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11:00 - 22:00
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Today, Boss S and I went to check out Yi Gen Mian (一根面) eatery at Plaza Singapura's basement.I was attracted by the name of the eatery, which also literally means 'One Strand of Noodle'!Menu featuring their set noodle pageYou can order the noodles ala carte, it costs anywhere from $7.80 to $10.20 a bowl. For bigger eaters, you can opt to select the set meal (shown above). The set meal consists of a main dish + sides + drink + dessert! The dinner set menu you see here is only available from 5pm to 10pm.On the menu, there are also other food items, like Spare ribs rice, etc. But hey, you're eating at a noodle eatery, so check out the noodles!So boss S ordered the jajiang mian (炸酱面) and I ordered the spareribs soup noodles (无锡排骨面) since it was highly recommended to us by the waiter! The noodles costed $8.80 and $9.50 respectively. We were given 2 choices for the type of noodle, 1 being the signature 1 strand of noodle (一根面) and the other being knife sliced noodles (刀削面).We both went for the signature strand of noodles.Here are some interesting facts about it:1. It is literally made from 1 strand of noodle. A very long strand.2. It is 10 metres long. (What?!)3. 100% freshly handmade - as soon as you order.4. Lastly, my favourite.... NO MSG! Wheeeee!And here, the noodles came:jajiang mianSpareribs soupy noodlesHonestly, for me, I felt that the winning factor in the whole bowl was the pure elasticity of the noodles. It was the right type of springy and was cooked just right. I loved the noodles very much. For the condiments, like the saucey minced meat in jajiang mian and the spareribs soup did not really surprise me that much. I guess, the lack of MSG did play a part, since Singaporeans have salty tongues due to the kinds of foods we are used to.So the soup tasted quite light, despite all the sight of the oil floating on the soup (which came from the spareribs). I welcomed the refreshing combination. There were also slices of ginger apparent in the dish that I was not able to taste.We also order their guo tie (5 for $5.80), which was really very well done. Honestly, I'm not really a guo tie person but I liked this dish as the meat inside the dumpling tasted really nice.The guo tie!All in all, I would highly recommend this place if you have some non-msg noodle cravings. Rating: 4 / 5 continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-30
Dan Dan mian is very much quintessentially a Chinese dish popular with many in the mainland. The quality of dan dan mian (noodles) is measured by how springy the noodles are, alongside the minced pork. Here, the noodles were relatively springy, although one may quibble about the length of these noodles. The minced pork itself was a tad too salty for my liking but the bowl of soup was pretty good. Not overly salty. For around 6 dollars, it's somewhat acceptable since it's a sit down place. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-25
Din-Gi is one of the more affordable food options in Plaza Singapura, and one usually does not have to wait long to get a seat and food served. I got the zha jiang noodles this time round - sauce was average, your typical sauce with minced meat, and the amount of veggies given could be more. The noodles itself is one long strand, handmade, thus the name 一根面. Noodles were tangy and not bad. continue reading
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Level4 2012-12-05
Visited this joint for the 1st time using Groupon $15 for $30 worth voucher. This place is more of a cafe style than restaurant at the basement two, so you are not bounded by 3 or 4 walls but surrounded by fellow diners including those from adjacent food stalls like sakae tepanyaki and ji de chi desserts. The semi open concept kitchen does provide viewing pleasure of the chef "pulling" out long strand (their signature dish of single strand noodle) of noodle into the hot water to be cooked. Our order included chicken soup ($8.50), dandan noodle ($8.50), Spinach Ginger ($3.50) and Tomato & Egg Noodle ($7.80). Both our noodles were the dried version, i would rate the noodles 7.5/10, the noodles tasted home-made, not like those factory made standard noodles. Ingredients wise was a bit little though. The plain soup that accompany the noodels were a let down, being very bland and tasted like the water that was used to scald the noodles. I also wouldn't rate it highly for the chicken soup and spinach. Both were below average especially the spinach which taste cold and bland. Those that prefer local style of vege with oyster sauce better not order this. Customer service wise is pretty ok except that they forgot my order of beef slices. continue reading
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Level4 2012-04-27
I would definitely remember this horror birthday dinner of mine I wanted to have pastamania but there was quite a crowd, moreover my friends were very hungry.One of my pals suggested this noodle place.Initially i didn't want to as i wanted to have a special birthday dinner, not some noodle place that looks so-so.However we still decide to have it as my friend saw the menu billboard that they have this birthday noodle specials.But although the food's not nice, the staff was nice enough to sell me that at the price of $9.90 as i didn't bring my NRIC, it was written usual price of $29.90 Anyway when the noodles first came i thought maybe i was wrong, it would be nice!However the soup was bland for one, and the "shou tao" was cold? The noodle was packed with lots of goodies, there's egg, bean sprouts, tomatos, mushrooms, prawns and abalone.It sure looks like a real abalone but the taste was super weird, definitely the worse i have eaten. It was just so rubbery and salty Seriously i don't think i will be back, but i will recommend my friend's beef noodle whose soup was even more tasty than my birthday noodles? continue reading
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