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EL MERO MERO is a forward looking Mexican restaurant proud of bringing Mexico’s world heritage cuisine with a fresh and soulful attitude that reflects the Mexico of today. continue reading
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Striploin - 300 NZ Black Angus 150 days grain fed Barbacoa de Lengua Salted Cod Taco
Review (4)
Level1 2017-07-13
the ingredients are really fresh. especially the seafood cocktail cerviche. the mains all looked so good we had to ask for recommendations. The steak was really tender for the fatjita dish and the tortilla wraps were served in a warm bag to keep it warm and to prevent the wraps from becoming soggy. The pork taco was really good, served with a tangy sauce, fresh coriander and chopped onions. All the meaty dishes were served with lean meat that were cooked to perfection, not too tough nor undercooked, easy to chew and swallow. tasty and not oily. Seafood were really fresh, no tinge of "Fishy" after taste. On top of it all, service was really good. Friendly and professional staff always ready to provide sound advice for orders and to assist you with further orders. Great ambience too!Highly recommended! continue reading
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Level3 2016-02-23
For more reviews, visit http://www.nahmj.com/Since Whitegrass wasn’t opened on Monday, I settled for my second choice, El Mero Mero with no regret. Likewise, it is located at CHIJMES too. I was glad it turned out well since it was a birthday treat for a beloved friend. My friend enjoyed the food so do I.Since the name El Mero Mero has a meaning of best in Mexican lingo as such it aims to excite and delight diners with the very best contemporary Mexican cuisine.El Mero Mero offers both indoor and al fresco dinning to diners. Interior is decked in contemporary theme. The tables were placed neatly in a repeated pattern but a little too close with almost no privacy. A Bar is suited outside the restaurant with a direction facing the restaurant.On its menu were 5 main categories, namely Botanas (Small Plates), Tacos, Quesadillas, Josper Charcoal Grill Oven and Dessert. We tried to order one dish from each category but failed to as we didn’t order any from the Quesadillas.We started with the Small Plates. First was the El Mero Mero Ceviche ($18) filled with diced raw Octupus, Prawns, Wild Fish, avocado soaked in bloody Mary sauce. Bloody Mary is basically spiced tomato sauce. The contents are in a glass chilled in a bucket of crushed ice. A piece of crispy taco covered the glass and topped with more avocado and a lime. We were informed by the service crew to break the taco and allow the avocado to get into the glass of sauce. Followed by squeezing the lime. And now, we are ready to enjoy. It was sourish and yet refreshing. The bloody mary didn’t mask the sweetish of the seafood instead complemented it. I suspect some may find the dish a little too sour for their liking. But my guest and I enjoyed the dish.The second small plate was the Street Corn Sampler ($14). This small plate is made up of 2 items; the grilled baby corn and Huitlacoche Donut. A tube of Cotija & chili Mayo was provided and you could bring home if you like. I enjoyed the donut more than the grilled baby corn. The donut was soft, spongy, fluffy, bread like and lightly sweet. ($16) was absolutely heavenly. The grilled chicken together with Guacamole, Pickled Red Onion, Spicy Popcorn sat on the freshly made Corn Tortilla. All the ingredients harmonises and bringing each to its best.Moving on to the Josper Charcoal Grill Oven, 4 out of 11 were beef selection. But we went for prawns and we chose Enchiladas Verdes ($24). The tiger prawn was rolled in the corn tortilla topped with melted mozzarella soaked in a bed of spicy creamy Tomatillo Salsa. We felt this dish was disappointing. First the ratio of prawns to tortilla wrap was low. Next, we could savour the prawn flavour. The prawns were dry and skimpy.Desserts choices were limited but were attractive. We were contemplating between Churros and Chocolate sauce ($14) and the Mexican Chocolate ($16). We find favour in the latter. The Mole Chocolate Ganache with a Passion Fruit Milk and Sesame Tile was served in a Cocoa Pod looking Ceramic bowl. The chocolate ganache was lightly bittersweet. It was the Passion Fruit Milk that elevated the tasting experience.Last but not least, the Chocolate with Tequilia was served to end with a sweet note.We were very pleased with the El Mero Mero dishes in general except for one of our order. We enjoyed the food, the service and the ambience too. I am so glad that my friend enjoyed as much as me since it was a birthday treat for her. continue reading
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Level3 2014-11-25
Last week, while I was on leave, I was thinking of a place for lunch.Only 1 restaurant came to mind, and I brought my lunch partner here to try their lunch set menu.I have been here before and I recommended going for a set lunch and their grilled octopus leg.Here’s the verdict:- Vuelve a la Vida: This was like a cerviche, but with added tomato juice added in. It had fresh prawns, fish, Clam and avocado in a Tomato Cocktail. It was served in a cocktail glass in a small bucket of ice and topped with a crispy flat taco with pieces of sliced avocado. The tomato cocktail was tangy and complimented the seafood in it. It was a refreshing appetiser.- Burrito de Pollo: Burrito with Charcoal grilled chicken, Chihuahua Cheese, Rice, Beans, Avocado and Lettuce. The chicken was nice and tender. I could taste that it was charcoal grilled, with its slight smokiness. Definitely a tummy filler, if you are eat this dish all by yourself.- Pina con Piloncillo: A dessert consisting of Caramelised Roasted Pineapple, Chantilly ice cream and topped with freshly grated Lime Zest. The roasted pineapple was cut and placed on a plate and topped with the caramelised sauce from roasting the pineapple. The Chantilly Vanilla ice cream was home-made and eating it with the grated lime zest was nice and refreshing. Try it!- Grilled Octopus Leg: This was the highlight of our meal. Ever since I had this a few weeks ago, I cannot get it out of my mind. You get a charcoal oven-grilled octopus leg atop corn cream on a plate garnished with black garlic paste and Tajin Ash. The octopus is succulent and gives a good bite. The corn cream has chilli flakes in it that makes it a tad spicy. It complements the octopus. Must-try!The lunch sets are good value and it is a good opportunity to try what the restaurant has to offer on the extensive ala carte menu.Recommended! continue reading
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