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Ham & Potato Bun Strawberry Shortcake
Review (8)
Level4 2014-06-22
I brought home a slice of cake from Four Leaves after school. Beside cakes, they also sell various bread at affordable price.Strawberry Shortcake - $3.50. Vanilla sponge cake layered with strawberry slices and cream. It was not really sweet, just suits my preference. However, the strawberries were thinly sliced, I couldn't really taste the sourness of strawberries, if only that one on top of the cake didn't exist. Price is reasonably, merely $3.50 for a medium slice of cake. continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-06
I’ve never been that crazy over cakes previously but now they are like my ultimate comfort food. When I’m feeling blue, all I need is just a lovely slice of cake and that’d be enough to turn my day around. Like what the husband said to me, I am so easily satisfied.Four Leaves bakery is probably as old as me. One that I grew up with and often regarded as ‘one of those local bakeries’ that I’d buy breakfast buns from. One day, after doing my grocery shopping at NTUC Fairprice at AMK Hub, I walked past the Four Leaves outlet outside the supermarket and was captivated by the cakes on display. Without hesitation, I ordered 4 slices to go so the husband and I could have a dessert party after dinner that night. Cake euphoria.I didn’t expect Four Leaves to come up with cakes of patisserie standard but I was truly wrong. Never judge a cake by its brand, appearance or price.Besides Patisserie Glace, this Strawberry Shortcake is definitely on my top spot. In fact, it is better than the one from my all-time favourite patisserie, Rive Gauche which is really unexpected.Perfectly moist vanilla sponge layered with fresh cream and sliced strawberries. I love how light the sponge and cream are, definitely not cloying at all. The strawberries are neither mushy nor hard and taste more sweet than sour. I could easily finish the entire slice as overall it isn’t too saccharine. Between these 4 cakes I have tried, I rank this my Number One.Sharing the same top spot is this vanilla sponge cake with fresh cream, peach slices, mixed fruits and almond slices. I got this cake for my mum’s birthday last year and we totally enjoyed it. There is a generous serving of peaches between the sponges that don’t taste of heavy syrup (thank goodness). The fruits on top are a mix of sweet and sour flavours that really complemented one another and the sliced toasted almonds give it a lovely nutty flavour and crunch. This is similar to the Strawberry Shortcake except that assorted fruits are used instead of just strawberries.Chocolate sponge coated with rich chocolate ganache, enough to tantalise the taste buds of any chocolate lover. The husband prefers this to the fruity cakes since he likes anything chocolate. As for me, I am biased towards Chef Icon’s Chocolate Trovana which is the most amazing chocolate cake I have ever had (read my review on Chef Icon here) so no other chocolate cakes have quite made it for me (unfortunately). Not that this Chocolate Classico is bad in any way, it’s just not as good as Chef Icon’s. In my husband’s opinion, this is smooth and velvety and the chocolate ganache isn’t too sweet.I’d prefer the Coco Exotic (to the Chocolate Classico) which is also the husband’s Number One favourite among these 4 cakes. Chocolate sponges filled with light chocolate mousse and crunchy hazelnut flakes. The latter is totally kick-ass! That crunchiness amidst soft layers of sponges and mousse really brings this cake to another level.For full review and pictures, please go to http://www.springtomorrow.com/2014/02/06/delectable-cakes-from-four-leaves/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-02
I wanted to surprise my dearest Grandma with a beautiful cake on her birthday. I went to a well-known bakery in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10. I was told i have to select at least a 1 KG cake for approximately $42 or higher then to pay at least $15 for their workmanship to have basic design on the cake. I walked away without placing an order. I was at AMK Hub just other day and visited Four Leaves. I saw the picture of this cake in their catalogue and i wanted it without much hesitation. The price stated is $41 for 21 cm inclusive of the design work on the cake. The price is definitely much more reasonable as compared to the other bakery for a similar cake.I was told that i need at least 3 days in advance to place an order. I was given the selection of Strawberry Shortcake, Blackforest, Almond Fruits Top and Chocolate Classico to choose. I was told that i can choose to pay the total amount in full or partial. I chosen to pay the full amount and i was given the order chit with receipt.I went back on Saturday to collect the cake. I was served by the same friendly shop assistant. She took out the cake from the fridge. She opened the box to show it to me though she did not pull it out as the cake occupied the entire box and it might not be too easy to put it back. She slotted in 2 pieces of disposable ice pads to raise the cake slightly so it would be easier for me to pull it out later. She asked me to handle it with extra cautious when she passed it to me. I truly appreciate such a good service provided by this shop assistant.I could not forget the happy smile on the face of my Grandma when i presented the cake to her. And, she agreed that it was a pretty Birthday cake. The Strawberry Shortcake tasted absolutely lovely. The sponge cake was very soft and fluffy with generous bits of strawberry sandwiched in between. The fresh cream was delicious with just the right amount of sweetness. It was a Happy Birthday for my dearest Grandma and we enjoyed the cake a lot. continue reading
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Level3 2013-06-07
Brought this mango cake as part of the mother day celebration. This mango cake has a nice presentation which includes the decoration of the mango cubes, sliced kiwi, strawberry and several slices of the chocolate. As for the cake, it is made up of several layers which includes the first layer that consist of a thin mango jelly followed by a layer of mango cream, followed by a layer of the sponge cake then a thin layer of the sliced mango and another layer of the sponge cake. As for the sweetness wise is acceptable not too sweet and the mango is not that sour as well. Price wise is also quite reasonable at $26 for a 16cm by 16cm cake. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-06
The first time I tasted a strawberry shortcake was from Four Leaves and I fell in love with it instantly. So I bought again this time and along with some breads. Their cake is so soft and nice with the fresh cream. recommended people to try this cake. They have promotions for small bites bread that can be mix with 3 or 5 pieces. Choose the chocolate brownies and the mini hotdog flavour, it both taste nice. The brownies were moist. continue reading
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