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What's there to eat at Jurong East's Yuhua Village Market & Food Centre? Besides its fish soup and porridge stall, Fei Fei Roasted Stall is something I'm looking forward to everytime when I was there. Via words of mouth, people commented that their Wanton noodle is a must try but I have no luck as most of the time they were already close or sold out.Joining the queue with more than 20 pax in front, it took us about half an hour before ordering. We did a take away and the noodles remained springy. Wanton noodle may have the "Gu Zhao" taste (Taste of the old days) but did not manage to leave a big impression.Char Siew perhaps is something worth noticing if you prefer a mixture of fats and meat instead of those lean type. If you notice, Fei Fei's Roasted Meat has a good ratio of fats among the meat and the taste reminds me of Char Siew bought directly from the market. Another noteworthy item will be the Wantons which were beautifully wrap in its "tight-fit" skin revealing its shape of minced meat filling.If you prefer a filling meal, reach out to their plate of rice with roasted meat. In this case, we had Roasted Duck and Char Siew. Roasted Duck was glossy looking and meat was juicy. For those who loves Roasted delicacies, Fei Fei might be one of the better choices among the rest in Jurong East. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-01
This stall has recently featured in a food programme that aired just about a week or so ago. I kinda expected the queue to be long but never did i expect it to be so extremely long. I was there at about 11.55 am and started to queue then. I counted. It has got about 20+ customers queuing in front so i kinda estimated the queuing time to be about 30 minutes. I waited. I was still in the queue 30 minutes later. I waited. There were still 5 customers right in front of me at about 15 minutes later. I only managed to order at about 1 pm. Some customers came to take away many packets of rice and noodle. I guess that would be the main reason of such a long waiting time though the queue might not seemed to be as long. I was told that roasted meat have already sold out. So, i decided to go with the wanton noodle for $3. The well-marinated char siew nicely roasted to give it the beautifully carmalised dark red color with a slightly charred surface. It has got a good mixture of the fat and the lean part of meat to give it the desirable tenderness with the just right balance of sweet and salty taste.The noodle has got a noticeable springiness and it tasted nice after mixed in the chilli. A bowl of soup with 2 pieces of wanton came along with the noodle. The wantons were of a slightly bigger than average size. It has got a good amount of minced meat and prawn filling. I could actually see and taste the prawn in it. It tasted wonderfully fresh. The soup tasted light with a slightly peppery taste. When i went back to take the picture of the stall at 1.15 pm, the stall was about to close. They left their last few plates of noodles and gone is the long queue too. They were already sold out before their usual closing time at 2 pm.So, is it worth the queue? i seriously doubt so. The taste of their wanton noodle is good but not exceptionally outstanding. I am rather certain i would not queue another hour just to taste it again. I would be delightful to eat it again only if the queue is short with reasonable amount of waiting time. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-20
It was tea break...My love one was hungry so bought char siew wanton mee for sharing...Another stall at Yuhua Village food centre which has a significant queue, never know is so famous...Their best is the char siew...Made from meat with about 20% fat, the crackling created by high-heat roasting from their oven in the stall is out of the world...Very tasty and moist...but their char siew is the best, Noodles are slightly soft and their soup stock is delicious... continue reading
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