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<br>Known for its crab dishes, Eng Seng has been pleasing foodies with their seafood recipes. continue reading
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16:30 - 20:00
Mon - Sun
16:30 - 20:00
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Signature Dishes
Black Pepper Crab Chilli Crab Mee Goreng
Review (7)
黑胡椒螃蟹甩出珍宝和无招牌半条街, 黑胡椒味且略带甜的浓郁酱汁里没加鸡蛋和淀粉,保证螃蟹味完全锁在螃蟹里;虾酱鸡翅堪比香港的米其林二星的盈致会馆的虾酱鸡(整鸡),虾酱味浓,鸡炸得外脆里嫩,非常juicy;青龙菜炒得也火候恰到好处,脆嫩tasty。价格也非常亲民合理,综合性价比高。下次来新加坡还会来吃。 continue reading
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Level1 2019-04-01
胡椒蟹 VS 辣椒蟹, 我比較喜愛胡椒蟹, 而我更偏向乾身無乜汁的炒蟹! 今次新加坡之行我哋食左2次胡椒蟹, 我覺得個黑椒醬有磨菇味, 唔知點解既呢 今次新加坡之旅有新加坡當地朋友帶我哋食地道嘢, 入鄉隨俗, 去外地我總喜歡搵一 d 唔係旅遊書介紹既餐廳, 咁先試到最有風味的菜餚! 老實講, 無人帶真係唔識搵, 搵到都未必會入去食, 就算會入去都未必識嗌餸, 點諗到一間餐室原來有胡椒蟹呢…重頭戲當然係胡椒蟹啦! 我哋一行5人, 叫左3隻蟹! 個蟹蓋都大過我手掌, 個蟹蚶仲長過塊面! 肉質又厚又實淨, 仲有大量蟹糕喺個蟹蓋度! 師傅仲好好心, 將個蟹鉗卜到好碎, 食得好方便之餘好入味! 完全係啜手指既餸, 食到停唔到口! 咸蛋黃雞翼雖然唔係好勁咸蛋黃, 不過都好好食! 辣椒炒蜆甜甜哋, 唔辣, 蜆肉好鮮甜, 好大粒好厚肉! 炒麵更是不得了, 唔知係用咩醬嚟炒, 好香口唔會咸, 最後我用炒蟹個胡椒汁撈埋個麵食, 仲正!  continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-02
With my occasional cravings for crabs, my friends brought me over to another ulu corner of Singapore, known for their Black Pepper Crab. After a ten minute walk from Eunos MRT station (sometimes I really wonder why crab places couldn’t be more accessible!), we were quite surprised to find this rather rundown coffee shop by the corner, dimly lit yet bustling with people.And indeed, on every single table, we spotted black pepper crabs! Having a chilli crab fan with us, we decided to order 4 crabs, splitted into 2 black pepper and 2 chilli. Pity they don’t serve mantous to go along for that complete crabbing experience!Black Pepper Crab ($67.50 for 2, approx $$38/kg)Spotting the roe once it came!Highly anticipated, the smell of it captivated us already! I was expecting a sharp peppery taste to it, but was surprisingly greeted by its subtle fragrance and a growing spiciness. The crabs weren’t really much of a focal point for us that night as it was pretty small and wasn’t fleshy enough. It’s really a love-hate relationship with such ‘scrawny crabs’ since it’s so hard to get them out and sometimes the little bit of flesh inside probably just isn’t worth the effort. I’m really a great fan of Ga-Hock’s big fleshy crabs so this definitely paled in comparison. The sauce, however, was finger-lickin’ good! Smooth and not overpowering, I loved the fragrance of it, and the subtle spice that grows onto you.Chilli Crab ($67.50 for 2, approx $38/kg)In all fairness, this hasn’t been their specialty and it’s more of to cater to so many chilli crab fans out there. For those who’re looking for a spicy one, this would suit you well, though it didn’t quite have the distinct layers of taste of chilli crab. It was quite a flat taste, just a monotonous spiciness that didn’t gel in quite well with the sweetness of the sauce. Not an impressive one, so don’t expect too much if you’re planning on ordering this! We ended up being too addicted to the black pepper sauce that we took the crabs from here to dip in the black pepper.Pork Ribs ($10)I’m usually a fan of pork ribs in tze char stalls cos it’s so fuss-free to eat it! No bones, tender and usually a sweet sauce to go with it, it’s just simple yet satisfying food that’s hard to go wrong. This hit everything but it was just overly sweet that I almost cringed at my first bite. Would have been good to fry the skin for a crispy finish before topping with the sauce. Good to have your rice or drinks in hand while having this!Bak Choy ($10)Fresh crunchy bak choy that was cooked just nice that didn't leave the raw vegetable taste in it, it managed to sit pretty well with me. Topped with fried spring onions to lift its taste, I liked the generous serving of it. One thing that struck me though, was that it was just too oily!With only the Black Pepper Crab that managed to impress with the sauce, we were quite disappointed with the rest. For crab lovers, this might not be the place to visit if having fleshy juicy flesh is of your priority (I'm still a fan of Ga-Hock for those fatilicious crabs!). At least it is for me, so while the black pepper sauce was satisfying, the crabs itself weren't impressive for me. We probably wouldn't return unless we're having a severe black pepper craving!For full review, please visit http://www.makeyourcaloriescount.com/2013/11/sg-eng-seng-restaurant-satisfying-black.html continue reading
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This is the restaurant that many Singaporeans and tourists visit for the Black Pepper and Chilli Crabs. It used to taste good and was my favourite place to enjoy the dishes. However, on my recent visits, I realised that the service is very poor (hasn't been great all along) and the crabs that they served have not been as fresh as those served elsewhere. The crab that me and my friends had was watery on the inside and seemed that it hasn't been cooked thoroughly. We have found a better crab place since then and won't be visiting this restaurant anymore. continue reading
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Level3 2012-10-09
my friends and i decided to try the black pepper crabs after hearing raving reviews about it. the crabs were really good, though i felt it was a little too sweet for my liking. we had other dishes such as venison, kailan and fried you tiao. All were really decent, especially the venison. It was very tender and savory. However, the dining experience was a disaster. We arrived at the place at around 7.40pm and we were told they would close at 8.30pm. Well, we really tried our best to finish the food very quickly but we thought it would only be right of them to allow us to finish the food at least. Instead, they started closing all the shutters at around 8.20pm and switched off the lights inside the kopitiam. All the staff sat around us and stared at us waiting for us to be done. It was the most pressurising dinner i've ever had in my life. While we were still at the table, they would walk towards us to clear whatever dishes they could first. By 8.30pm sharp, they told us we had to leave! Seriously, i know the closing time was at 8.30pm but shouldn't they have the basic courtesy to allow the customers to finish whatever they have ordered before chasing them away? we paid for the dishes anyways! continue reading
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