East 8 serves Asian Fusion cuisine, hence the "East" in the restaurant's name. "8th Street" is in lower Manhattan, New York City, where many diverse Asian restaurants are found. The “East meets West” inspired culinary experience takes Asian dining experience to the next level with a modern twist. New York City is known for its diverse mix of ethnic eateries especially along 8th street at East Village. So, here they are, building a bridge from NYC to SG and bringing you a new dining experience. continue reading
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Level3 2016-01-24
Named after a street in New York City, East 8 New York Fusion Tapas + Bar land their feet in Singapore 3 years ago. Popular with lotsa their own cocktail creations, most of the customers here, drinks. Situated at a unit just beneath Grand Park Hotel, location was an advantage for hotel guests/ tourists to patronize other than our own locals.Heard news that they were ending their business so came to give our last support.(1) Kimchi Apple Salad $15.00- Rocket leaves given were too much, causing bitter aftertaste while kimchi apple cubes, cherry tomatoes & bacon paired together were pitifully little. The dressing served were too minimal to get the leaves soaked. Proportions of the ingredients wasn't right and I felt like eating a bowl of grass.(2) Kimchi Potatoes $14.00- I always loved roasted potatoes with skin on and glad this dish had it all. Roasted potato cubes, loads with kimchi, then covered with thick, melted triple cheese on top. So cheesy with tingling sourish moments from the kimchi, it was an interesting delicious combi.(3) Yuzu Miso Scallops $16.00- Scallops were very thinly sliced, drizzled with yuzu miso dressing and topped with salmon roe. Scallop was soft & slight mushy, texture improved with salmon roe popping inside our mouth. Yuzu zest wasn't distinctive but surprisingly the dressing ends with a liquor aftertaste (or izzit just me?).(4) Wings n Kicks $13.00- Chicken mid wings tossed in chilli lime lemongrass sauce. The crispy, zesty lemongrass infused skin was a to-die-for. A western dish infused with Thai elements, I like! Savoury & great with a beer or two.(5) Molten Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Lava Cake $15.00- A great marriage between two rich flavours, Peanut butter & dark chocolate. My love was to the slightly burnt sides (sticking to the pan), together with the center molten peanut butter and almond nuts, it was HEAVEN! French vanilla ice cream given was too small to mention, not even a full scoop and tasted too milky. Well, lava can do without this ice cream lah.Verdict: Nice ambience for gatherings with friends or colleagues. Hidden in a dim cosy corner, it's definitely a great drinking place (too bad I don't drink). Food wise, pretty decent but yet to wow. Prices abit steep for the small portion tapas meant for 下酒菜 but the great service rendered balances off bit of my heartpain-purse. Nevertheless, still sad to know that they are going into history as hotel is undergoing major renovation. Hope to see them again around soon.East 8Grand Park Hotel10 Coleman Street#01-21/22S179809Tel: 6338 8289 continue reading
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Level4 2016-01-21
The restaurant was located at the back of the hotel, facing Hill Street. There was limited dining in area for both indoor and outdoor. We reached the place as the restaurant was opening for business. It was not crowded and we could have our choice of table.Nolita Lychee Saketini ($17)Sweet lychee and dry sake for a well-balanced, elegant finishIt was a sweet and refreshing drink to have, which cooled me easily in the hot weather.Raspberry & Grapefruit Blend ($10)Black tea, raspberry, grapefruit, mintA refreshing mock-tail to have.Portobello Fries ($16)Crispy truffle portobello mushroom fries with roasted garlic aioliIt was the promotion item today and it was having a 50% discount. Quite juicy inside with the huge meaty mushroom.Foie Gras Flatbread ($24)Seared foie gras chunks, mixed berries compote, melted Gruyere cheese, parseley on baked flatbreadIt looked more like a fruit pizza when served as it was topped with pieces of strawberries and berries. Don't know if the fruit smelt a bit too sweet as we happened to find a small fly in the dish. With a sweet fruity base, it was more like a dessert, covering the fatty and slightly gamey taste from foie gras.Molten Peanut Butter & Chocolate ($15)Molten lava peanut butter & dark chocolate cake, French vanilla ice creamIt was served pipping hot in a pot. Cut opened easily, and one could see the molten filling inside. It was sinfully rich and chocolaty that we wiped it clean.Overall the food was yummy and delicious, except for the fly part. Not bad that the place will be closing soon with its last of operation on 23 Jan 2016. continue reading
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Level4 2015-02-04
Full review : www.dairycream.blogspot.comTapas being tapas, portions are small and meant as light bites that go with beer. But I wondered if it was a coincidence that most of them were quite greasy. Breaded lightly with Panko crumbs, the highly-raved Portobello Truffle Chips ($16++) arrived with fragrant truffle aroma that soon dissipates into cold air. There was no trace of salt or herbs, hence the first few bites without the roasted garlic alioli oozed out bland oily juices that the giant mushroom has soaked up in the frying process. The Sweet Baby Back ($20++) also faced similar issues as the cuts were soft but contained too much fats that it was difficult to tear off much meat from the bone. It was not surprisingly that the grease left us jaded with mild discomfort in the throat. However, the blend of sweet paprika in the marinade resulted in some sweet pleasant taste without the heat. We prefer the Chilean Seabass ($24++) which has a lovely depth of umami flavour coming from the miso and wine marinade. The Soy Yuzu Beef ($20++) is another meaty joy to savour with bright acidic notes. Torched lightly on the surface, the thinly-sliced Argentine tenderloin, albeit raw and pinkish on the underneath, were delectably succulent and chewy.The Matcha Millefeuille ($15++) was a huge mishap, possibly one of the least palatable restaurant dessert I've ever encountered. Despite being assembled ala minute, the puff pastry was soggy (underbaked in the first place). The substandard matcha cream and some foreign objects like lychees failed to translate well on the palates. I sneaked a peek at the white chocolate banana tempura which the French guy next to us ordered and was glad we didn't order that. Phew.Nonetheless, there was one very delicious dessert that melted our hearts--the Peanut butter molten lava cake ($15++). Baked in a iron-cast mini stove pan, the crusty dark chocolate exterior comes with a rich saucy peanut butter center, so rich that we could forgive the puny amount of ice cream served alongside. So skip the other 2 desserts and order this. However, dining at East8 chalked up a hefty despite the "savings" and it is a good place to chill-out but not for a quality meal that would fill you up. Full review : www.dairycream.blogspot.com continue reading
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Full review - http://midas400.blogspot.sg/2014/12/dinner-at-east-8-new-york-fusion-tapas.htmlA mini birthday celebration with evil sista for those who cannot make it to the grand celebration on the weekend. Birthday girl suggested East8 as she has 2 for 2 Tapas vouchers from The Entertainer App. The tiny eatery is located at a corner of the Grand Park City Hall Hotel on Coleman street.Simple table settings and the menu.East8 serves fusion style food that marries the oriental elements with NY style preparation and presentation. Food is served tapas style which are smallish in portion meant to compliment a drinking session.We ordered a total of 12 tapas for a party of 4pax!A.L.T (Avocado, Lemon & Tuna) $16++Garlic Tiger Prawn $14++Yuzu Miso Scallops $16++Hamachi & Caviar $16++Sake Mussles $19++Wings & Kicks $13++Portobello Fries $16++Lime Buttered Crispy Crab $18++Miso Chilean Seabass $24++Land + Sea $27++ (Bacon wrapped Hokkaido scallops w/ quail eggs)Cream Drunken Chicken $18++Ham & Cheese $19++Most of the 12 dishes were really delish, I especially liked the Chilean Seabass, Portobello Fries & A.L.T. The seabass was uber fresh and cooked just right retaining its moist and tender texture, and well flavored with miso sauce. The breaded mushroom fries were crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, a delight to munch on. The unassuming ALT was extremely flavorful and perfectly complimented by the creamy avocado paste...yums.We also ordered some drinks to go with our tapas, I had the Manhattan Ice Tea $7.5++ which was very nice. My friends were all quite satisfied with their choices too.Vodka w/ Lime $6++ (Happy hour)East Village (a pair) $18++East8 is a nice place to chill, sipping drinks and munching on snacks and tapas while catching up with friends. However, we find it a tad pricey as a proper dinner place due to the size of the dishes, so it is best to have your dinner somewhere else before hanging out at East8 till late.Some shots after sundown... continue reading
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East 8 is newly opened and I guess that's why there's a lack of reviews on their food. They basically joined the string of food establishments that seek to offer fusion tapas with a laid back vibe. For East 8, their cuisine supposedly infuses Western, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese concepts.Given the price tag of $25++ for a 3 course set lunch during Restaurant Week, I decided to give East 8 a try.Ambience wise there is nothing to complain about; probably because I went after 2pm, it wasn't crowded and there were only 2 other tables, so the environment was very conducive for a relaxing chat. I also liked their interior, as the wooden surroundings give a very comfortable, laid back vibe. The cute cushions lying around also added to the whole atmosphere.For appetizers, they also offered Rocket salad, with sweet pear, cherry tomato and roasted pinenut, but both of us went for the Charred tiger prawn in cream of spinach soup instead, as we are not fans of salad. It was the right choice as this didn't taste like any conventional western soup you normally get. I liked how the soup was very flavourful, but only slightly creamy and the taste of spinach wasn't overwhelming. I especially liked the crunchy tiger prawns which were succulent, and slightly salted/peppery.For mains, I had the Soy glazed pan fried Norwegian salmon, with truffle mashed potato. This dish didn't wow me as it's rather common, and the sauce seemed like the conventional soy/terriyaki sauce that goes with sushi; moreover, the mashed potato was cold (albeit truffle taste slightly distinct). However, it has to be noted that the salmon itself was very fresh, with the meat very soft and tender, and you could easily gobble it down at one go.My friend had the Classic duck confit with braised haricot beans and chorizo cubes. It was extremely easy to dissect that dish as the duck meat is very, very tender. I also liked the skin of the duck which wasn't oily, but crispy and lightly salted to bring out the flavour of the duck. For dessert, there was only one choice and it was the Homemade dark chocolate pot, macerated berries with hazelnut gelato. Dark chocolate pot might be a bit misleading as it's actually a small cube of chocolate cake/mousse, which was alright with the chocolate being rich but not overly so. I loved the grated nuts (which were mixed with fine sugar) that were sprinkled around. As for the hazelnut gelato, it was pretty average.Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience, and their staff was kind enough to offer us, at the end of the meal, a sample of their Yuzu Sakae, which was a very refreshing drink. Took a look at their usual menu (on a wooden crafted plate and on a disc), and there were some interesting offerings as well.Normally, they have lunch specials, from 12 to 3pm, and they offer dishes like Orange Beef, Baby Back Ribs, Tuna Hotdog, Lamb Shank Ragu, Sake mussels & bread, and also, the Norwegian Salmon, at a price range of $12-$16.A good place to chill and relax, and share tapas among friends, hopefully East 8 will seek to stand out from the vast number of similar establishments. continue reading
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