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Bak Kut Teh Good Chance Popiah Prawn Roll Salted Egg Crab Signature Mee Sua
Review (8)
Level4 2015-12-27
For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.comGood Chance Popiah Eating House has been around for more than 30 years. They are not only known for its traditional Hokkien Popiah and also giving customers hands on to roll their own kind of popiah. It is hard to find this style of serving as nowadays, popiahs are served wrapped.Environment is a typical Chinese restaurant setting with dining area space maximized leaving little rooms for walking. Walls were plastered with celebrities photos taken in their Eating House over the years.Upon ordering, ingredients of the popiah had spread all over on our table shortly. Dining in a table of 2, the table was kind of small to hold our orders altogether. Nevertheless we still enjoy dining in a cozy corner.Shredded turnip was served in a claypot and we can still hear the bubbling sound from it. It has a robust taste from the little dried shrimps used, acquiring an old school taste, different from the usual ones I had from most places.Standard ingredients like shredded egg,chilli, garlic, lettuce, beansprouts, chinese parsley were served shortly one another another.6 pieces of popiah skins were folded into quarters and stacked on a small plate. If you are thinking if they made their own popiah skin, here's the answer to your question. They have been ordering the skins from their long time supplier, Kway Guan Huat, one of Singapore's heritage stall.Apart from the traditional fillings, you can enhance the roll's flavour by topping up additional ingredients like chinese sausage, prawns and even crab meat.Pork Trotter Bee Hoon was delectable, pleasing to the palettes. Bee Hoon was evenly braised and moist, not too wet. A wonderful pairing with tender pork trotters that literally disintegrates into my mouth without giving it too much pressure. A rare find of good traditional taste with items like braised mushroom and chinese chestnut. Recommended!The disadvantage of dining 2 pax was that we could only order limited variety. No questions about holding groups in the eating place, in fact it is best recommended to get your family together and enjoy a good session of Popiah party like this. Be early or do reservations before heading down to avoid disappointment. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-29
Keen to make your own food? Perhaps you can try this, Good Chance Popiah was strategically located at Outram area. Creative and fun experience to make our popiah from a pipping hot claypot served, it was a well-known classic Chinese Eatery since year 1970-an. Homely recipe passed one generation by one generation, the quality still remained excellent. Queue was always there, thus reservation is recommended to avoid time-wasting.Popiah skin was resilient enough to hold moistly shredded turnip, little salty and little starchy. The beauty of DIY was I able to control the amount of ingredients according to my preference, fantastic. Mixed around with dried shrimps, the taste was juicy fragrant indeed. Lots of roasted crunch peanuts were added to enhance the texture, please make sure everything in right portion. Priced at $18 for six skins, the pot definitely provided sufficient fillings to stuff each piece of Popiah. Homemade goodness in each roll, they are healthy and simply delicious. Relatively appetizing heritage dish, we were all being stuffed to the brim although only eating Popiah. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-19
Visit http://dairycream.blogspot.jp/2014/02/good-chance-popiah-delicious-hokkien.html for full post and picsThis Hokkien restaurant has been around for more than 30 years and one of the famous dish that appears on every single table is the Popiah. What could be more fun that making our own popiah from the piping hot claypot that is served within five minutes after the table is laid with all the other ingredients. Optional condiments like the sweet Chinese sausages can be ordered starting at $4 for a small plate.Priced at $18 for 6 skins, the pot provides more than enough fillings unless you stuffed each of the skin to its maximum. We had no problem finishing this pot just by itself because the julienned bang kwang topped with mini dried prawns were juicy and fragrant. The popiah skin is resilient enough to withstand the excess moisture, though we encountered several failed attempts to transport our masterpieces into our mouth without breaking the skin.The stir-fried baby kalian ($10) that boasts a vibrant fresh shade of green, are crunchy yet permeated with the breath of wok hei. The stewed pork is yet another rich and delicious braised dish that comes with the standard white buns ($16). The bonus slices of yam escaped the humdrum of a typical stew pork bun that is stuffed only with lettuce leaf. The Fish Head and Yam soup ($16 for small) did not look inviting but received praises from the tables for its wholesome flavours. The slurry broth is furnished with subtle sweetness from the napa cabbage and yam. And the deep-fried slices of fish were meaty and delivered comforting aroma that would be impossible if they had not brush encounter with bubbling oil. But the star of the night is none other than the Pig Trotters Bee Hoon ($14 for small). One can relish in the homemade goodness of this dish that is moist but not too wet. Napa cabbage, mushrooms, bean sprouts, bits of eggs and crunchy shrimps bolster the flavours of this dish. Everyone was obsessed with this dish despite being stuffed to the brim with the earlier dishes.This is a reliable restaurant that you can count on for some wonderful heritage dishes. Just remember to place a reservation in advance especially during weekends if you do not wish to join in the queue.Visit http://dairycream.blogspot.jp/2014/02/good-chance-popiah-delicious-hokkien.html for full post and p continue reading
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Level2 2013-04-19
This is the best popiah i have eaten in singapore.They allow us to make our own popiah by providing us the ingredient.I really enjoy making it.The popiah was really very nice and delicious.They have really good services and the taste of the popiah is excellent.I really hope that i could went there again.The popiah was really worth the price.They also sell other food there like fried rice,noodle and more. continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-30
The yam ring here is very delicious. The yam paste used in making the yam ring is very smooth in texture and the yam flavour in it is very thick and generous. The outer layer is very crispy and not too oily as well. Love those stir fried vegetable and prawns topped on it which are very tasty and blend in really well with the yam ring. But would still prefer the surround of the plate is filled with deep fried crunchy bee hoon strips instead of the lettuce which will make it even more tasty and beautiful too. continue reading
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