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Elemen 元素 offers a wholesome meat-free dining experience that benefits your health without compromising the earth’s sustainability. It is dedicated to building the well-being of customers through earthy and natural recipes. continue reading
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Avocado Salad Wild Mushroom Cream Soup with Truffle Oil Braised Golden Brown Pumpkin with Glutinous Rice in Hot Stone Wild Mushroom and White Truffle Pizza Curry Puffs
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Level4 2015-10-16
Full Elemen review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/10/elemen.htmlOpened in June 2015 by the Koufu Group, Elemen is a wholesome, modern vegetarian / meat-free restaurant, offering delicious Western and Asian cuisine made using fresh, natural ingredients. Despite a rather quiet opening and little publicity, Elemen has managed to pull in crowds via strong word-of-mouth from those who have dined here before, thanks to their overall good ambience, service, and food.Ambience at Elemen is modern zen, clean, and comfortable. While the exterior is rather plain and unassuming, blending into the background of the other shops, the interior is brightly lit with natural vibes, in calming colours of white, grey, wood, and leaf green hues. Furniture within the spacious area is very comfortable, with soft cushions for booths. Very zen, tranquil feeling, time passes by so quickly here!Service at Elemen started off fantastic, with the most experienced senior staff introducing himself, and providing explanations on the menu. Very personalised, engaging service. However, the service discrepancy is stark, the younger / newer staff aren't as engaging, and not that attentive. While they check for feedback on the dining experience, and respond quickly to requests, attracting their attention may take awhile. The service level is still good, but disjointed, and could potentially be so much better.Food at Elemen is pure vegetarian, with modern Western and Asian dishes. Not like your typical Zi Char, more akin to a fine dining restaurant style. They offer a pure set meal concept, a 5-course set meal for lunch, and a 8-course set meal for dinner, where you choose from a selection of over 30 menu items. Ala-carte is not available, and there are no prices for individual dishes. You can still request for ala-carte, but prices are naturally more expensive. For comparison, their 8-course set meal costs about SGD $35 per person, but 1 ala-carte main dish costs about SGD $16. Set meal portions are designed for individuals, and it's possible to finish on your own, though it's also possible to share for communal dining. continue reading
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Level4 2015-09-09
For more food reviews, check out: http://hazeldiary.comIt has been a while since I last had a vegetarian meal. Elemen 元素 located at Millenia Walk is the newly 2 months old vegetarian restaurant which was introduced by Eileen over the tasting last weekend. It is accessible via Promenade MRT station. We were shared that the restaurant is operated under the subsidiary of the Koufu Management. And they are going to have second outlet opening at Thomson in few weeks time.The restaurant offers 5-course lunch set meal S$23.80++ which is available from Monday till Friday and 8 course set meal S$32.80++ . There was quite a range of selection for the individual categories (Starters, Mains, Drinks & Desserts). Here are some of the choices that we tried the other day:Elemen AppertizerOnce the appertizer was served on the table, the staff advises us to eat from left to right. We started off with the rolled cucumber stuffed with lotus paste and sauce. Followed by the black sesame tofu and ended with cherry tomato in plum sauce.Quinoa SaladThis is definitely a healthy choice. Quinoa served along with the greens and slices of beetroots give the extra crunchy bites as a start of the meal.Mushroom SaladIt’s my first time trying Chinese style mushroom salad. The salad is nicely plated on the table with three different types of mushroom with sauce.There were 4 choices of soup which includes the chinese-style and western style. We were served with Maca Soup and Mushroom Soup with white truffle oil. Maca Soup is a tonic soup which I can have the mushroom soup all by myself with the fragrance taste of truffle oil.Main CourseAvocado Roll in Japanese Style.You can even enjoy Japanese style food served in vegetarian restaurant.Wild Mushroom and White Truffle Pizza. I love the thin crusted layer with the spreads of cararnalised arugula leaves and sautéed wild mushrooms. The pizza topped with shaved cheese and white truffle oil is definitely a plus point for me.Tomato with Mozzarella Pizza. Thin crusted pizza with the sun-dried tomatoes and spreaded with mozzarella pizza would be a delight choice for the kids.Braised Golden Brown Pumpkin with Glutinous Rice served in Hot Stone. Everyone went ‘Wow’ when it was served on the table with the hot bubble sizzling. This is quite an interesting dish as the glutinous rice is fried and served along with the pumpkins, green apple, king oyster mushrooms braised in red wine and teriyaki sauce. You can taste the chewy glutinous rice and pairing it with other ingredients is decent.Mushroom Risotto with Black Truffle. It seems like well-received among foodies with the texture of the risotto and taste of the black truffles in it.DessertsThere were 4 choices and we decided to try everything. Ice-cream with Chocolate Lava Cake was my favourite dessert. The lava cake was moist and soft paired with vanilla gelato is always a great combination. I find myself couldn’t stop enjoying it and best part is that the gelato has a lower fat content so you can indulge without guilt.Chilled Coconut Puree.This dessert will be the best option for such a hot weather. Cooling refreshing coconut taste.Osmanthus Flower with Grass Jelly which tasted mild for my tastebud.But I do enjoy the jelly texture with the combination of osmanthus flower.Panna Cotta with Raspberry Sauce. Freshly made raspberry sauce as the topping of the dessert.Drinks are served after the meal when dining with Elemen. There are quite a few selections from the menu. Here are the four types of ice drinks for your visual satisfaction. From your left: Lychee Green Tea, Lemongrass Tea, Iced Passionfruit Tea and Grapefruit Mojito.Overall it’s quite an experience dining in Elemen enjoying the vegetarian dishes. I personally feel that vegetarians can give it a try as the selections are quite wide and the creation of dishes is fusion-style. Thus, you can also enjoy the delicacies from different culture which the chef creatively created for diners. Although I find it the price not cheap as no meats are served, the foods, services and ambience here are the plus point to your dining experience. Staffs are trained well with equip knowledge on the dishes with the benefits of it. These enable diners to be educated and informative on the dishes presented on the table. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)