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The award-winning Hai Tien Lo epitomises traditional Cantonese dining with a contemporary twist. Choose from a wide variety of classic dishes, prepared using age-old recipes, or sample the tastes of our chefs' ‘new Cantonese’ cuisine. continue reading
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Signature Trio of Treasures (Sliced Barbecued Beijing Duck, Pan-fried Scallop with Minced Ginger, Marinated Foie Gras with Five-Spice) Wok-fried Diced Beef Tenderloin with Mushrooms in Black Pepper Sauce Double-boiled Fish Maw with Bamboo Pith in Fish Bone Broth Roasted Barbecued Whole Suckling Pig Salt Crusted Traditional Stewed Chicken with Dried Scallops in Lotus Leaf Steamed King Prawn with Inaniwa Udon in Egg White and Chinese Wine
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Level4 2015-01-25
For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2015/01/23/hai-tien-lo-weekday-dim-sum-buffet/Why wait till the weekends for Dim Sum feast when you can indulge in Hai Tien Lo’s weekday Dim Sum Buffet? Award-winning Hai Tien Lo serves classic Cantonese cuisine, in a regal Oriental setting. What we liked-quality morsels, awesome setting and professional service for only $48++. However we weren’t fond of several restrictions on the menu. Diners can have unlimited orders for 15 dim sum selections, but only one serving for each Chef’s Signatures, one serving of soup and 2 servings of dessert. For Hai Tien Lo Specialty (12 in total), each table is limited to only 3 choices.It’s such a pity that I could only choose one selection out of the 2 soups on the menu. Of course, I went for the more atas Fish Maw with Shredded Abalone and Crab Meat Soup. The sweet crab meat complimented the tasty broth while the generous portion of ingredients gave the thick broth a nice bite. Wished for a couple more bowls but oh well! The other choice was traditional double-boiled soup by the way.There’re 4 Chef’s Signatures and each person is allowed one serving each. For something decadent, go for the Steamed Pastry Tart with Whole Abalone and Seafood.Baked Chicken tart with Mushrooms and Mango. The mango adds a touch of sweetness to the savory ingredients encased in the buttery tart.Steamed Dumpling with Swiftlet Nest, White Fungus and Prawn Paste. Lovely presentation, but this didn’t leave much of an impression.Stir-fried Carrot Cake with Dried Scallops in Chef’s Signature Homemade Chilli Sauce. It’s alright; I’ve tried better XO carrot cake elsewhere.We had the following from the Hai Tien Lo Specialty… Juicy and tender Barbecued DuckDeep-fried Prawns with Oat Flakes. Hugh, fresh and succulent prawns paired with fragrant oats was simply a match made in heaven.Fresh and delicate Steamed Fillet of Grouper Fish with Vermicelli in Minced Chilli.The dim sum we ordered from the All-You-Can-Eat section were all competently executed, with some outstanding morsels. Steamed Dumpling Soup with Crab Meat, Fish Maw, Scallops and Prawns in Superior stock.Steamed Xiao Long BaoSteamed Dumplings with Scallops, Prawns, Asparagus and Carrots.Creative and intriguing, the Deep-fried Purple Potato Balls with Minced Chicken and assorted mushrooms should not be missed.Pan fried Rice Flour Rolls with Chef’s Signature Homemade XO Chilli sauce. Pillowy Steamed Barbecued Honey Pork Bun BunsDeep-fried Prawns and Salted Egg Dumplings with Bread Crumbs. Rave alert!To sum up, $48++ per adult is fantastic value for the variety, taste and quality offered at Hai Tien Lo. There’ll always be something new to look forward to, as the menu refreshes every 3 months. continue reading
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Full review & more food photos - http://midas400.blogspot.sg/2014/12/dim-sum-brunch-at-hai-tien-lo-pan.htmlThis was the last birthday celebration of the year for our evil sista, the grand finale took place at the Cantonese fine dining restaurant, Hai Tien Lo 海天樓, at Pan Pacific hotel. The semi open concept eatery is located at level 3 with some tables overlooking the uber chic lobby and bar below.Contemporary oriental decor theme and table settings...The Weekend Dim Sum Brunch menu ($68++ per adult, $38++ per child, exclude drinks) is Ala Carte buffet style with limited selection of premium dishes and unlimited offering of dim sum and Cantonese delights.For the premium dishes under the Chef’s Signatures section, everybody gets a serving of Mini Buddha Jumps over the Wall and Braised Abalone w/ Beancurd in Conpoy sauce, and also 2 choices (out of 5 dishes) of the restaurant's signature creations.The Buddha jumps over the wall soup was loaded with huge chunks of dried scallops, a whole abalone, bamboo pith and cordyceps flower. Every scoop of this delicious soup was bursting with flavors. The Braised abalone with beancurd was another luxurious crowd pleaser.虫草菌炖迷你佛跳墙干贝汁扒鲍鱼豆腐As for the 2 choices of chef's creations, we picked the Hokkaido Scallops & Coral Clams in Homemade XO sauce and Deep-fried Sea Fish w/ Mushrooms in Supreme stock. Both dishes were well executed and really tasty.极品酱爆带子珊瑚蚌松菇金汤炸海上鲜We ordered two servings of Cantonese Roasted Combination Platters with almost everything that's available under the BBQ dishes section. The platters were wiped out in a jiffy!烟薰鸭胸, 烧鸭, 蜜汁叉烧, 脆皮烧腩肉 & 青葱姜酱醉鸡片There is only about a dozen items under the dim sum menu but we certainly found some hidden gems in there. Staple dishes such as Har Gao and Siew Mai were expertly done. And, new creations such as Sesame Purple Potato Balls w/ Minced Chicken & Mushrooms and Fried Prawn Rolls w/ Mixed Fruit Salad were pretty impressive as well. The Fried Carrot Cake in XO sauce was quite disappointing though, the rest were passable.白玉鲜虾饺鲜肉烧卖皇芝麻蕃薯球Purple Potato Balls w/ Minced Chicken & Mushrooms什果沙律虾筒樱花酱皇萝卜糕肉酱炸豆腐Some picks from the Appetizers menu, all 3 dishes were delectable.青芒果鱼皮沙律七味椒盐白饭鱼小墨鱼海蜇沙律The myriad of Main courses we had were all great dishes made with good quality fresh ingredients, we have no complains at all.咸蛋金沙鲜中虾沙丹芥未明虾球镇江香醋排骨皇白灼海中虾鱼子鲜虾仁炒饭And last but not least, dessert and complimentary birthday cake for the birthday girl. We managed to have a small bowl of yummy Mango Sago dessert despite having 24 dishes prior to this!The complimentary chocolate fudge cake was chocolaty but too sweet for our liking.杨枝甘露Our dining experience at Hai Tien Lo was a magnificent one, food quality was exceptional and so was the service rendered. However, we felt that they should arrange additional staffs to cater to more patrons during the weekends, getting the staffs to attend to us was taking longer than it should have been for a fine dining establishment like this one. That being said, this is still a fine restaurant worthy of an occasional splurge for those special occasions. continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-23
Finally comes the dim sum buffet on weekday for business lunch, tai-tais and for those who wish to indulge themselves when they're on leave!Baked Egg Tart with Swiftlet Nest & White Fungus - I really love this exclusive egg tart! It gives off a very pleasant fragrance when you bite on the nest & white fungus.. The egg tart was melted in the mouth as well! Overall a very wonderful egg tart! Deep-fried Yam Paste with Foie-gras - I can say this is the BEST fried yam paste i've ever had! The exterior was super super crispy till very hard to break it! The ingredients inside were so yummy and aromatic as well, perhaps its with the foie-gras!Crab Meat with Shredded Abalone & Fish Maw in Thick Broth - The broth was quite thick and the taste was nice but not mind-blowing.. The serving was quite generous.Homemade Bean Curd with Crab Meat & Aubergine in Supreme Stock - I love the bean curd as it's really really super smooth and tender with generous portions of crab meat and crab claws.. Not forgetting the flavourful supreme stock that made the whole dish very delightful!The food quality for those 1 serving were excellent but the unlimited dim sum selection were quite disappointing...For full review and photos, please visit:http://summerlovestoeat.blogspot.sg/2014/07/weekday-dim-sum-buffet-at-hai-tien-lo.html continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-25
For more reviews, visit my blog at www.ms-skinnyfat.comThe special weekday a la carte dim sum lunch menu is created by new Dim Sum Chef Lee Siaw Cheen and diners get to feast on an extensive selection of 35 soups, signature dishes, dim sum and desserts at $48.There are 4 new enhanced signature dim sum creations which include Deep-fried Yam Puff with Foie Gras, Baked Egg Tart with Imperial Swiflet’s Nest and White Fungus, Steamed Berkshire Pork “Char Siu” Buns and Crispy Carrot Cake with Hai Tien Lo’s Signature XO Sauce. These are limited to one serving each per guest.Of the lot, the Berkshire Pork “Char Siu” Buns was absolutely heavenly. Juicy and succulent meat in a delicious barbecue sauce lovingly wrapped by a fluffy sweet bun. But why only 1 serving?? I also liked the carrot cake which has nice chunks of radish and chinese sausage. This is best paired with the spicy XO sauce.Diners also get unlimited servings of the classic dim sum. The Wok-seared Spinach Dumplings may look really green on the outside but it's also packed with juicy minced pork inside. Delicious!The Deep-fried Pork Dumpling “Ham Shui Gok”. It's really crispy on the outside but has a mochi-like texture inside and it is filled with juicy pork with mushrooms. When eaten all at once, it tastes like a Hakka Abacus Seed 算盘子.If dimsum alone doesn't fill you up, there are also 9 Hai Tien Lo Signatures to pick from which includes hearty dishes like Szechuan Spicy chicken, Grouper fish fillet and Cantonese Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs.. Each table is limited to one serving of any three items.The Homemade Bean Curd with Crab Meat and Eggplant in Supreme Stock comes highly recommended. Absolutely silky and fragrant tofu in a carrot, radish and chicken supreme stock. Slurps!If you like something fried (who doesn't), the Deep-fried Soft Shell Crab with Pepper Sauce is rather delightful. Just work it off later really.What is a Cantonese meal without soup right? Pick from either the Traditional Double-Boiled Soup or the Lobster with Shredded Abalone and Vegetables in Thick Broth (one serving of any one item per person). The little green puffs are made of vegetables. Now you can drink your greens too!For desserts, i went with the Double-boiled Osmanthus Tea with Pear and White Fungus which is light and refreshing. I liked that it's not too sweet.The Mango Sago with Pomelo was a hot favorite. This drinks like a mango smoothie and is surprisingly light as well. If there's more space in your dessert tummy, you could go with the Black Sesame Paste with Glutinous Rice Dumpling.So here you go, Hai Tien Lo's Weekday Dim Sum Buffet. It's perfect for business lunches and definitely for times when you simply just need to treat yourself. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-24
Hai Tien Lo is one of the top chinese restaurants in Singapore. It serves traditional Cantonese dishes with a contemporary twist. It used to be located at level 37 of the hotel with a great to-die-for magnificent view of the marina area. After a $80 million dollar transformation in Pan Pacific Hotel, the restaurant reopens at level 3 with a modern and stylish look. Gone is the sky view. Now what one can see is the hotel's interior. Sitting by the side, one can have a great view of Edge which is located across the restaurant, and Atrium which is located at level 1.Tonight I have made a reservations for 3 persons and 1 baby. We are shown to a table with a great view of the hotel's interior. I like the fact that baby chair and kid's friendly cutlery has been prepared for the baby. In each table setting, there is also wet towel and 3 different sauces (chilli sauce, green chillies, and XO sauce). The restaurant week dinner menu costs $35++ per person and tea is not included. From the list of tea, I select White Royal Peony which costs $6 per person. It is delicate white tea with fruity apricot and flowery. It tastes quite light and smooth. The tea is served in a pot with a wamer below it.A dish of honey roasted nuts, topped with coconut is served complimentary before the start of the meal. It tastes crunchy and not too sweet. StarterHai Tien Lo Trio of TreasuresCrispy Prawn tossed in Sesame Sauce, Sliced Barbecued Beijing Duck with Jelly Fish and Pan-Fried Scallop with Minced Green GingerThe Beijing Duck is quite juicy and delicious. Under it is the jelly fish which tastes well marinated.The Sesame Sauce has a hint of spiciness. It tastes quite juicy and topped with a crispy lotus root slice.The scallop is quite juicy but there is barely any ginger sauce to go with it.MainChinese Style Boneless Chicken in Chef's Special Homemade Sauce Fork and knife is served with this dish. This knife used here is quite unique as it looks blunt without any teeth but slices through the meat quite easily. The meat is juicy but I feel that it is not tender enough.accompanied with Wok-fried Rice with Crab Meat and Eggs WhiteThe simply looking fried rice is filled with huge chunks of crab meat. So good that little JJ finishes half a bowl by himself. It is well fried but I prefer rice grains that are fully coated with egg. Maybe only egg white is used in this dish and I could barely see it.DessertChilled Crystal Jelly with Grass Jelly and Lemon SmoothiesA simply looking dessert. The grass jelly is quite bland on its own. But when mixed with the tart and sweet tasting lemon sorbet, it tastes quite refreshing and nice.Overall the meal is quite nice. Service is not bad, with tea been refilled regularly. The place is quite quite, although most of the tables by the side are all filled up. I guess we are the most noisiest table with the attention seeking little JJ making a lot of noises while eating. The staffs are also quite friendly especially with little JJ. continue reading
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