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Level4 2014-12-01
So I've seen the deals on QOO10 and I always wanted to try out this place, however, being situated at the EXPO means it's on one corner of the country that I rarely visit. Headed to SITEX and decided to check it out too.. read that Fart Tartz was located near coffee bean, and silly me didn't know that there were two coffee beans at the EXPO. It's not the first coffee bean you see near the MRT station entrance to EXPO, it's on the second floor on the adjacent wing of SITEX.. lol.. walk till your feet hurt past like HALLS.4.5.6... blah blah.. 9.... and you will see a starhub business center and take the escalators up .. and TA DA!! YOU WILL SEE ANOTHER COFFEE BEAN!! and right next to it, fart tartz cafe!! It is a cute cafe, with sofa seats, high bar counter top seats too.. and the bloom tarts They're soo cute, although they looked bigger on photos, they're actually palm sized. We ordered a matcha and a oreo nutella one, based on the shops' recommendation. at $5.50 nett, I can't complain too much. It was fun to cam whore with the "potted plants" and you get to keep the fake flower.. hurray for my mother! and we dug in!! the matcha was light and you could still taste the green tea flavour. The oreo nutella was a winner, I mean.. who doesn't like nutella? it's a winner on it's own.. at the bottom of the flower pot, there is a an actual chunk of the oreo, with the cream filling.. all in all a nice treat.. although I wouldn't bother taking 1hr 40 mins worth of train rides just for this.. but if you are in the area, do give it a try! continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-01
Singapore Expo was never a place I will hang out at on days when the halls are empty. But with the appearance of fArt tArtz Cafe, it kind of changes what I thought of Expo. It has a theme of a garden, with decorations of flowers and mini grass patches. During the broad daylight, it does make the cafe lively and vibrant!Passion Fruit Soda ($4.50). There are places where such drink is too sweet, more like drinking syrup, but fArt tArtz's version is just nice. Refreshing sweet drink for a hot and humid weather in Singapore.Minty Fruity ($4.80). More of like a healthier drink for the health-conscious ones. Under the menu section of "Infused/Detox H2O", it tastes more like mineral water, with a little sweetness coming from the fruits submerged in the mug.Grilled Hot Wings ($8.50). Six pieces of yummy-licious wings, spread with my guess of chili oil. It's damn yummy for the tender and nicely grilled wings, and a tad of spiciness from the skin!Pepper Chix Linguine ($10.90). My first-of-a-kind to have pasta served in a jar, eating directly from it, and a bunch of seasonal veggies at the side. Love their neither spongy nor stiff pasta, which is cooked just nice for chewing, and tender chicken chunks cooked with black pepper.Chunky Chicken Grilled Sandwiches ($7.90). Simple sandwich with ample amount of chicken meat with mayonnaise. Deem satisfactory for breakfast!Highlight of fArt tArtz Cafe is their dessert as mentioned earlier. So dessert is definitely a must-try if you are in Expo!Strawberry Short Tart ($6.80). Definitely not one-of-a-kind to have dessert in jar, but still ordered it. Thinking why had I not try the exotic flavors such as lychee-misu and so on... Anyway, their strawberry short tart is not bad, but the best is coming up next!Orange Choco Mud Tart ($5.50). The mud tarts are definitely the major highlight of fArt tArtz Cafe. Unique presentation of dessert in a miniature flower pot, with perhaps choco powder at the brim to represent soil! For people who doesn't knew, might really mistake it as edible soil?In any case, any little surprise in the tart itself, where you can pop into some orange pulps! Managed to sense a few while enjoying every spoon I took, and next I was enjoying even more popping the pulps in my mouth instead~ For your information, the flower is made of plastic, and other than the pot, the flower is inedible as well.. "Regret-ness"!For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2014/12/fart-tartz-cafe.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-09
It just seems like all of a sudden, everyone's popping over to Fartz Tartz Cafe and posting photographs of food there. So that day, after an appointment opposite, we decided to pop over to Singapore Expo check it out. Well, it was not easy to locate the cafe, truth be told - and not providing a telephone number to call added on to the difficulty of getting directions.It was an open space concept, with lots of pretty decorations and sweet little knick-knacks to brighten up the place. Service was warm and hospitable. Best of all - the array of hand crafted pastries and desserts was dazzling, from the flowerpot mudcakes to eclairs to flavored tiramisu. The long, spacious cafe was pretty in its own way, exuding a sleek, clean cut and modernistic field. One could also overlook the entire Singapore Expo area sitting by the windows.We shared an Oreo Nutella Mudcake (SGD$5.50) in the shape of a potted plant. It looked so real, so pretty...but we had to pull off the "plant" and start digging into the ice cream. The thick layer of ground oreo ash was thick, rich and simply delicious. We were surprised it wasnt overly sweet. Paired with the creamy vanilla ice-cream, this was perfection in itself.Next, we tried the Lychee Tiramisu (SGD$6.80) - the moment we opened the lid of the dessert jar, we were greeted by the delightful sight of large lychee fruits staring back at us invitingly. While I was never a fan of tiramisu in a jar, this one blew me over - in flavor and texture - creamy, sandy, tasty, you name it. Oh, not to mention the luscious flavor of lychee and real lychee fruits enhancing the overall flavor, making it simply awesome.Then the Chilled Angel Hair Pasta (SGD$11.90) was being served - in a glass jar as well, alongside a side salad. The salad was juicy and fresh, a healthy addition to the pasta. The pasta itself was nice, cooked with a sweet sauce, and topped to the brim with prawns, scallops and seaweed strips. The scallops and prawns were bouncy and gently flavored, so their natural sweetness shone through. Though the entire arrangement was pretty and delicious, it was hard to eat pasta in a jar due to the small opening.For full review and more photographs, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/11/lunch-at-fartz-tartz-cafe-expo.html continue reading
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Fart Tartz is a little concept café at the Singapore expo just opposite Coffee Bean. Since it is relatively new, the place was rather quiet even on weekend nights with a location that’s away from the main event halls, situated at the upper level of the Expo, a place very much away from the main crowd – even the Coffee Bean was empty. When we were there, only a few students were taking advantage of the powerful air conditioning and quiet environment to study. Besides the name, we were also drawn by many photos of pasta in jars from Fart Tartz on Instagram as well.Worth a try is Lychee misu ($6.80).Interesting twist, with lychee bits and cream. The lychee juice was infused in the biscuit crumb layers, together with the lychee bits in the middle to give it an extra crunch.Our verdict – the food quality here is nothing to write home about, however, it’s still a good place to chill out with some friends, and a quiet spot to get some studying or reading done.Please refer to www.ieatandeat.com for details review.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)