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E-Sarn Thai Cuisine is a small family of restaurants with specialties include include Som Tum, Larb and Gai Yang. continue reading
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We chose this restaurant for our Mother's Day dinner because this is one of the very few places that allows us to bring our dog along. Being away from town, we presume that it won't be too crowded....we were wrong.The first dish was clear tomyam soup. I didn't manage to take pictures because all 8 of us were starving from waiting too long. The soup was not spicy enough for my taste. The second dish was the mixed vegetables and again I didn't take pictures because my only wish was to gobble down the food to feed my hunger.Third dish that was served up to us was the Crispy Crabmeat omelete. I like the crispiness of the omelet. I actually thought this was the best dish in the entire incomplete dinner.Fourth dish that was served to us was the Stuffed Boneless Chicken Wings. I didn't get to try this as there wasn't enough to go around. But it looked quite nice. The fifth on the list was Steamed Olive rice. I cleaned up the entire bowl because I was too hungry. I must say that this is not too bad. At least I can taste abit of the olive taste. The sixth dish was Grilled Cuttlefish. It was chewy and I liked it. The sauce was a good compliment to the blend taste of the cuttlefish.The seventh dish was Sun Dried Pork. I thought this dish is going to be really dry but there's still a bit of juiciness beneath the dries exterior. The taste was great too. My second favorite dish of the night!Last dish served to us was the Glass Noodle Salad. Frankly, I have no idea why the salad was served in the middle of main course. I always thought that salad should be served in the beginning of the meal.We didn't want to wait anymore so we have decided to cancel our pineapple rice and fried tofu. This was the sequence our orders were sent to our table:7pm - we sat down7.15pm - our orders were taken8.10pm - Clear tomyam soup served8.20pm - Mixed vegetables served8.30pm - Crispy crabmeat omelete served8.32pm - Stuffed boneless chicken wings served8.35pm - Olive rice served8.36pm - Grilled cuttlefish served8.40pm - Clear tomyam soup served. We rejected the dish and told them it had already been served.8.48pm - Glass noodle salad served8.50pm - Crispy crabmeat omelete served. We rejected the dish and told them it had already been served.8.56pm - Cancelled pineapple rice and fried beancurd and then made payment (while reminding them we only ordered 1 tomyam soup so they cannot bill us for 2)A good suggestion to the restaurant would be to serve the salad before the main course. Also, it might be better to serve the rice first before other side dishes so that we can savour side dish together with the staples. It would be difficult to enjoy the rice when we had finish our side dish. Lastly, might be an idea to keep the food warm coz most of the food being served to us are not hot anymore. Makes me wonder how long the food was wandering around before serving up to us.I would only go back to the restaurant if I have time to wait. However, I must commend that the Indian waiter did brighten our days a few times. We also appreciate that he kept apologising that the food came late.We spent a total of $140+ for 5 adults and 2 kids. continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-25
Yes it is Thai food again! I realised i do it quite a far bit of thai food! This is one of the Thai restaurants that I patronise quite often - E-Sarn. This is the glass noodles seafood salad. Pretty good, the black fungus gives the salad a pretty good crunch. Tom Yum soup was abit too sweet, not spicy enoughFried fish pretty ordinary, in fact I dont really like this dish, too dry and not much flavour. Green Curry chicken. Quite Lemak.A plate of vegetables for fibre and vitamins! continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-10
For pictures and more reviews, please head to http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.comSince E-Sarn's move from a hawker stall at Farrer Road to the little condominium enclave of Ridgewood back in 2010, it's successfully spawned 3 more outlets, all set up in similar locales - private housing residential estates. I'm surprised, because I didn't think the cuisine was authentically spicy enough for the restaurant to be this successful. I suppose the formula of watering down the spice level to cater to the expat tongue and situating itself in estates that are home to many expats works. It's not that I think the food is bad, because it isn't. The flavours are there, but the food's just not spicy enough.In all fairness, the reasonably cheap price points and casual relaxed ambience are huge pluses. And service here is great, the all-Thai staff are genteel and polite to a fault, they're almost zen-like. And while the food isn't as spicy as I'd like, the above average food scores well with people that cannot take spice.We had:1) Tom Yum Koong ($7.50): despite the presence of chilli padis, this was really quite mild. There was depth of flavour though, even if there was no kick. The sweet and juicy cherry tomatoes were also a nice touch, as with the crunchy prawns.2) Kra Pow Moo ($11.50): very lean pork was utilised so it was a little dry, but the chilli paste helped moisten it. This wasn't very spicy either, but the basil leaves lent a peppery aroma to the dish3) Kai Foo ($8.50): The crispy egg omelette just seemed like it was mostly fried batter. I couldn't quite taste the egg in this. That said, it was crisp and not too oily4) Panang Gai ($13.50): chicken stir-fried with coconut curry gravy - very creamy and rich, and not spicy at all. It also tended to the salty side, and the chicken tasted off continue reading
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Level3 2010-12-02
Came across this restaurant during lunch time and decided to give my $10 note a go with what i can have at this cosy corner outlet.However, am disappointed on the food quality and guess that i could have a better experience with other Thai food outlet in the heart of Golden Mile building. Placed an order of Basil Chicken set lunch and a top up on $2 with a Tom Yam soup that comes with a cup of coffee. Reasonable for the quantity but not on the quality. The Basil Chicken served was far too sweet and does not feel authentic on how a Thai food should have tasted. The Tom Yum soup was far too overpowering with spices and lemon grass that made the soup all complicated but nice, I was surprised to know that this restaurant was actually voted by HungryGoWhere for the most popular Tom Yam Soup. I guess the only positive thing with the restaurant is that the services provided is prompt and serving staff are attentive with the GEM values. Kudos to their service attitude and would really hope that their kitchen crew would improve on their cooking standards. Will not be back for any meals unless i can be convinced that there's a turnout of crowd in future to support its cooking standards. continue reading
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