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Enjoy contemporary Italian cuisine with a Sicilian touch at ETNA and let the food command centre-stage in its explosion of colours and tastes using only the finest ingredients imported from Italy. continue reading
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Etna is a semi-fine dining restaurant that serves authentic Italian food with a lovely Sicilian touch - food that combines colors and flavors expertly. Besides the wide selection of food items on its gastronomical menu, Etna has an extensive wine list as well, so one can be assured that there is a right wine to go with every course you select.One of the amuse bouche we had was the Pizza Crust filled with Truffle and Mascarpone Cheese - one look at the burnt crust and the crackling texture leaves nothing to one's imagination. The interior was oozing deliciously with melted cheese, with strong musky aroma of the truffle defining the taste of the Schiacciata dish.For appetisers, we had the Fresh Burrata Cheese from Andria with 36 months S. Daniele Ham, served with Rocket Salad and Pachino Cherry Tomatoes. Burrata, meaning "buttered" in Italian, is fresh cheese made with cream, hence the Burrata Cheese was rich, with sticky texture and a very light flavor to it. The curd was soft, but chewy, subtly creamy and luscious. The ham was succulent and a fine complement its smoother, sweeter counterpart (the cheese).For mains, we tried the Linguine with Crab meat in Lobster Sauce - the linguine was suitably moistened and had a definite texture to it. I believe I need not describe the luxurious sweetness of lobster, so imagine its effect on the linguine. They used crab meat and also soft shell crab for the pasta, giving new meaning to the word "palatable". I have no doubt that this would be my choice when I return to the restaurant again.As for the dessert, we had the Bronte Pistachio Tiramisu, it is so special because it does not contain coffee. The dense, moist texture of this soft pastry enables the cake to simply disintegrate in the mouth beautifully. The authentic pistachio paste came all the way from Sicily, Italy, literally - indulgent in its richness with that very slight hint of "grassy" flavor that pistachio contains. This tiramisu is easy on the eyes and tongue; I can see why it is also easily one of the restaurant's signatures.For full review and more photographs, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/01/media-invite-hungrygowheres-eat.html continue reading
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Explore more about Italian culinary, Etna Restaurant was a great place for gathering or celebration. Elegant and cozy ambience, the restaurant was full of unique Italian art decorations. On a Wednesday night, there was not much of crowd. Waitress was well-trained and made some recommendations for food after settling down, sincere and willing to hear from us.Ordered something I wanted to eat long period ago, finally I got it. Black appealing gravy was tossed along with noodles and seafood, decently generous in serving. It looked cool, taste even better. Having to say price at $26.00 was really expensive, but good food was deserved a steep cost. We did not plan for dessert, should be reserved for next visit. continue reading
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Level2 2013-08-15
I saw this interesting bottle from my friend's facebook page. So I ask him, what is this and where is it from. He told me that it is from Etna. I was quite interested so I decided to give this restaurant a visit. Who could know that this is a bottle filled with olive oil and vinegarHouse White Wine $12:When I asked the manager, which wine goes well with my order, he recommended me this strong white wine. It did go well with the food ordered that day!Terrina di Melanzane alla Parmigiana con Mozzarella di Bufala e Pesto al Basilico $18:This is a baked eggplant with buffalo mozzarella cheese and light basil pesto in a tomato sauce. The flavor is a bit of flat and is too greasy as a starter. Chef Special--Sea Bass Linguine:The manager recommended this dish. He said that the sea bass was shipped from Italy and is very fresh. So I decided to give it a try. The sea bass is really fresh and yummy. Also, the linguine is cooked with scallop, squid and oyster. I love this main dish.Tiramisù al Pistacchio di Bronte $14:This is their signature dessert, Tiramisu with pistachio flavour. It looks so beautiful and taste just right. I completely adore it!Although the food here is not so incredible, but the restaurant is very cosy and is perfect for friends to hang out. Plus, the manager and waitress there are all from Italy. So when you dine there, you will feel like you were actually in Italy. continue reading
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Level4 2011-11-03
The dim light and the soothing music playing at the background gives you a very comfortable feeling when dine in at Etna Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria. The restaurant is currently having 1-for-1 pasta/pizza promotion for DBS/POSB card holders. They also provide a 4-course set lunch at $24.8++. Although the kitchen is enclosed, but the pizza-making section is actually open-concept, with a brick oven at the side. It is quite entertaining to view how your pizza is made. We have ordered two pizzas. Funghi Porcini e Tartufo, which consists of mozzarella cheese, porcini mushroom, italian truffle paste and oil, is yummy. The thin crust is crispy, and the pizza has a great truffle flavour and aroma. Frutti di Mare Sicilia pizza is made of mozzarella cheese, bottage (cured tuna roe), scallops and smoked swordfish. The scallops are quite huge, but I find the pizza a little bit too dry. Perhaps they should put a dash of olive oil to moist it up? Taste wise, all the ingredients are kind of mix well together. General speaking, the pizzas taste descent when they were served bubbly hot! However, the restaurant is pretty chilly (due to the air-con), and the pizzas turn cold very fast! So within minutes, you will be biting on the cold slices. Not pleasant! As for dessert, we ordered the Etna lava cake It does look pretty good, and the ice cream is actually sitting on top of the pistachio flakes. Good thought.Although the cake has very rich chocolate flavour and crispy outside, there's not much of the 'lava' in the cake, which is quite disappointing! continue reading
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Level4 2011-09-06
Been meaning to try this place for a while and since both good pal and I are on leave, we went down with our 1-for-1 promotion to satisfy our Italian cravings. We ordered: 1) Clams in wine broth - we were greedy and hungry (often a deadly combi) and since the waiter highly recommended this starter, we happily took it. And it was a great recommendation! The clams were fresh and the broth was just off the charts!! 2) Carbonara - it's lovely in terms of flavour and it's cream is not runny at all. Love it! Thank goodness we were sharing this as we always feel too ger-lat to finish one whole plate by ourselves. 3) Seafood Marinara - I always judge this dish by how flavourful the tomato base sauce is. And this sauce passes with flying colours!! It's not tangy but full of Yumz! Perfect compliment with our Carbonara main 4) Molten Lava Cake - supposedly their must-order dessert and they bake it fresh upon ordering. Didn't disappoint. 5) Pistachio Tiramisu - another of their must-order dessert. Nice Tiramisu with a hint of pistachio. Wonderful! Service staff is commendable as they are knowledgable and sincere. Pity it's not at a place with good parking, but it'll remain one of my fav Italian go-to place. continue reading
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