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Fatboy's The Burger Bar was opened along Upper Thomson Road on 25th September 2009. Our aim is to whoop up authentic home made burgers to hungry folks in the area. Fatboy's menu features hamburgers recipes that are authentic and defines what a real burger should be according to the brothers. Additionally, Fatboy's also feature a build-your-own-burger menu where you can choose how you want your burger. Choose from a wide array of buns, patties, add-ons and sauces to create your very own gourmet burger. continue reading
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Bleu Peppercorn Fat Basterd Swiss Shroom The Elvis The Yolo Wimpy
Review (27)
Level4 2014-11-15
With no kids in tow for the night, we decided to venture to this joint with limited parking around. We started with a Corn Chips with Queso Chilli and damn it was goooood! Glad my hubby insisted on ordering it!He had the Bleu Cheese Peppercorn burger and I stole a bite. I would say it's more peppercorn than Bleu cheese taste there. Not a bad tasting burger at all. I had the Swiss Shroom Burger and it's good! Lots of oozing cheese and chunky mushrooms juicy patty! Had the vanilla milkshake and it's definitely made of good stuff! Very yummy!!!Definitely scratched our burger itch!! Will be back again when our itch acts up again!! ✌️ continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-05
Good:- Design and create your own burger, choosing which ingredients you would like in your customized burger. Choice of patty includes beef, lamb, pork and grilled chicken. Add-ons include portobello mushrooms, shitake mushrooms, different types of cheese, caramelised onions fried eggs and many more! There are 10 different types of sauces such as wasabi mayonnaise, homemade BBQ sauce and even peanut butter!- Chicken/ beef patty in the burgers that I have ordered taste good and the portion is just nice.- Tables are not too closely-spaced to one another, giving the privacy and keeps you at ease.- Self-service water station at a corner of the cafe.Bad:- Not very close to the MRT. Preferable to drive.Overall:Comfortable ambience for gathering with friends. Cool to create your burger to your own liking. Will return again one day. Willl also recommend to friends. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-26
Country Fried Steak - $15Oh well, we decided to go "adventurous" and ordered this. A mistake I would say. It was a total wastage of the steak. It was dry and tasted nothing like beef steak. In fact, it was such a chore to chew the steak and so I passed it on to my bf to finish the food. Oh poor boy.. *Sigh*Brownie Bites Ala Mode - $7Again, this was not fantastic. The brownie seemed a bit dry, not to my liking.Sigh, nothing tasted good so far. Serves us right for not ordering their "specialties", which obviously is their burgers. Hey, people dun call them "The Burger Bar" for nothing, okay? So if you are going there, try the burgers first before anything else. I cant promise you the burgers will turn out fantastic since I have not tried them myself. But if I oreadi told you their other stuff not so nice, and then you are there, and there's nothing else on the menu except for the burgers, what else do you order? Of coz, the burgers lah! To read more and view photo, visit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2011/06/fat-boys.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-06
for photos and more reviews, visit http://thelittlemomentsofmylife.blogspot.com/ first up, we had the mozarella cheese sticks ($9.50) for our appetizer. they were pretty well done, nicely crumbed and fried, but i felt that the cheese could have been smoother and more liquid.for the drinks, i ordered the chocolate thick malt shake with bailey's ($6.50 + $4.50). we also tried the version without bailey's and i actually preferred that! not that it wasn't nice, i think i just wasn't in the mood for alcohol. the chocolate malt shake itself was beautifully thick and rich. my suggestion: don't finish one on your own, if not there will be no space for anything else.the specialty of fatboys is their burgers, so of course we had to try a few of those! i ordered their signature Fat Basterd ($16) which was a humongous burger with double beef chuck patties, extra thick bacon, cheddar cheese, a fried egg and homemade Fatboy's sauce on a sesame bun. i didn't realise there was a more toned down version - the Wimpy ($12) which is exactly the same as Fat Basterd except that it is a much more manageable half-size version!! T.T the burger was not bad though. papa said that the patty was sorta dry, but i beg to differ. it was tender enough for me. what i didn't like though, was the copious amount of pepper they used in a lot of their burgers!!! it was rather shocking. it would have been much better if the taste of the burger could be allowed to shine, without being masked by all the pepper.the thick-cut fries that came with all their burgers were generously portioned which was good. although i still prefer the skinnier type of fries.the swiss shroom ($12) similarly was full of pepper, but this was nicer because it was balanced out by the flavour of the shitake mushrooms and garlic aioli. more mushrooms would be better!my favourite burger would be the mahalo ($12) which was a very interesting bacon stuffed pork patty with caramelized onions, grilled pineapple, melted emmenthal cheese on a sesame bun. this one had no hint of pepper at all! xD and the patty was really interesting which i liked.i was really greedy that day. actually just 3 main courses would have done the job. but i still ordered honey mustard chicken kebab ($12). i really liked the honey mustard flavour that the chicken was marinated in!!! the meat was kind of tough, i think they could have grilled it better, although i liked the crispy portions. but the chicken on its own was goooood. no need for extra sauce, i already liked the flavour! (: continue reading
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Level3 2013-09-10
Just turn right and take a 15mins walk after you exit from Exit A from Mountbatten Mrt station will lead you to a stretch of shophouses with various pubs, cafes and restaurant at the opposite side of the road. Along the way you will pass by a school at your left. The cafe is just somewhere at the opposite side after you pass by the school.Not too hard to locate this place.I ordered their Honey mustard chicken kebab (Boneless chicken filets seasoned with honey mustard , skewered and grilled) for a try since I was'nt really craving on burgers as much as I have heard that their specialties are actually their burger dishes. I would really have to say this dish is best eaten hot. The honey mustard sauce makes a great combi that goes along with the kebab and bell pepper. Mash potato I would say its a little on the dry side though.On the other hand, my date of the day, a.k.a the birthday boy ordered the Bolly Wooly burger (Juicy lamb patty, on a bed of lettuce and tomato, smothered with homemade curry remoulade and topped mango chutney on a honey oat bun). In my opinion, the burger really taste and smell very bolly wood. The patty itself taste and smell like the usual mutton curry you can get in prata stalls. Say, if you are not a indian spice fanatic, then I suggest you to give this dish a miss. Again, the main dish only comes with 1 side. Either a coleslaw or mash potato. For a heavy eater, I am pretty sure they will probably still have alot of stomach space for some dessert to end their meal.Ended our meal with a sweet note. The ice-cream taste like Wall's Ice Cream and not Ben & Jerry. A little disappointed. Taste rather common and nothing special about it.Venue is rather small but this place has long tables that can accomodate lasge group gathering up to 10pax each long table which they have 2 long stretch of tables. And few bar counter look alike tables. (We end up sharing table with 2 other strangers on 1 of the bar counter look alike table. That is how small the cafe is.) continue reading
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