Doodle! is Singapore’s first pasta, noodle and wine bar offering a fresh, fun, unique casual dining experience. Doodle! was developed by Daniel and Adrien, the father and son team who brought you SaladStop! continue reading
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Aroi Mak Mak Under The Tuscan Sun Peranakan A-Chooom
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Level3 2014-02-25
Was finding a place to have our dinner and my friend and I decided on Doodle! & Switch!They offer wraps and pasta. When you enter there will be a service staff that ask you whether you are having the pasta or wraps and he then hands you the menu accordingly. On the pasta menu they a had the classic ones such as Cabonara and Aglio Olio. They also offer unique ones as you can see in the picture below. I ordered he One Night in Bangkok with linguine. It consist of dory fish, mussel, squid, cherry tomatoes, straw mushroom, thai herbs and tom yum sauce. At first it was okay. You could taste some sourness and spiciness which was nice. But the last few bites were a bit hard as I got sick of the taste. The thing that saved me were the cherry tomatoes. The cabonara sauce was really quite nice. Thick and creamy with some bacon bits and topped with rucola and cheese. We also got the soup of the day which was minestrone and lemon tea.I think that it is quite good that the food is cooked quite fast and that the service staff were friendly. Continue the good job! continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-10
My friends and I were trying to find a decent, affordable place to eat before heading over to MBS for the Phantom of the Opera. We passed by the Millenia Walk and settled on Doodle! & Switch!. I love the open-concept kitchen and transparent ordering system that followed fast-food chains such as Subway, making the splitting of bills really easy among large group of friends. They also provide flexible options of dining. You can either order from their a la carte menu or set menu, and they also have an option available where you construct your own spaghetti set from scratch. In other words, you have a lot of options in this restaurant.The restaurant had enough lighting and ample space to walk about. It practises self-service so you have to collect your own pasta, therefore saving on the 10% that other restaurants usually charge for their service.Spaghetti Carbonara- $10.50The white parmesan cheese sauce coats the spaghetti, clinging onto the pasta and causing my mouth to soak in rich, full flavor in every single bite. There is also thinly sliced deli ham (or perhaps picnic ham) that comes with every bite, which offers a surprise to my tastebuds. The spaghetti was cooked perfectly, there is no sign of sogginess or having it too tough. Every bite was truly a taste of bliss and made me want to come back for more! I really love this classic dish.They also sprinkled a fair share of rocket salad over it, which had no bitter or weird smell. It added to the crunch and made the whole dish look a lot appetising. Peranakan A-Choom- $13.50I love how Doodle! & Switch! plays with the names of their signature dishes. A peppery Peranakan spaghetti delight topped with prawns, enoki mushrooms & black pepper sauce, my friend allowed me to have a food-tasting session.. in which I could only get one bite to give a verdict of the Peranakan-styled Spaghetti. Of course, I asked for more in exchange of my own Carbonara. Peranakan A-Choom is NOT like any other spaghetti which you would expect because of the sweet peppery sauce. It left me coughing a little, because the pepper really tinged both my throat and my nose. The prawns were really fresh. I love how they were so generous with the ingredients, it was really worth the money!Soup of the Day: Minestrone Soup (Add $4.50)I added a value set meal to it for $4.50, and I felt that the soup was a little too salty. However, there were a lot of carrots and vegetables, as well as tomatoes in the soup. I got a little sick and tired of it after awhile because of the saltiness. Perhaps other soup of the day would be tastier.One Night in Bangkok- $14.50This is an ingenious way of describing a spaghetti that has its' inspiration from the Thais. The spaghetti is served alongside with prawns, dory fish, mussels, squid, cherry tomatoes, straw mushrooms & Thai herbs. What makes it more important is the Tom Yum sauce that drowns the spaghetti, leaving a sort-of spicy soury taste to the gastronome. Although it does not truly reflect the taste of thailand, it is a dish to amuse and stir up interest in the noodles of Bangkok..I love the presentation and aesthetic visuals of the dish!Laksa Lips- $12.50This is a twist on the Peranakan classic. The linguine creation includes prawns, fish cakes, dry beancurd, straw mushrooms, laksa leaves & coated in a Laksa cream sauce. It is not too spicy, though. Tofu Fries - $4.00The Tofu Fries reminded me of 'Chou Tou Fu' (smelly tofu) because of its styrofoam texture. It does not smell like that though, but after awhile it's quite taxing on the jaws because its' like having an exercise workout with the fries. I wouldn't recommend you to buy the tofu fries, because it took quite long to cook and got cooled off very quickly.I would recommend that you explore the Classic or Signature pasta first before heading to customizing your own set of pasta because it can get quite confusing. The staff service is really friendly and don't fret to ask more questions! If the soup of the day is minestrone, I would not recommend you to add a set that comes alongside with a soup and drink. You can choose either Lime Juice or Iced Lemon Tea for the drink. I decided on Lime Juice and it was too acidic (and sour) for me. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)