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Level4 2014-05-15
Dulce & Sucre is  the latest venture belonging to the Twelve Cupcakes family owned by former-DJ Daniel Ong and his wife, former actress Jamie Teo which also operates brands such as Junbi and Cookies for Sid.Dulce means “sweet”, while Sucre is “sugar” in french. The menu here therefore consists of sweet treats, from cakes, whoopies and others such as tarts and Panna Cotta. There is also a counter dedicated for Twelve Cupcakes here, which makes it a convenient spot to takeaway some cupcakes after a cup of coffee. Despite its cafe outlook, it somehow operates much like Starbucks where it is self-service and patrons are to self-collect their items. Two cake loaves were available that day, which I went for the Cranberry Pistachio Loaf ($4.50). The cake loaf was more of an egg cake, which was pillowy than crumbly. Topped with cream cheese, pistachio and cranberries, it was light in flavour as the cream cheese was not particularly thick, but a bit foamy instead. The nutty flavour combined with the cranberries were rather refreshing, with more cranberries hidden in the base as well. With its size, this is also rather filling especially for those with smaller appetites.A selection of tarts were available, which the Apple Crumble ($5.50) caught my eye. While the crumbs were sweet with sugar and crunchy, they seemed to be just placed over the tart as all the bits came off and created a mess on the table upon the first fork. The caramalised apples were nicely spiced in cinnamon and was not too sweet, but felt a bit flat on flavour. Tart base was thin enough and felt cookie-like.Coffee is not Dulce & Sucre’s forte; while the Flat White ($4.90) is creamy the coffee was bitter and burnt. While I am one who does not really bother much on latte art, the high price tag makes me wonder what I am exactly paying for.For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2014/05/03/dulce-sucre-orchard-gateway/ continue reading
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