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Feng Bo Zhuang’ is a Chinese ‘Kungfu’ theme restaurant. You will be served by waitresses decked in ancient Chinese fashion. The settings and decorations are a replica of those in Chinese Kungfu novels. continue reading
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Review (5)
Level4 2014-03-07
Impressive décor upon stepped into the pugilistic-themed eatery, my feeling was like travelling back to ancient times. The name was restaurant was very cool, “Feng Bo Zhuang” literally as “Mansion of Winds and Waves”. Newspaper cuttings and positive blogger comments were visible at the wall, wooden furniture mainly used here. Besides being fun, the service was prompt and friendly. The highly recommended dish, it was famous authentic taste from Sichuan. Soup was spicy pipping hot, fish was freshly firm and tender in its texture. Rich and heavy well-blended, the flesh was appealing to the maximum. Portion was huge and sufficient to accompany the plain rice, reasonably at $18.00 per pot. Definitely unforgettable spicy kick, we never regret to order this.Consist of assorted Veggies, the plate included Black Fungus, Tau Pok, Lattern Chillis and Asparagus. The basic taste was a bit tangy and a bit spicy, overall was decent and traditional like usual. I like the fungus crispy texture personally, the flavour was lighter if compared to previous dish. Saltiness was acceptable, veggies in plate was a perfect match. Price wise, it was $12.00 which cheaper than Fish. A special dining experience for me, I will definitely suggest the place to my friends around. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-13
With a menu called Secret Martial Art Menu (武林秘籍) and the dining hall is called “Sword Discussion Room”(論劍堂), the restaurant is all decked up to go with the entire Chinese kungfu martial art world theme!I love the deco in the placeBAMBOO CHICKENSGD 16MALA TOFU (麻辣豆腐)SGD 10SPECIAL CLAYPOT SOUPSGD 12STEAMED PORK DUMPLINGSGD 8MINCED PORK & CABBAGE DUMPLINGSGD 6FRIED SLICED POTATOSGD 9***VERDICTSadly the entire meals was just mediocre The dumpling skins are too thick, the potato is under-seasoned, the tofu, chicken and soup are all under flavored. I did wish the food was as good as the deco in the restaurant. continue reading
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Level3 2014-01-13
a very interesting concept restaurant where you venture into the wu lin (sword man) world. when step into the restaurant, you are warmly welcome by their friendly staff. the dishes are also named after some martial arts skills which is quite funny actually. The food wise is very china cuisine. price wise is quite value for money as the food quantity is hugeFood : ** 1/2 (very oily)Price : **Customer service : ** 1/2Overall : maybe will return for more foodtheir "kong ba bao". this dish is quite special as they stirred fry the pork belly which is thinly sliced. it taste a little spicy but is very oily. it goes well with the deep fried bun.sweet and sour soup. this soup is a boo boo to me. i find it quite tasteless except very sour. i don't really like the soup. but the serving is huge.stirred fried xue cai ( preserved vege). this dish is quite nice except is very salty. it goes well with rice / porridge but if you eat it alone...i think u probably suffer from kidney failure. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-02
This Kung Fu themed restaurant is quite fun to dine in. Not only the interior decoration has the Kung Fu setting, but the way their staffs speak will definitely gives you a taste of being a Kung Fu master! The highly recommended dish is their Special Chinese Dumpling ($2/each), which is limited to one per person. The steamed glutinorous rice ball is huge. When you bite on it.. surprise! It's actually filled with well-marinated meat. The texture of the meat ball is chewy and springy, fragrantly tasty with a hint of Chinese rice wine I suppose. Sliced lotus root with capsicum ($8) is my favourite. The lotus root is quite young, hence crunchy. The flavour is good with tiny heat from the capsicum. Stir-fried fish slice in special sauce ($18) is pretty oily due to the chilli oil It's not as spicy as it looks like. Fish slices are quite fresh, but i'm not a big fans of the beans on top. Dessert pinenuts with corn ($10) is very nice. The corn kennels are very sweet and juicy, I wish it has more pinenuts though. Century egg and beancurd ($6) is quite a good appetizer. The beancurd is silky smooth and chill, together with century egg slices, and served in the vinegar sauce, good dish on a hot day! Bamboo chicken ($15) is not too impressive though the sauce is flavourful and tasty. The chicken parts are mainly wings and back bones, which you can't get much meat. Quite disappointing for this. continue reading
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Was in Chinatown area and remembered that I've been meaning to check out this wuxia themed restaurant, and so we did. The deco is indeed very wuxia-fied and I was smiling to myself at the details they put up to further paint the wuxia scene. Their menu also offers a very different spread from our local Zichar. It's even more different than Lao Beijing or Dian Xiaoer. We took a leap of faith and ordered: 1) Braised Chicken with glass noodles - its actually a little spicy and they don't have a non-spicy version as the chicken is pre-marinated with a little chill. J doesn't take spice but she loved it. She complained it being spicy but still ate two big bowls. 2) Big Bone Soup - the soup was super flavorful which led me to think that on top of the bones and vege, they must pop in some Ajinomoto lah. 3) Garlic Vege - simply fried with garlic but the vege is very sweet and fresh. Loved the taste of it! 4) Fried noodle - spicy (again) but my elder girl loved it too! We found it nice as well lah... Problem with me reviewing this is that I failed to note the actual names on their menu and going by memory of what I ate is proving to be not very comprehensive. So in summary, we liked the food there because it's well-cooked and it's something different. Likely to bring friends there who speak better Mandarin than me to get a more awesome dining experience. Why? So I can fully understand the writings on the wall...literally. continue reading
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