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Gyu-Kaku's goal is to deliver happiness to their customers through the food & dining experience. Gyu-Kaku specialises in barbequed wagyu beef accompanied with various marinades. continue reading
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Level1 2015-07-18
We went there without the kids to celebrate our dating anniversary. We had the Ito-wagyu (small), the wagyu tongue, and a long karubi beef plate, together w a horenso salad.the wagyu was good value, because having stayed in Singapore for quite a while now, I realise that most restaurants serve aussie wagyu, which for me falls short compared to its Japanese counterpart. We had a good jap wagyu fix before but prices were quite steep.... this time through some Japanese friends' recommendations, we went to try it here. I must say that the wagyu is definitely the best I have tasted so far, and much better value! because the beef was of high quality, we requested for just salt to eat w it instead for their sweet dip. (a plus was, the Himalayan salt, so this restaurant bothers w the details after all!) it was just perfect! reminded me of the jap bbq we had in Sapporo! only we downed it with ASAHI Super Dry Draft Beer this time! I would say, that had also made its mark for me!It was the first time I tried beef tongue, and because hubby is a wagyu fan, he insisted on the wagyu tongue....the staff gave us a dipping bowl of lemon juice for the tongue...I dunno why...but it sure worked the best (I tried combinations w salt and sauce too) so I think, beef tongue is added to my 'favourite food list'Finally we had the karubi, cause we thought if ever we come to this restaurant, we can't be eating wagyu all the time right?! bringing my three kids would surely make my wallet 'super dry'! (they are all beef fans) so the staff suggested we try the long karubi.it was fantastic, the marbling was even and it cooked almost like the wagyu, very tender to the bite! it may even taste like wagyu for the non-seasoned diner.overall, its the best beef fix I had in sgp. I was recommended to go to the anchor point branch by a jap friend because of its homely feel, and the staff were very friendly....when I chatted w two of them, they said they have been around for years...(where do u go these days finding ppl who stay so long in one joint?!)I would definitely come back w my brood! ......maybe we need 5 plates of long karubi!!! continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-06
for photos and more reviews, visit http://thelittlemomentsofmylife.blogspot.com/ (:we tried the fuku set priced at $179++ for 2 persons. but it was enough for 4 people to feel satisfying full! i think the menu has changed since then, so it might be listed under a different name though! the set consisted of different types of wagyu beef, from different parts of the cow i guess? it was absolutely decadent and meaty, but it was balanced out well by the other items in the set! (: we tried the wagyu fillet steak, wagyu karubi and wagyu rump cap. the marbling of the meat was beautiful, it is grade 8 or 9 (out of 12) if i remember correctly. really good quality meat. each kind of wagyu had a different texture. some were slightly springier, while others were softer, but they all melted in my mouth. ooooooooh (: (:it's really interesting how the food is served here! i really learnt a lot. like the difference between japanese and korean bbq is that for koreans, they often season the meat copiously and leave it to marinade for quite some time before it is cooked. in contrast, the japanese prefer to be able to taste the original flavour of the meat which is why they don't season it much beforehand. also, i learnt that the technique to grilling is to not turn it too many times!!! cos the juices will ooze out, and turning it too many times will cause the juice to be lost and it will lose flavour as well. and you shouldn't press the meat to the grill cos likewise, it will squeeze out all the juices.we had a few dipping sauces for the beef. not that it was really needed, since the beef was so perfectly flavoured in itself, but they added a nice touch to it. what i liked was the pink sea salt that complemented the beef just nicely! the saltiness helped to bring out the flavour even further.beides beef, we had other meats like the kurobuta pork collar which was simply sizzling with fats. crispy and slightly charred on the edges, yet with meltingly tender meat, it was delicious. also popular was the french duck breast which came with a sauce that matched the flavours of the duck wonderfully.the horenso salad is one of the signature salads of gyu kaku and it was a real favourite at our table! i loved the different textures and flavours from the veggies, mushroom and other little bits of stuff inside, plus the sauce. oh so yummy! (:we ended off our meal with one of the most wonderful desserts i've ever tasted!!! it was a silky smooth milk pudding that was topped with a layer of...chocolate sauce? and sprinkled with soya powder. the powder lent an interesting texture to the dessert, and this was a unanimous favourite. we were scrambling to spoon it into our mouths! it was absolutely delicious. if you're feeling bloated from all the meat, try the yuzu sorbet which is a refreshing chilled dessert that will cleanse your palate after the meal. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)