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Level4 2010-10-28
Don’t scoff at anything with the word “vegetarian” on it, please. Because the Vegetarian Organic Pancake Lasagna ($16.50) was unbelievably good! Thickness was just right with layers of cheese and zucchini in between the pasta sheets. The magic probably lies in the savoury ”special sauce” which has a tinge of sweetness I suspect comes from applesauce.High carbs, high fats, low protein. Healthy? Nope. Delicious? Absolutely!I like hearty salads that prominently feature grains or legumes as they are filling enough as a main dish. Go ahead and feel virtuous with the Les Salades ($15.50) with Organic brown rice, chicken, egg, tomato and pistachio. Heavily spiced and seasoned with herbs, it sounds (and IS) so healthy! continue reading
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