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Level2 2013-05-01
I was there for lunch with my husband and daughter. Gokul provided a much needed cool ambiance from the sweltering heat. Though none of us were vegetarian food lovers, we wanted to give this place a try.It was around half-past one. Surprisingly the lunch time crowd was missing. Good for us - waiting time was shortened. The restaurant is spacious and clean. The waiters are friendly. They served us a basket of pappads, which my husband finished in no time. Nevertheless, the basket was replenished quickly. (The pappads were not so crispy though)I was balled over when I opened the menu. The range they offer is huge. They had South and North Indian, Chinese, Western, Malay and Thai food. All vegetarian, of course. We ordered plain Basmati Rice, Hot and Sour Soup, Hotplate Tofu, Malai Kofta Mughlai Style, Sambal Goreng, Masala Kulcha and Lime Juice. The Basmati rice was so light and fluffy. The texture was perfect. Obviously a high quality Basmati rice has been used. Then there was the Hot and Sour Soup. Just what we needed to tantalise our palates. Be warned! This soup is SPICY! If you have a faint tongue, avoid this dish. Hotplate Tofu is another must try. Though it was missing the seafood, it tasted just as good without them. Masala Kulcha is similar to Naan, except that it is potato stuffed. The added herbs and well-grilled roti gave a crunchy taste. We had ordered only one (cut into four pieces). These alone can be quite filling. Sambal Goreng - without the belachan/shrimp paste - was spicy and tasty. The Lime Juice was sweet and sour and refreshing. They did not add too much ice cubes in it thus it was not diluted. What's a trip to Tekka without savouring the appam? And then came the appam. I was very disappointed with the appearance of it. The edges were not crispy. The center portion was slightly bigger than a fifty-cent coin. I could taste bicarbonate soda which left a stinging aftertaste. Appam at Gokul is a no-no.Overall, the food here is good. A fabulous choice for vegetarians. However, I felt that the dishes are overpriced. continue reading
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I literally swear by this place that they have the best vegetarian food here! No doubt the outlet might seem indian with melodious soft indian music being played in the background. It is know not just for their yummy Indian delicacies but they have practically every dish that vegetarians hunger for such as chicken rice, satay, rojak, mee siam, north Indian, south Indian, western and so on. The menu is HUGE and Variety is wide. I have to admit that I am always spoilt for choice! Paneer butter masala- Cubes of indian cottage cheese that have been marinated with spices, coconut milk and a tinge of yoghurt! its pretty spicy but tastes delicious! must try! 10/10These were the sides which came with the main dish which consisted of dahl (lentis); often served with prata, yoghurt (which is supposed to be cooling) and raita (cucumbers and carrots with sesame seeds)IMG:3]Aloo Gobi- A spectacular dish of potatoes and cauliflower. The dish was well marinated and cooked to perfection. It was a thick mixture that goes well with rice or indian bread. Potatoes were soft and the cauliflower was just delicious! 10/10Vegetarian Mutton BiryaniThis is definitely for the hungry! with a portion so big its sufficient for two. Served in a white bowl with a pretty cover to keep the dish warm as you indulge. The dish smelt so aromatic that it could sweep you off your seat. Basmathi rice, which is seen as being a healthier option was used, cooked with spices, a generous portion of mock mutton cubes were used that gave the dish an edge. The dish was then seasoned generously with cashew nuts, raisins among others. 10/10I must say, service was good and staff was prompt with re filling our jugs with ice cold water (warm water could be requested as well at no charge). Our food did take 10-15mins to arrive but it was well worth the wait since food was cooked on the spot! Pricing was reasonable as it costed $22 each for a meal for 2 continue reading
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Went to this restaurant with my family. It wasnt too late & was about 9:15 PM. Issue # 1: Ordered soup & the main course. The main course arrived first. I told the waiter that our soup had not arrived when he said it would get delayed & hence we could start with our main course. I told him thats not the order in which one takes dinner & requested him to take the main course dishes (briyani & parathas) back & bring it after the soup. With great reluctance this guy took it back, after a long wait served the soup & brought back the main course which was as cold as the air-con. Obviously the long wait for the soup had taken its toll & the guy did nt bother to re-heat the main course dishes!Issue # 2: We were having dinner when one of the waiters literally threw the bill on our table without even asking if we needed anything else. I decided to finish dinner & then pay up. I was shocked when the waiter came back in about 5 minutes & asked if my cash was inside. He said they needed to close the cash-counter etc etc (it was hardly 10 PM & there were a few more people eating). My dinner was disrupted & I had to pay up even before finishing my meals! Issue # 3: The height of all of this was when I complained to the so called manager there. He was not even listening & was busy instructing his kitchen people on a completely different matter!!!Overall, I find the attitude of the staff way below acceptable standards! I am also in the service industry & if I treat my customers like this, I would become jobless very soon!! continue reading
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Level2 2011-09-12
My Indian friend recommended me this nice vegetarian restaurant. I was still quite doubted when I looked at the menu because all the dishes seemed not to be vegetarian. And I saw the table next door were having chicken rice. Until my friend told me the fake meat is made up of flour and mushroom. A bit like chinese vegetarian food but this is the first time i tried the Indian style. Well, we ordered a few of the dishes. Chicken Rice. The rice is the pandan rice, not the normal one. With the pandan fragrance, it makes it tastes special. And the fake meat of course. I would recommend this satay. The sauce is nice and you don't have to worry about the fats meat since it is all using vegetarian ingredients. Nasi lemak. Nice try. Pineapple rice. This would be quite normal. Perhaps not that special compared to others. Well, the price although is bit pricey but I would say their vegetarian dishes do stand out. continue reading
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