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At Fish & Co., all seafood is prepared in a simple and straightforward manner. Using only the freshest fish and seafood, as well as natural ingredients like olive oil, herbs and various spices; Fish & Co. dishes up great tasting meals in generous portions - as a mark of quality and value. continue reading
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Level4 2014-10-02
We decide to lunch here as the place is quite empty during the peak lunch hour. Looking through the menu, we decide that the Happy Lunching set has the best deal.Mom has the Happy Lunching (Light & Bright) set which costs $10.95++ and comes with a choice of full sized salad, soup, and a bottled drink.Caesar Salad with Grilled ChickenClassic salad topped with juicy, tender Peri-Peri chicken and homemade croutons.Huge chunks of tender chicken. Quite huge serving too.Soup of the DayCreamy but a bit plain.Oxygenated DrinkI have the Happy Lunch (Wholesome Delight) set which costs $13.95++ and comes with a choice of main course which is less than 500 calories, a choice of drink, a salad (you could replace this with the soup of the day) and a ice cream.Grilled Salmon Cajun (443 calories)Sashimi-grade salmon grilled with special blend of Cajun spice topped with lemon sauce. Served with seasonal vegetables.Lunch Salad It is crunchy lettuce with sauteed mushroom and light dressing. Tastes light and fresh.Passion Fruit drinkIt is just a soda drink with flavouring.Ice CreamYummy vanilla ice cream, topped with chopped nuts and chocolate.Total the meal costs $29.31. Food is served quite fast. Water is refilled often. The staff even asks me to do feedback on the ipad. Overall it is quite a relaxing place to be dining in. continue reading
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We were at the mall when we happened to see a Fish & Co banner that there was a birthday month promotion discount on top of a complimentary ice cream, and since it was the birthday month for one of us, we decided to have our lunch at Fish & Co.Spacious with a rustic chic decor that gives it a warm, inviting and cozy atmosphere, we find it ideal enough for us to sit back, relax and enjoy our simple lunch in relative quietness, especially since there was (surprisingly) not many people despite it being lunch time. But that meant that the staff were more attentive to us, which we didn't mind at all. We had a few clarifications about the birthday month promotion and the staff who attended to us was responsive and forthcoming with answers. Although it was quiet, we thought that the service from the bubbly staff kind of liven up the quiet place a little.There are several types of dishes available on their menu, from seafood platters to pasta to baked rice and pizza. But really, the name says it all, it’s all about the seafood here. What we find interesting are the various versions of fish and chips from around the world, such as the New York Fish & Chips ($16.95). We would have love to try several of it, but being undecided, we eventually opted to go for the Best Fish & Chips in Town. Can't really argue when it is named that way!Best Fish & Chips in Town ($15.95)Fresh seafood in a pan! Apparently, the idea of presenting the dish in a pan is inspired from the practices of the fishermen in the Mediterranean Sea, who cooked and ate seafood off the pan while out at sea. The fried fish fillets are indeed quite fresh and the batter coating the fish is quite light and crispy. The fries are also quite crispy and we like that they were not over salted, though funnily enough, I actually kind of like these tasty "chips" more than the "fish" (but that’s just me speaking as a potato lover).Bread ($1.95)It was listed as just "bread" on their menu but we asked and were informed that these are actually seasoned with herbs. Soft and chewy, these bread are light but tasty enough for us. The portion is also quite plentiful and value for money at only $1.95 for a lovely basket of it.Mashed Potato ($2.95)The mashed potato may be a simple side dish elsewhere, but the version here really stands out! The super slick mashed potato is silky smooth and moist with just a slightly chewy edge to it, and the creamy sauce, though a tad too little for the entire mashed potato, complements the potato really well. This is a side dish worth getting!Chocolate Pecan Cluster ($6.95)When you combine moist chocolate cake with layers of gooey caramel and chocolatey brownie cubes spread with a rich chocolate ganache and throw crunchy pecan chunks into the mix, you'll get a treat that is nothing less of sinful. Chewy, crunchy, sweet and rich, this dessert will make the perfect ending to the meal. Oh yes, it's "one bite and you’re hooked!" alright!Complimentary Ice CreamWe weren't sure what to expect of the complimentary ice cream and this turned out to be rather common. Just a single scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with a swirl of chocolate syrup and a cherry. The ice cream is quite creamy, but otherwise nothing really special about it.At least there was a discount off our bill, which we appreciated although we find their usual prices to be otherwise pretty much typical of restaurants. The food is quite decent for the price as the seafood at Fish & Co is quite fresh. The sides are actually also quite worth getting, especially the mashed potato. But it's the desserts like the Chocolate Pecan Cluster, aptly called "Sweet Lures" at Fish & Co, that I certainly wouldn’t mind being baited with again!  continue reading
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Level4 2012-03-30
I think it must have been too long since I stepped into fish n co, because I didn't realise how much prices have increased since my last visit. I ate their signature fish and chips since that is what I am there for and the serving of fries is quite a lot. The photo is grainy as I used my spare very low mega pixel handphone since my handphone is flat. Anyway, the fish is crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. However, I was slightly disappointed with the thickness of the fish. It was quite thin and I felt it wasn't really worth the price. Overall, I would say I will think twice about coming back again since the quality of the food in terms of portion is not justifed for the price. continue reading
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Level3 2012-03-30
My boyfriend and I went to Sembawang Shopping Centre to meet our classmates for lunch, so we decided to go Fish & Co since it was our classmates' favourite. Its my first time trying fish & co though. So all of us decided this super big seafood platter that costs us $59.90. It was really a huge plate and all of us shared it. There were many prawns in it and that were my favourite. I ate a lot of prawns. It was delicious and the seafood were nice. Overall, it was really good. continue reading
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Level4 2011-12-22
Lack of idea and place to celebrate birthday I feel that Fish & Co is a good place to celebrate Together with my 4 other friends, we went to Sembawang Shopping Centre Fish & Co earlier to place the 12 mini durian puff for the birthday girl. To reach Sembawang Shopping Centre, we took a shuttle bus from Sembawang which was near the bus stop We sat in the resturant for about 30 minutes before the birthday girl arrived. The waitress and manager were very kind and offered us with 4 cups of cold water. After we ordered our food, the waitress smile and repeat our order one by one The food arrived on our table about 15 minutes later after we ordered. Below are the pictures of the food. All the food served on our table was nicely displayed and delicious. All of my friends ate the meal with smile on their faces Other than that, the manager still walked to our table and asked us how's the taste of the food served. We were all satisfied with their service and food. I would recommend everyone to order their soup ( thick and creamy) and of course if you are someone who loved seafood, do ordered seafood platter for 1. This will surely satisfied your craving for seafood. After finished the food, one of my friend informed the waiter to prepare the puff. About 10 minutes later, the manager and some of their waiters and waiteress came to our table and said a cheer for the birthday girl. The manager asked my friend's name and said loudly in the resturant to sing her a birthday song. My friend's has to stand on the chair as well and was asked to blow the candles from a distance Oh yah, she also got a complimentary vanilla ice cream too. All of us enjoyed our day and so do the birthday girl who was kind of shocked (: continue reading
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