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Variety is definitely the name of the game here, and diners will be thrilled by the chef's varied and unique ways of serving the catch of the week. And be prepared to be wowed by the unusual variety of fish flown in thrice weekly from all the places that produce great seafood, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans, covering countries from Australia to Alaska. continue reading
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Make Merry Chilled Platter Frolic Chilled Seafood Platter Fresh Oysters (1/2 Dozen) White Wine Mussels Grilled Warrnambool Ribeye Steak Whole Lobster Thermidor
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Level1 2015-07-14
Right beside the G-Max bungee lies Freemantle Seafood Market. No doubt my favourite seafood place in Clarke Quay. After making a 50% off Eatigo booking, I couldn’t wait to satisfy my lobster cravings that I’ve been putting off for quite awhile now. The thought of having live lobster at $34 made it even sweeter.he Lobster Thermidore that I saw swimming in the tank just 15mins earlier is served on my table. It was huge ! The taste ? Pure awesomeness. The lobster was cut up and tossed in a seasoned cream sauce, with hints of cardamom and then carefully inserted back into the shell. The dish came with a salad and fried wedges.No words can describe the these umami packed earthy morsels of delight. I usually rate mushroom dishes on how much earthiness the cook/chef can bring out of them. This one was a clear 10/10. I’m not sure if its the fact that it was cooked under high heat in an iron mini-pot or what, but you owe it to yourself to try this side dish.More Pictures :http://www.checkmyhacks.com/food/fremantle_seafood_market/ continue reading
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We’ve been wanting to try their seafood platter for the longest time and when we finally had the chance to, it was an utter disappointment Surprisingly, it was their promotional set lunch that captured our hearts and melted our tastebuds. Priced at $98++, the Hearty Chilled Platter was way too overpriced, considering the overall quality of their seafood was probably worth, say, $9.80++? The platter consisted of 6 oysters, 4 pieces of Alaskan king crab legs, 4 kinds of sashimi (the usual suspects) and 4 kinds of seafood tapas which we selected (scallop bouillabaisse, steamed prawns, lobster cocktail and white wine mussels). The seafood was not exactly very fresh, especially the Alaskan king crab legs which were soft and flaccid. The steamed prawns, mussels and sashimi were equally stale-tasting and terrible. Thankfully, the oysters and the other cold seafood tapas were passable though nothing to boast about. On the contrary, the $15 nett set lunch which we ordered in addition to the seafood platter, tasted thousand times better! I suspect the hefty price tag of the seafood platter probably deterred majority of the customers, resulting in the seafood being left on the shelf for an extended period of time. The cheaper alternatives were obviously more sellable and hence, they were able to maintain the freshness of the ingredients.The Seafood Chowder was one of the tastiest I’ve tried! Rich, creamy and chunky, the aroma of the soup left us totally mesmerised and on cloud number 9. Seriously, you’ve got to try it to believe it! The Grilled wild snapper served with herb pesto risotto was delicious. The snapper was fresh with a tinge of buttery herb fragrance. Grilled to perfection, the soft and slightly charred fish complemented the pesto risotto well. Overall, an excellent combination and refreshing change from the usual fare. Unfortunately, the Sticky Date Pudding was anti-climatic. It was dry, flaky, and overwhelmingly sweet. Oh, and did I mention, they serve Evian water, freeflow! The price of the platter was probably used to defray the cost of the water.In all, this goes to show that price tag is deceiving when it comes to nice food. Do give their $15 nett weekday set lunch a try and skip the platters! continue reading
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Level4 2012-08-03
A dozen of oysters at Fremantle Seafood Market courtesy of Dining City Singapore. Dining City Singapore was giving out dining vouchers and I was given vouchers worth $40. Had to spend it in 1 day, so my brilliant mother suggested that we drop by Fremanatle for the oysters afte dinner. A dozen of oysters here cost $38++. Are the oysters good? Definitely. Each oysters are plumb and succulent. Very fresh, very delicious. I can easily pollish off 1 dozen by myself. continue reading
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Level4 2011-12-12
When you walk in to Fremantle Seafood Market, the pub-like restaurant will give you a very oceanic feeling, with lots of yachts used as decoration. This place promises the freshest catch of the week, just like those freshest seafood you could taste at the Fremantle port in Perth, Australia.With $35++, you could enjoy a 3-course set lunch with the choice of starter, main and dessert, as well as a free Fremantle coolers.We have ordered Oyster Naked Trio and Lobster Thermidor Tart as starters. The trio oysters (each from Barron Point, Kumaoto and Hama Hama respectively) were served with 3 different sauces and they were awesomely fresh! The lobster thermidor tart was flavourful. The generous amout of lobster flesh was cooked in the starchy seafoody gravy, and the tart was served together with asparagus puree abd beetroot jelly, one of the Aussies' favourite. Pan-seared king salmon was very fresh, though tasted simple. Although the salmon didn't quite have the 'wow' factor, but the side-dish was pretty impressive: cracking lavosh and bay shrimps, stew broad bean, and artichoke coleslow. The Seared diver sea scallops was served with Dungeness crab meat risotto, sugar pea and aged balsamic glaze. This risotto was not as cheesy as those I used to have, it's quite mild in taste I would say, however, because of this reason, you could really taste the seafood sweetness flavour. As for dessert, the lemon meringue was perfectly done! The meringue was fluffy, and the sourness of the lemon tart was just very well done. The chocolate date cake was a disappointment though. The cake didn't look pretty and it was pretty dry too, though the taste was quite Ok. continue reading
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I was given a $500 tab to spend and I have to spend it all in one SEATING! And I only have on friend with me that day to eat it all. All my other friends have something on and they don't want to come.So we started off with some fried calamari rings and escargot and it was good. We also have some seafood chowder. I like the freshness of the seafood. Then we proceeded to Alaskan Crab Legs, two ginormous ones, to be eaten by one person!We followed up that with lobster. Yes lobster, then we finish that up with two courses of dessert. Ice-cream, brownies and tiramisu. We washed that down with 2-3 orders of mixed fusion teas while we eat.Being full is an understatement. I am amazed that I could even walk after that meal. We sat there for four hours straight eating the meal.We enjoyed every minute of it, and we couldn't take it away. Sad. continue reading
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