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Han's, a local restaurant chain serving affordable local and Western meals, provides a simple dining experience with a wide variety of dishes. continue reading
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Review (7)
Level4 2013-09-05
Han's Cafe has been a household name since the 70s. I still remember when I was a kid, we frequently patronise Han's for their cakes. Back then they sold only cakes were considered cheap and good! Over the years, Han's Cafe has commercialised and is now a F&B chain restaurant serving not just cakes and pasty but also a wide variety of food such as sandwiches, western cuisines (e.g. Fish & Chips, Chicken Chop, Pork Chop, Steak, Spaghetti), chinese cuisine (.e.g Hor Fun, Fried Rice). In 2007, they have converted some of their outlets to Hanis which serves food that are Halal certified. Han's Cafe at Suntec was relatively empty on a Saturday evening. It was easy finding a seat and ordering, a contrast to the other neighbouring restaurants such as Sakae Sushi which was packed.After ordering, customers are required to collect some of their orders such as drinks, soup, bread and cakes (if they have ordered such items) at the end of the counter. In addition, customers will be required to collect the utensils themselves. The mains which require more time to cook will be served. This has been the concept of Han's Cafe for since a long long time ago.We ordered the Grill Dory Fish ($9.80) and Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce ($11.80) All Day Set Meal which was available from 1130am to 930pm. The Sets was served with Soup of the Day, Main Course, Coffee / Tea / Ice Lemon Tea / Orange Juice and Dessert. The Soup Of The Day was the Cream of Mushroom Soup. Although the thickness of the soup was just right, there was barely an hint of mushroom flavour in it. The bread was the typical Han's Cafe Garlic Bread which has not changed for years as far as I can recall. Unlike other restaurants which uses French Loaf Bread, Han's Cafe uses normal bread with a layer of garlic spread on it. I quite like this soft version although it was cold as it I normally dip them into the soup.Orange juice was average and seemed to be made from syrup. As for the dessert, despite its appearance, it was the nicest item in this meal! The wife ordered the Grilled Fish Dory which I felt disappointing. It was lacking in taste. The Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce was average. The carrots were blanched and boiled in water. The potato wedges were decent. The chicken chop was well cooked and the mushroom sauce helped enhance the taste of the meat which I suspect did not went through much marination (if any). Although there was nothing much to shout about, there was also nothing to fault.I wonder if I am the only one.. the standard and quality of food at Han's Cafe seems to be deteriorating. They are better off concentrating on what they are good at, which are the cakes. Branching out to serving western and chinese cuisines and not doing it well may generate more revenue for them, but it will also erode the brand name that they have built up over the years. continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-03
Tried Han's for the first time for lunch and found it really good. The grilled fish is succulent and juicy and grilled just right. The fish is not burnt and quite a big serving. Each serving is served with fries and quite a generous serving of vegetables. The fires were not those type you find in Macdonalds and I could actually taste potatoes when I bite into to fries. The salad was quite nice and the sauce that was poured over it wasn't too much and had a slightly sour taste to keep your appetite going. Generally a good meal and highly recommended to all! continue reading
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Level4 2012-01-19
They have nice sandwiches here. There's a few different ones to choose from. It tasted fresh and wasn't too bad. It was also pretty cheap. The cakes in the window are very attractive as well. Overall, you can get a very good feed here as the prices are very reasonable. The food quality is pretty good and consistent as well. I like their Chinese pastries and their cream cakes. They serve hot food as well, but for high tea we stuck with their pastries, sandwiches and cakes. continue reading
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Level4 2011-12-10
black forest cake and tiramisu!!TiramisuThe cake was layered with cream, chocolate and sponge cake at the bottom. Traditional tiramisu is made with mascarpone, but i this cake has more cream than mascarpone in my opinion. However, my friends all commented that they did tasted a bit of cheese in the cake. continue reading
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