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Asia Delight Laksa Fruit Juice Mee Siam Mee Rebus
Review (21)
Level1 2016-06-09
We ordered laksa as we heard their laksa was very good. I got the $5 option it supposed to be the with the one that has the second most ingredients. However upon receiving our meal, the portion was relatively small and it didn't have much ingredients in there. It had minimal sliced fish cakes,fried tofu and shredded chicken. A little bit of sprouts and 2x half shrimp (one shrimp). The soup base was fragrant and the rice noodle had nice chewy texture. Overall it just wasn't filling enough. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-01
This stall is famous for its Crayfish Laksa and Fruit Juice Mee Siam. As I'm a rebel at heart, I had to try its other dish - Mee Rebus (even though I've yet to try its famous dishes! Ha! )So, the rebel (me) queued for 15 mins during lunchtime, just to order the Mee Rebus. So much hype about the other 2 dishes, and nothing about this? I saw that all 3 dishes were priced at $3/ $4/ $6, where $6 would include a crayfish. Since I had queued for quite some time, might as well make the queuing worth and decided to go for $6. Unfortunately, the stall aunty told me that they had no more crayfish. So, I settled for $4. Seemed like nobody else in front of me ordered Mee Rebus. When I finally made my order, the aunty asked me if I had tried the other 2 famous dishes, and encouraged me to since I've never tried them. The Mee Rebus was rather different from the usual Malay version (thick gravy). I preferred this version as it was easier to swallow with the diluted texture of its gravy. What was unique about this Mee Rebus was that there were 2 pieces of steamed chicken in it, and the aunty added some black sauce (chicken rice type) on them, and told me it would make the dish tastier. She was right - I should have added more black sauce to the WHOLE dish (I'm a black sauce fan! ). It'll probably enhance the whole dish and elevate its popularity to a higher level! I chose Noodles + Thin Beehoon for my dish as well, as the combined texture always complemented each other very well. First ever Mee Rebus I've eaten with 2 different types of noodles in it. There was another option of Thick Beehoon, but I never liked it). I'd say this Mee Rebus is probably the best I've eaten, given my preference for its gravy texture. But if I visit again, I'd probably pay tribute to the 2 famous dishes (and see what the hype is really all about). By the way, the stall Uncle takes a while to cook each dish, hence the long waiting time. You must brace yourself for this! continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-15
This was my 2nd time having the special bowl of Famous Sungei Road Trishaw Laksa that comes with a small crayfish for its biggest portion. The laksa gravy which was make of coconut milk was fresh and flavourful. The soup was not the usual thick (lemak) laksa soup which will usually make me feel "jerlak" after a few mouthfuls. Instead, theirs are thinner and tastes light. Ingredients like taupok, crayfish, slices of fish cakes, prawns, cockles and chicken meat were added. Unique ingredients like crayfish and chicken left a great impression to my bowl of laksa and stands out from the bowls of laksa that I had ever tried before. The crayfish though small, were fresh, meat were easily pulled up with my chopsticks.Since they are also famous for the innovative fresh fruit juice Mee Siam, I guess I wont just stop by for the similar dish the next round! Those who are visiting during the peak, do be prepared to wait as there are only one man preparing the food and a lady taking the order. It took me about 25 minutes for my bowl of lunch. Good Luck!Cost: $6 continue reading
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Level3 2013-05-30
This is the first time I'm came to Hong Lim Food Centre & Market in Chinatown. I'm not really a hawker centre person but when I heard there was a really extraordinary dish at Chinatown, it peaked my interest so much that I just had to try it. Lo & behold - the one and only fruit juice mee siam in the whole of Singapore! Daniel, the owner of Famous Sungei Road Trishaw Laksa, mentioned that he was the one who came out with the innovative idea of adding fruit juice into the mee siam. As I couldn't really take spicy food, I scooped up the dollop of chilli paste before I started eating. The first mouthful of mee siam was really awesome, it was refreshing and spicy at the same time. Full of the flavours of the variety of seafood that was probably prepared together with the broth. I was there with a group of foodies, and we decided to order the large bowl with crayfish, which cost only $6.00. I think it's really worth the price. It came with bits of chicken, fresh prawns (de-shelled), and of course the crayfish. What was seriously missing from the bowl are cockles! Something about fruit juice mee siam that was obviously different from an ordinary bowl of mee siam is that it taste sweeter, less savoury and lacks the cloyingly rich taste of shrimp paste (which some people might prefer that instead of the fruit juice version)I'm torn between choosing the fruit juice version or the ordinary bowl of mee siam to be honest, but I'd definitely return when I have the craving for an innovative twist in my mee siam. continue reading
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Read the full review at my blog: http://michhysaurous.blogspot.sg/2013/04/famous-sugei-road-trishaw-laksa.htmlHaving heard about healthier choices for food, this fruit juice mee siam sure screams Eat Me!We all know Mee Siam is like a common dish we would eat for any of our 3 meals and the soup base is actually quite an important factor concerning whether the mee siam is good or no good.Having tried the $6 Fruit Juice Mee Siam, I am attracted by the sweeter soup and it makes the whole experience of finishing the mee siam an enjoyable one! So head down to try it yourself now to experience what I had! continue reading
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