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An offshoot of the popular ramen chain Ramen Keisuke, Gyoza King is a 18-seater all-gyoza restaurant offering just three kinds of pan-fried dumplings which diners can match with various sides, soup and rice to finish it off as a set meal. continue reading
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Keisuke Gyoza Set Tonkotsu King Gyoza Tori King Gyoza
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Level4 2016-02-21
Full review's at http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.sg/2016/01/gyoza-king.htmlAn offshoot of the wildly successful Keisuke chain of ramen restaurants, and located barely a couple of doors down from the flagship Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King, the izakaya-styled Gyoza King puts the humble gyoza front and center on its menu.Here, you get a rice, a soup, and 2 side dishes, all centered upon your choice of gyozas. You round that off with unlimited helpings of their signature marinated beansprouts, something that I look forward to whenever I dine at the Keisuke Tonkotsu chain of restaurants.We had:1) Tonkotsu King Gyoza Set (top $13.90) - pork based: Fresh, juicy, and absolutely scrumptious. Best gyozas ever, even if this was laced with spring onions2) Keisuke King Gyoza Set (bottom $13.90) - shrimp based: I preferred the pork dumplings (but marginally so).3) Koshihikari Rice - Japanese steamed short-grained white rice sprinkled with furikake, which can be customised to small or big (or very big!) eaters.4) Get the Vegetable Soup, I much prefer the cabbage-sweetened broth over the basic Miso Soup.5) Out of the 8 options for side dishes, a must-try is the Tempura Fish, beautifully battered and dunked in a pool of delicate dashi and tempered with a dollop of grated daikon and ginger for a bit of heat.6) The Pork Sukiyaki followed closely for its homestyled flavours. We'd skipped the raw egg dip, such a maneuver harkens of a bulk-building Rocky Balboa.7) If you're a fan of chicken popcorn, the Deep Fried Chicken with Spicy Sesame would likely be a side dish right up your alley. Crunchy, and spicy, this was perfect couch potato fodder continue reading
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Level4 2014-08-04
At the foot of Orchid Hotel at Tanjong Pagar, you will find a trove of Japanese restaurants including one of my favourite ramen places, Menya Sanji Kagoshima Ramen and the famous Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King which I haven't been (yet). The day didn't feel like a ramen day, so gyoza seemed like a great alternative. Gyoza King reminded me of Wasabi Tei's homely setting at the first impression, with a U-shaped counter facing the gyoza chefs whipping up our orders diligently. There are no tables, just a long bar, which made it feel more authentically Japanese. I haven't been to Japan to determine how close to reality it is, but I do hope to go in the near future. All references to authenticity is determined by pictures of travelogues by other people.This was considered as one set at Gyoza King! I am quite impressed by the serving for one person, which includes one gyoza tray + two side dishes + rice + miso soup + drink. You can order less rice, average amount of rice or more rice - all for the same price. I like how eco-friendly in that you can order the amount you can finish to reduce wastage.Look at these Tonkotsu King Gyozas with pork fillings oozing with succulence! I am hungry again just looking at them! Pan-fried to perfection: it has this slightly torched effect on the surface of the skin, so there is a semi-burnt taste without feeling cancerous. The pork fillings also tasted fresh and chewy. Well, they are called Gyoza King for a reason. Yummy yummy!This was one of the side dishes - deep fried tofu with minced pork gravy. Although it is named deep-fried but it doesn't have a crunchy exterior just a little bit crispy on the skin. The tofu used is the normal sort instead of egg tofu which I was secretly hoping it was. The minced pork gravy was savoury and quite tasty, so kudos to that!I guess nothing could go wrong with the stir fried egg with Chinese chives, and it tasted exactly like I imagined. It could be salted with more soy sauce though, and a little too watery.Overall, I found Gyoza King a value-for-money location for dinner. Come on, who wouldn't be full with such a huge serving? If you aren't, there are plenty of dessert options along the stretch ;) It is often dwarfed by its ramen counterpart's popularity, but definitely don't miss out on their gyozas. It's always a good time for gyozas - if you're craving for them in Orchard, you can get them at Gyoza-Ya, the basement of Orchard Robinson. continue reading
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Located just a few minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT station, exit A. The banners and wordings are so big, you can't miss them. It's a rather small area and limited seating capacity, so be prepared to queue on crowded nights.Value for money set meal at S$13.90 and it comes with 2 choices of side dishes, one soup and rice. Up to 8 side dishes, 2 soup choices and quantity of rice to choose from.Free flow of pickles and beansprouts too! There are 3 types of gyoza to choose from and I personally prefer the prawn fillings ones.Read more about it on http://nkikichua.blogspot.sg/2014/01/keisuke-gyoza-king-orchid-hotel.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-19
The newest outlet by Keisuke Tokyo located at the corner of Orchid Hotel, a stone's throw from one of their other outlets. This is a 18-seaters all-gyoza restaurant offers 3 different kinds of pan-fried dumplings to match with various side dishes, soup and rice as a set meal. How to order:STEP 1: Choose your Gyoza (5 pieces).There are 3 different sets for selection:Tonkotsu King Gyoza (Pork): Fine minced pork mixed with rich & thick tonkotsu broth to give it the excellent taste.Tori King Gyoza (Chicken): Minced chicken mixed with rich chicken broth to nice and juicy feel.Keisuke King Gyoza (Prawn): Minced prawn and pork mixed with strong flavor of crab stock to provide the excellent springy palatability. STEP 2: Choose 2 side dishes1. Chicken Nanban with Tartar Sauce.2. Stir-fried Egg with Chinese Chives.3. Stir-fried Pork and Cabbage with Miso.4. Deep-fried Tofu with Minced Pork Gravy.5. Deep-fried Chicken with Spicy Sauce and Mixed Sesame.6. Stir-fried Egg with Tomatoes.7. Stir-fried Eggplant (Brinjal) with Miso.8. Deep-fried Potato with Minced Pork Gravy. STEP 3: Choose the size of Koshihikari Rice and soup (Miso / Vegetable). Rice. Small, regualr, large and extra large at the same price. . Soup. Vegetable and Miso.. Marinated bean sprouts and cabbage pickles are available on the table for free.Gyoza set is priced at $13.90 and a-la-carte order is $8.00 per set.While queuing up, i completed the order chits. We selected the Tonkotsu King Gyoza (Pork) and Keisuke King Gyoza (Prawn). We opted for Chicken Nanban with Tartar Sauce, Stir-fried Pork and Cabbage with Miso, Deep-fried Chicken with Spicy Sauce & Mixed Sesame and Deep-fried Potato with Minced Pork Gravy. The size of rice is Regular and Large respectively and Miso Soup for both set. Glasses of plain water were served immediately upon seated down and followed by Rice and Miso Soup. The Koshihikari Rice served is the Japanese short-grain rice. Its texture has got a slight stickiness coupled with a desired softness. It tasted particularly good when using the Japanese Dry Seasoning available on the table to sprinkle over it. The main ingredients of the Miso Soup were tofu and wakame. The wakame has got a likable sweet flavor with a slippery texture that complemented the smoothness of tofu. It tasted slightly salty with a distinctive miso taste. The Gyoza served next. Both sets came at the same time. The lightly flavored filling was wrapped in a thinly rolled piece of wrapper. It was nicely pan-fried on one side to give a slight crispiness leaving the upper part with a steamed texture. Tonkotsu King Gyoza (Pork). The lightly seasoned minced pork and the richness of thick tonkotsu broth was a pleasant combination. It tasted good though not outstanding. Keisuke King Gyoza (Prawn). The sweetness of the prawn complemented the light flavor of the minced meat and the intense flavor of the crab broth was a delightful surprise. This is a much prefer choice to the Tonkotsu King Gyoza. All the dishes were prepared upon order and right in front of us in the open kitchen.Chicken Nanban with Tartar Sauce. The chicken came in 2 pieces. It was nicely deep fried to give it the delightful crispiness and still succulent in texture. The Sauce tasted more like the Japanese Mayonnaise and not quite like the Tartar Sauce stated.Stir-fried Pork and Cabbage with Miso. Slices of thinly sliced pork belly were stir-fried with cabbage as well as red and green pepper. It was a tasty dish though not too special. Deep-fried Chicken with Spicy Sauce & Mixed Sesame. This is the nicest amongst all the side dishes. The 2 pieces of deep-fried chicken were mixed with Spicy Sauce then garnished with sesame. The Spicy Sauce did not taste too spicy and the taste was further enhanced by the bits of sesame seeds.Deep-fried Potato with Minced Pork Gravy. The deep-fried potato pieces were then served with the Minced Pork Gravy. The taste of minced pork gravy was rather appetizing. The service was friendly and attentive. We were greeted upon enter and leaving. It was an enjoyable lunch. continue reading
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