter croissant, French Chicken Feuillete and Cupcakes. However, the service leaves much to be desired and I'd rather just stick to simple takeaways for future purchases. The prices here are typical for a cafe but I find that you can just buy the croissant for $2.70 and make your own toppings like the egg mayo. That way you'll get to enjoy the same quality and taste of their croissants but at less than half of the cost of eating in! continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-12
Delifrance is a chain consists of Cafés, Bistros and Bakeries. It has been quite awhile since I have been to one. This morning I am passing by when I noticed the outlet at the shopping mall is opened for breakfast. The café is open concept and self-service style. The outlet is quite small and seats about 25 people.I order a Sunrise set which costs $5.90. The set comes with a cup of English Breakfast tea which also comes with a piece of cookie. The tea is served tea bag form. The Sunrise turns out to be scrambled egg croissant. While the croissant is quite hot and soft, it lacks of a crispy outside and looks too flat. Overall the meal is not bad, but service a bit slow. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-01
I wanted to order a Deli Potato as a quick takeaway lunch, but I ended up waiting for a long time before I was served, and I was only 2nd in the queue!I had pleasant memories of Delifrance when it used to be located at Lvl 1. My all-time favourite order was the Deli Potato, which I ordered frequently as a snack after school. Staff at that outlet then were friendly and service was prompt. That good image was all ruined with a lousy experience this afternoon!There were 3 staff who manned this outlet this afternoon: 1 was the cashier and prepared drinks, 1 prepared the food order and 1 served ready-made food such as puffs, quiches etc. As the customer in front of me had endless questions about a simple order for 4 pax (from bread to drink to receipt), I could forgive the cashier if she can't attend to me. But I was flabbergusted with the remaining staff who treated me as if I didn't exist in the queue! The staff who prepared the food order, after preparing the "oh-so-curious" woman's order, could have politely attended to me and take/ prepare my food order. She didn't. Instead, she had prioritised refilling the toppings over me - a physical customer. What made it worse was the remaining staff had no customers at his counter, but he chose to take on the role of an "observer" - no initiative to assist any of them. I watched on, and saw that the cashier appeared to be somewhat a klutz in processing the order before me - made mistakes in the receipt and took a long time to prepare 3 drinks - ice water, tea w tea bag (no milk) and coffee/ latte. I was finally served when all of them recomposed themselves - I had waited impatiently for a $6 potato!If it weren't for the darn potato, which was the best I've tasted so far - baked to the best texture with generous topping, I would have walked off! My only regret was I chose the Chicken Mayo topping, which wasn't exactly very tasty to me. I would opt for Seafood Mayo the next round, but from other outlets. I do not have that much patience to spare!Total Cost: Deli Potato - $6 continue reading
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Level4 2013-03-30
In Singapore, it is easy to find French Toast. Delifrance is a café which impressed as high-quality and expensive for me. No doubt, the standard of the café is well-maintained, either their café environment or their food presented. It can be served with Curry, Garlic Butter or whatever Fruit Jam. The texture was a bit hard but smooth, I enjoyed the chewy toast anyway. The French Toast was best eaten while it still hot and came along with savory gravy. continue reading
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Level3 2012-06-19
I’ve always liked this cute little thing when I was a kid! My aunt used to buy them for me and my cousins to snack on. Mini sugar croquette! It’s like a croissant just that this one’s filled slightly with custard in the center. It’s sweetened with small, white and tiny rock sugars on top of the glazed croquette. Super love it as it’s one of my favourite foods since childhood. My sister and I finished it in 5 minutes! That’s how good it is. Thank you Deliffrance! continue reading
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