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Grain Traders serves hearty comfort food for the everyday worker, providing variety, quality, and an experience for the senses and soul in a cosy, comfortable experience. continue reading
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Guacamole BLT Tequila-cured Salmon
Review (3)
Level4 2016-03-20
Located at the beautiful new green office building Capita Green, Grain Traders is long, spacious and looks like a glass house with all-glass windows so that passer-bys could look in and diners could look out, easily. The entire look was neat, organised and Spartan, with soft pink patterned walls. Service was efficient, especially when it came to clearing of bowls / plates. Well, we couldn’t really blame them – by 11.45am, the crowd starts pouring in and by 12noon, the queue is akin an anaconda (ok, let’s just say it’s long).So, at Grain Traders, their motto is “feeding people right” with hearty, healthy, quality meals. There are ready-made “Signature Bowls” consisting of a grain (Japanese rice, soba noodles, wild rice, quinoa etc.), a meat of choice, a hot veggie, 2 cold veggies, 1 sauce and 1 topping, etc. - or one could create our own specials by choosing the “Build Your Own Bowl” option. The latter costs SGD$16.00 nett, and one could top up a mere SGD$2.00 to add a drink and snack (banana, usually). I loved how the items all looked colourful, fresh and varied in cuisine. They also have a small array of desserts such as muffins and tarts.I had the “Build-Your-Own-Bowl” (SGD$16.00) option – comprising Quinoa, seared marinated tuna, grilled beets and carrots, apple kimchi, California raisins and Tamarind chipotle vinaigrette. The grilled striploin steak was added by mistake because *Sidney read my “beet” as “beef” , lol, so we added it as an extra protein at SGD$3.00. I would say it was a lovely mistake because I got to try the steak, and it was succulent and flavourful, accentuating its vegetable counterparts very well. My seared tuna was moistened, soft and delicious with the gentlest hint of black pepper. The apple kimchi and beets were bursting with raw deliciousness as well.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2016/03/lunch-at-grain-traders-capita-green.html continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-01
Along the busy street of Telok Ayer welcomes the new establishment – Grain Traders. Grain Traders has a pretty unique concept, salad bowl made with a local fusion twist to satisfy the ever hungry stomach of the working adults.The furnishing style Grain Traders going for are that of simplistic and minimalist which pretty suits the fast pace walkers of the working adults who would just like to go for a fuss free nutritious bowl of food. Good food over fanciful decorations.How Grain Traders work is pretty simple – you can either go for their Signature Bowls ($16 nett) or Build Your Own Bowl ($16 nett). Personally, for the same price i would go for their Build Your Own Bowl, at least i can choose what i like from the wide range of variety they are offering while for Signature Bowls, they are pretty much pre-designed bowls with limited choices.The first step of Build Your Own Bowl is to of course to choose your GRAINS! Japanese Rice, Brown Rice, Quinoa, Bulgur Wheat, Soba Noodles and Super Green Bed. For a safer choice, i opted for the Japanese Rice. I wanted to go for their Soba Noodles, but some places always mix it with wasabi which puts me off.Next you can choose 1 protein and i have gladly went for their Seared Marinated Tuna. Something different and refreshing. They were not stingy with their portion, and each individual cuts were rather thick too.After which, you can choose 1 Hot Veggies and 2 Cold Veggies. The variety they have is rather fusion and international. For something different, i went for their Furikake Corn as the hot veggie, which was flavorful; then i went for healthy options of Beansprouts salad and Apple Kimchi as the 2 cold veggies. Totally pleased with my bowl at this point, loving the marination of the beansprouts salad and apple kimchi not forgetting the juiciness and crunchiness that accompanied.Last but not least, time to sealed your bowl with toppings and sauce of your choice. Decided to go for their Furikake flakes, a kind of dry japanese seasoning made up of dried and ground fish, sesame seeds, chopped seaweed, sugar, salt, and monosodium glutamate. As unhealthy it may sounds, but it tasted heavenly delicious. The final sauce i chose was Salsa Verde, something herby on the palette.Here’s the birth of my Build Your Own Bowl! Frankly speaking, it tasted good on its own even without the addition of the sauce as most of their veggies are in fact well marinated, distinct with their own flavors and colors! Although the price may seems to be a little high on the end, but i must admit, the bowl really tasted wholesome and awesome! A good recharge alternative to perk you up in the midst of the working week! You can opt for the Square Meal at a top-up of $2 which gives you an additional slice of banana cake and a bottled mineral water too.https://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2015/11/01/grain-traders/ continue reading
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This is a company that believes in eating and feeding people right. Serving up hearty food for the workers around the CBD area, eating balanced is now all served up easy - all in a bowl.DetailsAccessibility: Approx 3-4mins walk from either Raffles Place or Telok Ayer MRT StationCrowded at lunch. We had to wait around to get a seat. Most people had takeouts instead, to avoid the wait.Choosing my meats! I love my red meats.Seared and marinated Tuna, ready to be put into the bowl.Let's Eat!Black Cold Brew ($7)The black brew tasted alright. It didn't exactly impress, and I only realised that the White cold brew seemed to be the popular choice around here. Totally regretted not trying it out.El Hibaro ($16)I had mine El Hibaro style. Striploin with salsa verde, charred veggies, wafu tomato and bean sprout salad on white sushi rice. Just that, instead of the white sushi rice, I changed it to quinoa instead! It was so filling, just filled me up for a good couple of hours. I honestly didn't even think of snacking in the afternoon.Make your own bowl ($16)If you don't wish to get any from their suggested bowls, you can choose to make your own too. Here's how it works, for $16, get 1 grain, 1 protein, 1 hot veg, 2 cold veggies, 1 sauce and 1 topping.I had my meal with a friend and she had the quinoa, roasted nuts mix, apple kimchi, steak, cucumber, pickles and mushrooms!Can I just say, the apple kimchi is refreshing!Low-DownThe best bit: The way it fills me up, such that I didn't feel like snacking. My El hibaro bowl tasted awesome healthy, too.The worst bit: The price. It was pretty steep. The notion that "healthy = overpriced" is so overrated. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)